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29 Apr 2019, 02:02
Meenauh Silmataurea ‣ Seventh Year ‣ Gryffindor
Basic Info
‣ Full Name: Meenauh ('me'+'now') Silmataurea ('sil'+ma'+'tow'+'rae'+'ah')
‣ House: 🦁 Gryffindor
‣ Birthday: ♒ 17 Feb 2007 (Seventeen)
‣ Wand: 🌰 Chestnut Wood + 🦄 Unicorn Hair
‣ School Year: 7️⃣ Seventh
‣ Race: 👩 Human
First Year
Second Year
Third Year
Fourth Year
Fifth Year
Sixth Year
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Meenauh Silmataurea | STA: 7 | EVA: 9 | STR: 2 | WIS: 20 | ARC: 10 | ACC: 11 |

29 Apr 2019, 02:11
Meenauh Silmataurea ‣ Seventh Year ‣ Gryffindor
Pre-Hogwarts (2007–2017)
Since the age of five, Meenauh was acquainted with magic but in a very restricted way. Her parents were forced to hide from their political enemies among muggles for quite a while. She was born among muggles and raised among muggles while being a part of a wizarding family.

She had a unique chance of living in the muggle world, absorbing muggle knowledge as well as the wisdom of wizards. Mother (Hufflepuff) never worked since Meenauh was born, because she raised her attentively and carefully. And her father (hadn't studied at Hogwarts) was a researcher, though mommy called him an alchemist. Meenauh never believed that fully and he told her that someday he would share his wisdom and knowledge.

First Magic Acquaintance
Her parents always considered herself sharp-minded and curious about things around her. Because of her constant questioning of everything in terms of how to approach it. Especially on the day when she found out that she was a witch by accidentally filling all the birthday balloons in the house with helium. That was pure magic for a child of five years old. Especially raised among muggles and only reading fairytales about wizards and witches. And then she understood that everything her parents had done that seemed like magic was indeed magic.

Since then her parents started to tell her everything about how the wizarding world worked. With all its wonders, but all its limitations and restrictions as well. She spent a lot of time reading the new books her father was purchasing for her and re-reading the old books, which were no longer fairytales.

On the day she reached her legal magic education age, the owl was already very much expected as it landed on the designated perch, crafted by her father, especially for this important occasion. She smelled the envelope, touched the seal and carefully opened the letter to read it out loud to her parents. The very next day they went shopping at the Diagon Alley — her first-ever real encounter with the outer world of wizards. And she allowed herself to enjoy it as any other 11-year old girl would enjoy after finding herself out walking by other magic folks with all the magic happening in plain sight without much caring about muggles seeing anything. And she especially enjoyed the book store, where they've purchased a few more books than was required for Hogwarts. She started to read the books at home to grasp as much theoretical value as possible before the start of her first year at school.
First Year at Hogwarts (2018-2019)

School Year
The year started unbelievably bad. With her personal odds being 99% to 1%, she got into that tiny 1% and was sorted into Gryffindor, while being more than perfectly sure the only place she could be was Ravenclaw. The next day she was strangely attracted to a person, who had the same wand as she had, but was verbally restricted not to contact her again until further notice. And that was the end of their relationship, despite Meenauh initially liking the girl. On the good point that was the first time when she met one of her future friends — Euphrasia Millie.

The social interactions were very new and difficult and Meenauh sorted of failed in them and had an emotional crisis and insight into her emotionality.

During the next months, Meenauh was getting acquainted with different sort of people from all the houses, while being absorbed into the idea of the Hat malfunctioning as she couldn't believe the sorting was performed correctly. The idea drilled her mind for several months until she started hearing a different voice in her head. The one she never heard before. It was discovered under the circumstances of an official duel, she was dragged into months after. Throughout the next months of discovering her inner self, she dropped the idea of the malfunctioning hat and decided that houses were just mere labels that couldn't forge the person into any sort of stereotypes.

The academic advantage was sort of a goal of Meenauh and she managed to get over all expectations in Transfiguration and Charms, receiving extracurricular lessons and learning several spells earlier in the curriculum.

Strange things happened in Hogwarts as well and sometimes Meenauh was finding herself in places she shouldn't have found herself. Getting closer with Marla Quinlan throughout the year she noticed a strange affection of the girl towards the local 'bad guy' Kyle. While being worried about her, she tried to talk to Kyle, but failed. Though, she got a little intimate in those questions later with Marla herself, feeling there's a terrible secret between the two of them Meenauh could never discover.

Closer to the end of the year, she got an owl from her parents, who claimed to set off on a certain journey they had to perform without her. And she had to promise she wouldn't ask questions about it until they would tell her themselves. Meenauh had to stay in the Summer Camp for a couple of weeks, which were later expanded to three months...

Summer 2019
Meenauh got to discover things that were common for muggles — summer camps and pranking. That was an interesting topic to discover and Meenauh couldn't quite understand why would people do that to each other. Also, Meenauh found a mysterious paper with the names of the students of her cabin on it, but never actually came back to investigating it.

On the day of the Summer BBQ, Meenauh found out there was a concept of sending students to Hogwarts earlier — before the Sorting Ceremony, which was frightening and cruel from her point of view.

On her way back home, something mysterious and heart-breaking happened between her and another student — Xailah Alptraum. They both had the same dreams about each other and spent 20 years as closest friends while being in the dreamy realm. They had to deal with that shattering fact and probably try to recreate their friendship from scratch next year.
Second Year at Hogwarts (2019-2020)

School Year
A tea party clash with the purebloods — Avery and Fawley highlighted the first month. An intelligent conversation may have earned a few enemies, but hopefully Meenauh sort of managed to end it on neutral tones.

Later in the month, a single person wandering in the grounds made Meenauh discover the unpleasant sides of her, but may have also earned a friendship as well.

The year was also known by the arrival of the US School, and the ball (which Meenauh skipped deliberately) — the tragedy hurting her friend.

A failed mail experiment turned into a great set of correspondence with a secret penpal. Someone Meenauh never knew and will never know.

At the end of the calendar year, news about Potter went across the whole magical Britain, forcing the Gryffindor house to investigate and seek for clues. One of the interesting findings led to the school nurse, who just accidentally turned out to be the twin brother of the Potter's colleague, VanCleaf.

No one knew that on that winter day when they decide to build a snowman (and share their investigation findings), a friendship trio would commence — Xailah, Meenauh and Pericles.

Meenauh and Xailah suspected one person who attended Hogwarts since the beginning of the year. Another appearance at the Quidditch match made him even more suspicious, considering the missing Headmaster Lear.

Another mysterious event happened during their innocent Transfiguration afterclass activity with a couple of Hufflepuffs. Jake Morris was behaving suspiciously and sparked what later would become a disaster.

She never liked Quidditch and the stadium, and she cared a lot about Xailah. This time was no different, when a secret ball was organised by students. Xailah was missing from her dorms, which made Meenauh act quickly just to find herself in the heat of a battlefield.

Bad events were the mark of Hogwarts, but some things were just happening, because everything can't be wrong or bad about this world. A nice prefect party, a-ha music and imaginary motorcycles — and let time freeze for a while.

Summer 2020
The next year's BBQ at the camp was a nice start, although the awkwardness was just right there from the start. Talking to adults was difficult, especially when those adults behave funny themselves.

As a duellist, Meenauh actually helped professors organise the summer duelling game between Hogwarts students and those from Ilvermorny and Durmstrang.

Xailah was being a dark horse again, turned out to keep a strange doll by herself, which actually put Meenauh in danger and cost her the outfit at least. And this wasn't going to end well, but she was safe, at least until the next school year.
Third Year at Hogwarts (2020-2021)

School Year

Fourth Year (2021-2022)


School Year

Summer 2022
Hat Gone Mad ‣ Sep 2018 — June 2019 ‣ [Fulfilled]
Meenauh was sorted into Gryffindor, which was very unlikely to happen. So she decided to investigate the matter and started noticing really strange sortings, which looked completely off the table.

Meenauh came up with an idea and started The Research Club to help people find answers to questions they can't solve alone. But the main plan was to solve the Hat Mystery with the help of other students. But it failed to attract any active students, so she had to shut it off due to an overall lack of interest.

During the unexpected duel, Meenauh discovered a new self, a voice, and abandoned the idea to mess with the Hat's decision, accepting the fact that all the houses were just mere labels and a person had to for themselves which path they would choose in their lives.
The Power of Four ‣ Jun 2019 — Oct 2020‣ [Fulfilled]
Meenauh always had a rational voice inside her head. The voice that always tried to put rationalism before anything else and tried to explain the unexplainable. It was the voice of logic and intelligence. The voice that made her believe she was a true Ravenclaw.

During that unexpected duel, Meenauh discovers a new self — a fiery voice that can quickly fill herself with anger and reveal the hot-headed personality inside her. The personality that must have been triggered the decision for the Hat to sort her into Gryffindor.

Already a second year, Meenauh was wandering around the castle and noticed a boy, who triggered her another new self to divulge. That personality was toxic, snakish and supercilious — she knew a couple of Slytherin students that could be described similarly. It craved dominance at the cost of others' suffering.

A lot of time has passed since she heard her voices, but as it tends at Hogwarts, things reveal themselves when you don't expect them to. Especially, at the events that force you. Ultimate kindness of heart-warming Hufflepuff sparkled when she was realising children are being used by the forces of darkness.
Bigger Than Us ‣ Oct 2019 — Aug 2021 ‣ [Terminated]

Meenauh was one of the first wandering Hogwarts' students to witness the sort of failed spectacular arrival of the Ilvermorny school. She didn't know back then how many disastrous events would unfold in the upcoming month.

Missing the Masquerade Ball on Halloween was sort of her intention (spent the nice half of it reading, and the bad half of it sleeping), but the consequences were bitter. While she was safe herself, her dear friend was hurt. The emotional overwhelming situation they both find themselves in grows a steady feeling inside Meenauh that she should do something about all the bad stuff happening in the school. This feeling was the turning point in her future decision to become a prefect.

In December, after a long silence Daily Prophet announced the conviction of Harry Potter. News, impossible to believe, disguised under numerous conspiracy theories. Meenauh involuntarily finds herself in the epicentre of the investigation. The Common Room becomes the place that could possess lots of secrets and a few Gryffindor students managed to reveal a few: the Mask, the Glove, missing Potter's wand, his colleague August VanCleaf and enchanted tapestries on the walls. Unfortunately, Meenauh got a bit overwhelmed, which caused her nose to bleed for the first time in her life. It resulted in an unplanned leave to the Hospital Wing.

Arriving at the empty Hospital Wing (unusual for Hogwarts) Meenauh receives a few potions to treat her nosebleed and to rest afterwards. The nurse turns out to be Finlay VanCleaf — the twin brother of August VanCleaf, the auror, the colleague of Harry Potter. Afraid and confused, she retreated from the Hospital Wing without retrieving vital information and vital objects.

On her way back from the Hospital Wing she is joined by a first-year Gryffindor, who desired to discuss her finding and compare to Meenauh's. She was smart (no surprise she started the Liberation Club afterwards) and the discussion was worth the time spent. But a rookie mistake got Meenauh into an unconscious body right on the stairs at certain moments from the Gryffindor Common Room. Meenauh won't remember either how she got asleep, or the name of the poor girl that had to drag her to the bed.

Christmas is over and Meenauh is back to Hogwarts with her friend Xailah. Xailah got a new friend as well. The three of them gather in the courtyard to build a snowman, discuss the latest Daily Prophet and the Liberation Club in order to find out more connections in the case they've been working on.

Meenauh (not yet a prefect) and Xailah (already a prefect) visited a Quidditch match, which wasn't the focus of their interest. Turning it to a tea party, they end up trying to solve the mysterious appearance of Headmaster Plott, who has left the castle shortly after the Masquerade events. Whatever brought him back was definitely connected to the case.

Meenauh agreed to help her Headliner colleague with Transfiguration homework, bringing Xailah and her cat along. George, her colleague, brings his friend as well. Jake Morris — a strange kid, looking too underaged for being at Hogwarts. A strange kid with strange drawings in his notebook. He would have left unnoticed, but they say cats can sense the evil. A peaceful practice turns into a very unusual scene, which makes Jake Morris look very suspicious. Something on his face drags attention, but he manages to flee before everyone manages to discover anything.

Nothing suspicious was happening to herself and Xailah, but the rest of the year was still disastrous on several occasions. But then the summer camp happened. A peaceful evening near the campfire turned into a catastrophe of a mild level. Meenauh, tripping into the fire to find herself half-naked, discovered that Xailah was keeping a particular doll and carrying it with her. Meenauh can't allow the doll to bring more harm, so she decided to deal with it once and forever by dropping it into the Bluebell fire.

And then everything was okay until the next school year, which started from a mild interrogation of the young a sweet Flash Holmwood. It resulted in having flash as another investigation accomplice. Meenauh couldn't place Flash anywhere just yet — he just wanted to help his friends, while Meenauh was actually after resolving the mysteries themselves.

Every Ball means disaster. Dot. Hogwarts is a disaster magnet and balls are simply triggers. A quick exchange of formalities with Thomas Lestrange (for the sake of understanding where to place him, based on all the rumours) followed by the Return of the Doll — an evil creature, created to destroy Meenauh. The fight went on for a while before the doll was actually destroyed once and forever. But the fight attracted Vladimir and his allies, which became a side-fight and Meenauh hurt by Vladimir — a thing that will later become an issue, bigger than she could expect. A thing killed, a few things revealed — a lot to process.

She had a stupid idea of sharing some of the school events with her parents, which resulted in her being removed from her Prefect position as requested by her Father. Less attention, less responsibility — the lower probability to be hurt. The logic failed.

Failed so much as there are too many variables to the equation. Like SCAR. An organisation that left actual scars on children, unfortunate to board the last car on the train. Blown away from the rest of the train, a bunch of Gryffindors ended up in the wilderness to save themselves in the January snow to suddenly face no other than Vladimir's Father, trying to save his dying son. This would be the last drop, which would later result in her parents withdrawing her from the school as the school year ends.

But before that, at least one mystery had to be solved. Just occasionally she clashed with no other than Jake Morris, who turned out to be the wearer of the Mask — the vile artefact. Her attempts failed, but finally, there were adults to save the day. Jake was finally free.

Unfortunately, all the bad things come to bad ending. Meenauh was withdrawn from school for homeschooling, which put a huge stop to everything Meenauh was investigating.
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Meenauh Silmataurea | STA: 7 | EVA: 9 | STR: 2 | WIS: 20 | ARC: 10 | ACC: 11 |

29 Apr 2019, 02:41
Meenauh Silmataurea ‣ Seventh Year ‣ Gryffindor
96 ×
12 ×
First Year 2018-2019
001 ‣ Trains and Emotions
Meenauh is saying goodbye to her parents before jumping on the train to Hogwarts.

🗓️September 2018
📍Platform 9¾
002 ‣ For One Way Travel
After a long walk through the train Meenauh meets first wizard children in her life.

🗓️September 2018
📍Hogwarts Express
👫Abigail Sparks, Angellica Rowley, Oswald Vanigton
003 ‣ The Sorting Ceremony ‣ [Important]
Meenauh talks to the Hat and is faced with the most unexpected sorting, which forges her destiny.
The Gryffindor Table

🗓️September 2018
📍The Great Hall
004 ‣ Arrival
Confused by the recent shocking event Meenauh arrives at the dorms to plant the seeds of disbelief in Hogwarts' Houses.
Next Morning

🗓️September 2018
📍Gryffindor Girls' Dorms
005 ‣ Initiating the Socialisation
Meenauh feels an unusual attraction to a certain Gryffindor, Lucian Grey, and finds out she owns exactly the same wand as Meenauh.

🗓️September 2018
📍The Great Hall
👫Euphrasia Millie, Lucian Grey
006 ‣ Where All the Books Live ‣ [Important]
Real feelings can be devastating. Sorrow and honesty. Discovering the range of Meenauh's emotions.

🗓️September 2018
👫Brynlee Sage
007 ‣ First Days are Hard
Small talk between the girls in the dorms, which allows Meenauh to take a closer look at a mysterious girl — Euphrasia Millie.

🗓️September 2018
📍Gryffindor Girls' Dorms
👫Euphrasia Millie, Lucian Grey, Maxwell Smith
008 ‣ No Glass
A disgusting place and a wonderful person. Meenauh meets a redhead beauty, Marla Quinlan.

🗓️September 2018
👫Marla Quinlan
009 ‣ An Unused Classroom
In a search for a quiet place, Meenauh finds a very old classroom, but soon finds herself in the company of Saskia Nicholson.

🗓️November 2018
👫Saskia Nicholson
010 ‣ Magic vs Science
How possible is it to find a person picking exactly the same book in the whole Library? Is Ruby Cazares her soul twin?

🗓️November 2018
👫Ruby Cazares
011 ‣ Catching up on Friendship
Meenauh meets her previous acquaintance from Hogwarts Express — Angellica Rowley, who became a sort of famous in the school.

🗓️December 2018
📍The Great Lake
👫Angellica Rowley
012 ‣ Extracurricular
Meenauh's successes in the Transfiguration class lead to absorbing extra knowledge, provided by Professor Lian... or just Ress.
A Lion and the Birds ‣ [Prodigal]

🗓️February 2018
📍Transfiguration Classroom
👫Cypresse Lian
013 ‣ It Begins Again...
Meenauh interrupts a strange meeting of her fellow Gryffindors. Punches, sparks, pushes and a complete mess of emotions.

🗓️May 2019
📍Abandoned Toilets
👫Marla Quinlan, Kyle DeRook, Lamik Fillestar, Isaac Ambrose
014 ‣ Gryffindor Scavenger Hunt ‣ [Event]
Being dragged into the Great Hall made Meenauh participate in a gift hunt and think a lot about concepts of luck.

🗓️June 2019
📍The Great Hall
015 ‣ Gryffindor Ball ‣ [Important]
Meenauh attends a ball and discovers the freedom of herself, and is also worried about Marla and her relationship with Kyle DeRook.

🗓️June 2019
👫Marla Quinlan, Emile Yorke, Kyle DeRook, Euphrasia Millie, Alan Vanes, Lallie Luna
016 ‣ Emma vs Meenauh Duel ‣ [Duelling][Important]
Meenauh didn't expect to participate. In the heat of the battle, she discovers a new inner voice, which frightens her.

🗓️June 2019
📍Duelling Club
👫Emma Hill, Elaine Pendrast
017 ‣ Sincerity
Meenauh tries to find out what is happening with Marla and discovers caring feelings, which she can't explain just yet.

🗓️June 2019
📍Gryffindor Common Room
👫Marla Quinlan
018 ‣ It's Getting Late...
Right before curfew Meenauh eavesdrops a self-torturing conversation between Euphrasia and Illowy Magnard.

🗓️June 2019
👫Euphrasia Millie, Illowy Magnard
019 ‣ Tulip
Late at night Meenauh accidentally meets a popular boy, Scott Alexander, who is willing to spread mischief.

🗓️June 2019
📍Gryffindor Common Room
👫Scott Alexander
020 ‣ Nifflers and a Prefect Badge
Meenauh joins a group of students, looking for Niffler, and actually trying to catch the tiny creature.

🗓️June 2019
👫Euphrasia Millie, Alan Vanes, Margo White, Morfran Griffith
Summer 2019
021 ‣ Summer Vibes
Meenauh's parents had to leave for the most part of the summer, so Meenauh was left to discover the cruelty of children' games.

🗓️July 2019
👫Raine Sage, Angellica Rowley, Emma Hill
022 ‣ The Summer BBQ
Over the breakfast Meenauh stumbles upon an unknown pale girl and then meets a 0-year student, Catriona Staverly.

🗓️July 2019
👫Hjørdis Jensen, River Dewlight, Catriona Staverly
023 ‣ Balloon Barrage
Meenauh participates in a prank, set up by her cabin. The prank fails and the girls have to retreat hastily.

🗓️July 2019
👫Emma Hill, Angellica Rowley
024 ‣ Friend for a Lifetime ‣ [Important]
Meenauh wakes up in the train on her way home and notices a girl from her dreams right in front of her. Her best friend she never met.
To Wish Impossible Things
Hjartað Hamast
Last Day of June

🗓️August 2019
📍Hogwarts Express
👫Xailah Alptraum
Second Year 2019-2020
025 ‣ A Snakey Mess 
The mysterious girl, Euphrasia, dear friend, turns out to be a Parselmouth, which excites Meenauh and makes the two even closer.

🗓️September 2019
📍Girls' Lavatory
👫Euphrasia Millie
026 ‣ Gryffindor Tea Party ‣ [Important]
An innocent tea party turns into a heated discussion of blood purity and muggle-borns with Max Avery and Eris Fawley.

🗓️September 2019
📍Gryffindor Common Room
👫Grideldis Edelhardt, Scott Alexander, Marla Quinlan, Max Avery, Eris Fawley
027 ‣ I Summon ‣ [Prodigal]
Meenauh demonstrates her mastered Summoning Spell during her second-year practice lesson, remembering how she learnt it at home.

🗓️September 2019
📍Charms Classroom
028 ‣ Paper Basketball ‣ [Prodigal]
Meenauh demonstrates casting the Banishing Spell and comes up with a game to play with that spell.

🗓️September 2019
📍Charms Classroom
029 ‣ Rock and Rolliver ‣ [Important]
While wandering far from the castle, Meenauh finds a boy, who makes her discover a new inner voice, shaking her mental stability.

🗓️September 2019
👫Oliver Hart
030 ‣ It's a Great Day for a Fight 
Going back from the library Meenauh founds Catriona being bullied by a trio. Is Meenauh smart enough to save her without getting hurt?

🗓️September 2019
👫Catriona Staverly
031 ‣ Great Gates of Hogwarts: Ilvermorny Arrival ‣ [Main Story]
Peaceful reading is interrupted by a sudden visit of unexpected guests — children from Ilvermorny, American school of wizardry.

🗓️October 2019
👫Alexx Séverin, Simon Belanger
032 ‣ As the World Falls Down ‣ [Important]
Meenauh missed the ball, deliberately. But the consequences came unexpectedly in the form of her dear friend being hurt and broken. The moment Meenauh decided she had to become a prefect at some point.

🗓️October 2019
📍Gryffindor Common Rooom
👫Xailah Alptraum
033 ‣ Letters to the Unknown
Meenauh performs an experiment of writing to a completely random person and tries to get a secret penpal.
To You ‣ [Letters]

🗓️October 2019
034 ‣ Trial of the Century ‣ [Main Story]
Meenauh reads an article about Harry Potter's trial and involuntarily begins her participation in the investigation.

🗓️December 2019
📍Gryffindor Common Room
👫Raine Sage, Gryffindor
035 ‣ First Blood ‣ [Main Story]
During the investigation, Meenauh had a sudden headache and nose bleeding, so she decides to visit the Hospital Wing for the first time.

🗓️December 2019
📍Hospital Wing
👫Finlay VanCleaf
036 ‣ A VanCleaf Debrief
After an unexpected meeting with a nurse and finding out unexpected details, Meenauh stumbles upon another Gryffindor, Evelynn Decipio, who seemed to follow her from the Common Room.

🗓️December 2019
👫Evelynn Decipio
037 ‣ A Little Bird Told Me ‣ [Main Story]
Do you want to build a snowman?

🗓️January 2020
👫Xailah Alptraum, Pericles Dralt
038 ‣ Astringent Fabric ‣ [Prodigal]
A practice lesson for the third years, which Meenauh was allowed to attend to practise the Bandaging Charm.

🗓️February 2020
📍Charms Classroom
039 ‣ A Spectacle (Gryffindor vs Slytherin)
Meenauh accompanies Xailah to a game of Quidditch, which she would have never done alone. There was someone they didn't expect to see.

🗓️March 2020
📍Quidditch Pitch
👫Xailah Alptraum
040 ‣ Repairing Force ‣ [Prodigal]
Meenauh practices the Healing Charm in Ress' classroom with older students, imagining how bad she could feel to gain concentration.

🗓️March 2020
📍Transfiguration Classroom
041 ‣ Obscure
Meenauh catches two boys breaking the curfew trying to summon someone evil and together with her colleague Nico throws a show to make the boys remember.

🗓️March 2020
👫Flash Holmwood, Euphaustus Boppity, Nico Shymane
042 ‣ Like a Mirror ‣ [Detention]
Meenauh sends the two boys in detention making them clean the whole ballroom floor the muggle way — with a piece of cloth and a bucket of water.

🗓️March 2020
👫Flash Holmwood, Euphaustus Boppity
043 ‣ A Helping Hand for the Younger Generation ‣ [Main Story]
Meenauh agreed to help her Headliner colleage and his dormmate with some Transfiguration homework, but got to touch a mystery.

🗓️April 2020
📍Study Room
👫Xailah Alptraum, George Henry, Jake Morris
044 ‣ Where I Belong
Meenauh follows Pericles to discover a few girls practising a bit of archery and hurting the poor trees. They don't expect anything of what would happen next.

🗓️April 2020
📍The Great Lake
👫Pericles Dralt, Xailah Alptraum, Janet Jackson, May Moonstar, Ariana Walker
045 ‣ Secret Blossom Ball (Quidditch Stands) ‣ [Event]
Meenauh woke up to notice Xailah's absence as she remembers there's a Secret Blossom Ball happening. She rushes there to dive into the unfolded chaos and try to save her friends.

🗓️April 2020
📍Quidditch Pitch
👫Xailah Alptraum, Pericles Dralt
046 ‣ Vocalism ‣ [Prodigal]
The Blossom Ball's tragedy aftermath was still in the air and filled Meenauh's mind. But a bit of joy from random forced singing could only do good.

🗓️May 2020
📍Charms Classroom
047 ‣ Echo
Meenauh catches a first-year in the ballroom, who broke curfew for whatever reason. Justice has to be served.

🗓️May 2020
👫Nell Zoldak
048 ‣ Dusty Shelves ‣ [Detention]
Having borrowed a tiny sweeping brush, Meenauh made the offender wipe the dust off the books and bookshelves in the library. Several hours of manual labour should have an effect.

🗓️May 2020
👫Nell Zoldak
049 ‣ Dark to Light ‣ [Prodigal]
Two spells to perform in a dark maze was not a thing she expected, but still she had an interesting experience by facing the darkness as it is.

🗓️May 2020
📍Charms Classroom
050 ‣ The Magic of the Moment ‣ [Prodigal]
Practising the Wind Jinx and watching a mesmerising show of glass bottles falling down onto the floor and then repairing themselves back.

🗓️June 2020
📍Charms Classroom
051 ‣ The Gemini's Gift
Helping Xailah to follow the balloon, they find themselves in an improvised gift opening party of their friend — Pericles.

🗓️June 2020
👫Xailah Alptraum, Pericles Dralt, Aida Ellwood
052 ‣ Wild and Untamed Thing
After she found a note, left by Xailah, she attended a secret prefects' party to celebrate the end of the year in style.

🗓️June 2020
📍Prefects' Bathroom
👫Xailah Alptraum, Ruby Cazares, Jack Warren, Quinn Healy, Nico Shymane
053 ‣ End of Year Slumber Party
Before leaving the Common Room for patrolling Meenauh stumbles upon a party of her house. Closing her eyes on a few rules broken, she leaves, allowing her fellow students to have their fun.

🗓️June 2020
📍Gryffindor Common Room
Summer 2020
054 ‣ Revolutions 
The trinity is riding home together, discussing the end of the year, the summer and everything that happened to them.

🗓️July 2020
📍Hogwarts Express
👫Xailah Alptraum, Pericles Dralt
055 ‣ Welcome BBQ 
Meenauh's search for halloumi burgers leads her to an awkward scene between two heads of houses and a conversation she didn't plan to have at all.

🗓️July 2020
📍London Quidditch Stadium
👫Hjørdis Jensen, Caradoc Browne
056 ‣ Letters from the Other Side  ‣ [Letters]
Xailah and Meenauh agreed with Pericles to exchange letters during summer, which turned out to be a new experience for all of them.

🗓️July-August 2020
👫Xailah Alptraum, Pericles Dralt
057 ‣ Chess Combat, Game 2  ‣ [Duelling]
Professor Masoud and Professor Vernatis asked Meenauh to help in organising and moderating a group duelling event.

🗓️July 2020
📍London Quidditch Stadium
058 ‣ Campfire Stories ‣ [Main Story]
Meenauh arrived a bit later to the Campfire to meet her friend and to listen to stories from different people, or to just warm up the evening, really.

🗓️July 2020
📍London Quidditch Stadium
👫Xailah Alptraum, Santario Martin
059 ‣ The Beat of Her Own Drum 
Meenauh wanders around the camp to find a student, who most probably had a seizure or worse and rushes to help to find out it may have been just a dance.

🗓️July 2020
📍London Quidditch Stadium
👫Breana Oliveire
060 ‣ Vis-à-vis
Parents pick Meenauh up as she arrives back to Kings Cross from the summer camp to portkey to the beautiful island of Vis for a month-long vacation.

🗓️July 2020
📍Vis, Croatia
061 ‣ Family Introductions
A thirteen-years old Meenauh is expecting a special guest in her house for the first time in her life.

🗓️August 2020
📍Manchester, England
👫Xailah Alptraum
062 ‣ Turn of a Page
A visit to a bookstore was pleasantly mixed with a surprise meeting of the beautiful Ruby Cazares.

🗓️August 2020
📍Flourish and Blotts, Diagon Alley
👫Ruby Cazares
Third Year 2020-2021
063 ‣ Land of Confusion ‣ [Main Story]
Noticing suspicious things and people was one of the traits a prefect like her should have. Noticing a person you had already given detention to, behaving strangely was an instant inquiry case. People seem to love getting detentions.

🗓️September 2020
👫Flash Holmwood, Xailah Alptraum
064 ‣ A Gathering Pride
Meenauh got accepted to the Duelling Team and she was requested to attend the first meeting.

🗓️October 2020
📍Duelling Club
👫Gryffindor Duelling Team
065 ‣ Interschool Race (Spectators)
Xailah was participating and Meenauh went to watch with Pericles. Another person attended as well and that person was not expected or wanted

🗓️October 2020
👫Pericles Dralt
066 ‣ Blocking the Doors ‣ [Main Story]
Meenauh had a job to do — not to party but protect the person she felt she had to protect. A quick peek at the ball before leaving for duty just outside the ballroom doors. Eventually getting to the ball anyway.
The Fall Ball (Masquerade)

🗓️October 2020
👫Thomas Lestrange, Xailah Alptraum, Vladimir Athanatos
067 ‣ Group E: Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw ‣ [Duelling]
In a team with Galton she's facing two younger years from Ravenclaw with not particularly a good start.

🗓️September 2020
📍Duelling Club
👫Galton Lansdale
068 ‣ You Shall Not Pass
The whole house went on a lockdown due to something mysterious happening.

🗓️October 2020
📍Duelling Club
👫Ruka Burnett-Tân, Rose Moon, Rafael D'Espacito, Xailah Alptraum, Griseldis Edelhardt
069 ‣ A Request ‣ [Letters]
Father sent an owl to the school after finding out what happened at the recent ball, kindly asking to remove Meenauh from the prefect position.

🗓️November 2020
👫Aiden Silmataurea, Solomon Lear, Elaine Pendrast
070 ‣ Careless Whisper ‣ [Prodigal]
To learn a spell, first learn a counter-spell. In this case, it has to be done quietly.

🗓️December 2020
📍Charms Classroom
071 ‣ Guyamas Sonora ‣ [Prodigal]
Not all spells are pleasant to cast as sometimes the result is much more unexpected than you could have expected at all.

🗓️December 2020
📍Charms Classroom
072 ‣ Grim Outlook
An unexpected meeting may turn into an unexpected conversation and more to come — something new to experience.

🗓️December 2020
👫Elena Jangleton
073 ‣ Explosions in the Sky ‣ [Prodigal]
A spell Meenauh never wanted to learn and thought she'd never get to cast it.

🗓️December 2020
📍Charms Classroom
074 ‣ Ring in the Season
Another party, thrown by her dear friend. Christmas theme this time. Exchange of gifts between friends is always a pleasure.

🗓️December 2020
📍Room of Requirement
👫Xailah Alptraum, Margo White, Pericles Dralt
073 ‣ Dead Man's Bones ‣ [Prodigal]
Finally a healing spell to prove she was her mother's daughter. A spell, useful in many situations. Never expected it, but she got to use it really soon.

🗓️December 2020
📍Charms Classroom
076 ‣ Winterlands ‣ [Main Story]
A trip back to school after the winter holidays. A strange coincidence in a car, involving her recent darling friend — Vladimir. Can the train go wrong?

🗓️January 2021
📍Hogwarts Express
👫Xailah Alptraum, Vladimir Athanatos, Evelynn Decipio, Hugh Lower, Thaddeus Athanatos
077 ‣ Like Watching a Train Wreck
After their life almost ended on their way to Hogwarts, they were brought back into the castle to lick the wounds. To meet just one person.

🗓️January 2021
📍Small Hall
👫Xailah Alptraum, Pericles Dralt
078 ‣ Group E: Gryffindor vs Slytherin ‣ [Duelling]
A very successful duel where Galton shines with his masterful spellcasting, but suffers from the nastiness of the Bogies.

🗓️January 2021
📍Duelling Club
👫Galton Lansdale, Dealla Prince
079‣ Group C: Ravenclaw vs Hufflepuff ‣ [Duelling]
A fair duel to be moderated, that consisted only from the second years. Nothing amazingly spectacular, but funny to watch.

🗓️January 2021
📍Duelling Club
080‣ What is Wrong with You?! ‣ [Main Story]
A crash in the corridors reveals a small baby boy in the new light and gives an important clue to a major issue.

🗓️March 2021
👫Jake Morris
081‣ Trial by Fear: Audience
Xailah is participating in some competition again. Meenauh and Pericles are there to watch it. Again.

🗓️April 2021
📍Quidditch Pitch
👫Pericles Dralt
082 ‣ Group A: Hufflepuff vs Slytherin ‣ [Duelling]
A very unexpected result, when the upperclassmen stop the duel and concede. Spectacular spellcasting, peppered with interesting twists.

🗓️April 2021
📍Duelling Club
083 ‣ Group E: Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff ‣ [Duelling]
A simple from the first view battle, but never underestimated — after their epic failure against the younger students they have to treat every opponent as equal.

🗓️April 2021
📍Duelling Club
👫Galton Lansdale
084 ‣ Blossom Ball - Spring Festsival ‣ [Event]
Meenauh liked Spring. And this ball was in the spring theme. The surroundings were usual. Nothing is dangerous. As usual...
Blossom Ball - Underworld

🗓️May 2021
👫Xailah Alptraum
085 ‣ Wild Goose Chase ‣ [Main Story]
Meenauh got an invitation for a certain meeting at Hogsmeade. It seemed a fruitful opportunity, but as she arrives even the participants seem to be quite an interesting group.
🗓️Jun 2021
📍Hogsmeade — Main Square
👫Xailah Alptraum, Howard White, Pericles Dralt
Fourth Year 2021-2022
086 ‣ Don't Wait for Me
Pericles and Xailah receive a letter from Meenauh, just seconds after the Hogwarts Express sets off to the school.

🗓️September 2021
087 ‣ Identifying a Wizard
A regular bookshop she used to visit in Manchester gets a new customer, who doesn't look like they are from Manchester and look very very familiar to Meenauh.

🗓️December 2021
📍Manchester, England
👫Jane Victoria
088 ‣ Familiar Spaces
Getting back to duelling was expected, but was sort of a challenge for Meenauh as hard as coming back to the school in general. It's nice when someone you sort of familiar with agrees to be your duelling partner for a while.

🗓️January 2022
📍Duelling Club
👫Dealla Prince
089 ‣ The King of the Castle
What was always heartwarming? Yes, a friend. Especially your ex-duelling partner. Especially the King of Sweets, or Galton the Glorious. Who knows, maybe ex-duelling partners become future duelling partners as well?

🗓️January 2022
👫Galton Lansdale
090 ‣ Awkward Comfort ‣ [Main Story]
When someone you know gets hurt, you try to help them. But never before everything she knew about someone or something got shattered into pieces so quickly.

🗓️February 2022
📍Gryffindor Common Room
👫Hugh Lowe
091 ‣ Gryffindor vs Hufflepuff: Match 3 ‣ [Duelling]
Comeback of the year! The duet of Meenauh the Mighty and Galton the Glorious returned!

🗓️April 2022
📍Duelling Club
👫Galton Lansdale
092 ‣ Ravenclaw vs Slytherin: Match 6 ‣ [Duelling]
Not only Meenauh returned as a duellist, but also as a captain. The first duel to judge was a tough and rough one.

🗓️May 2022
📍Duelling Club
Summer 2022
093 ‣ Doo doo doo...?
A complete random choice made her share the tent during the summer camp with the best of people: Erin, Matt, Marion and even a younger Athanatos. It was nice that a few friends had joined as well. But the start of the day was ruined by the unpredicted craziness. As usual.

🗓️Aug 2022
📍Shark Tent [London Quidditch Stadium]
👫Jürgen Hess, M J Davenport, Jack Warren, Galton Lansdale
094 ‣ International Summer Duelling Tournament, Match One
Crazy duel. 3 vs 3 vs 3. So many players, a complete nonsense, but with lots of spectacular highlights.

🗓️Aug 2022
📍London Quidditch Stadium
👫Alan Vanes, Lamik Fillestar
095 ‣ Oh the pits we dig
Waking up in a middle of the night was not something she was expected. But if being completely honest, she was. But she was definitely not expecting what she would wake up to...

🗓️Aug 2022
📍Shark Tent [London Quidditch Stadium]
👫Gideon Athanatos, George Henry, Jack Warren
096 ‣ Capture the Jolly Roger
Throwing herself into anything really was something she was looking for this summer. Even if it means games in the water. The only thing she wasn't quite ready for was that her wand would not be with her.

🗓️Aug 2022
📍London Quidditch Stadium
Fifth Year 2022-2023
097 ‣ Alluring
A Wandless Magic discussion with an immensely beautiful first-year girl, who may drop something Meenauh wasn't expecting.

🗓️Oct 2023
📍Gryffindor Common Room
👫Avorra Vaylen
098 ‣ Gryffindor vs Ravenclaw: Match 3 ‣ [Duelling]
Another year, another duel. This time her new partner was Alec. And the opponents were fierce birds, including Delilah Stewart. It would be quite a challenge, disregarding the outcome.

🗓️Oct 2022
📍Duelling Club
👫Alec Mason
099 ‣ Slytherin vs Hufflepuff: Match 6 ‣ [Duelling]
She wasn't just back on the team, but also to the captains team. She had to remember things and enable all her vision to be able to judge fairly. But she did not expect it would be Jake Morris, who had recently become a duellist.

🗓️Oct 2022
📍Duelling Club
100 ‣ We Owe You a Drink
A deal was a deal. Ravenclaw won and now she and Alec owned them a drink. And it would be nice to chat with other students and maybe even make new friends.

🗓️Oct 2022
📍Three Broomsticks
👫Alec Mason, Delilah Stewart, Eun-Ji Lee Hunt
101 ‣ Bindings and Freedom ‣ [Prodigal]
It's been quite a while since she was studying advanced Transfiguration ahead of her year. So ther she was — practising two spells at once, quite powerful ones. They'd make a nice addition to her duelling spells pool.

🗓️Dec 2022
📍Transfiguration Classroom
102 ‣ Trip to Instability ‣ [Prodigal]
Practice of spells above her year was good, but practising with someone was even better. And it was no duel at all.

🗓️Dec 2022
📍Charms Classroom
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Meenauh Silmataurea | STA: 7 | EVA: 9 | STR: 2 | WIS: 20 | ARC: 10 | ACC: 11 |

22 May 2019, 17:09
Meenauh Silmataurea ‣ Seventh Year ‣ Gryffindor
‣ Human
Prodigal Transfiguration LearnerI can learn Transfiguration spells of the next year.
‣ Prodigal Charms LearnerI can learn Charms of the next year.
PerfectionistI rarely critically fail spells.
Perfectionist III never critically fail spells.
Wandless MagicI don't need my wand to cast spells.
Non-verbal MagicI need neither gesture, nor incantation to cast spells.
Character Stats
Stamina: 9
Evasion: 10
Strength: 2
Wisdom: 25
Arcane Power: 12
Accuracy: 13
+ 6 from Duel Win (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
Known Spells
‣ Dancing Feet Spell • Tarantallegra
‣ Mending Charm • Reparo
‣ Severing Charm • Diffindo
‣ Softening Charm • Spongify
‣ Packing Charm • Pack
‣ Tickling Charm • Rictusempra
Avifors SpellAvifors
‣ Levitation Charm • Wingardium Leviosa
‣ Wand-Lighting Charm • Lumos
‣ Wand-Extinguishing Charm • Nox
‣ Locking Spell • Colloportus
‣ Unlocking Charm • Alohomora
‣ Umbrella Spell • Pluvia Velo
‣ Matchstick to Needle • Conmutocus
‣ Untransfiguration • Reparifarge
‣ Green Sparks Charm • Verdimillious
‣ Red Sparks Charm • Periculum
‣ Curse of the Bogies • Mucus ad Nauseam
‣ Knockback Jinx • Flipendo
‣ Smokescreen Spell • Fumos
‣ Cleaning Charm • Scourgify
‣ Fire-Making Spell • Incendio
‣ Extinguishing Charm • Extinguo
Eyeglass Repair CharmOculus Reparo
Summoning CharmAccio
Banishing CharmDepulso
Bandaging CharmFerula
Healing CharmReparifors
‣ Four-Point Spell • Point Me
Wand-Lighting Charm (Duo)Lumos Duo
Lumos MaximaLumos Maxima
Singing JinxCantis
Wind JinxVentus
‣ General Counter-Spell • Finite Incantatem
‣ Freezing Charm • Immobulus
‣ Color-Changing Charm • Colorvaria
‣ Clothing Color-Changing Charm • Multicorfors
‣ Hair Color-Changing Charm • Crinus Muto
‣ Blindfolding Spell • Obscuro
‣ Tongue-Tying Spell • Mimblewimble
‣ Disarming Charm • Expelliarmus
‣ Bluebell Flames • Caeruleus Inflamarae
‣ Hot-Air Charm • Aer Calidus
‣ Fire-Making Spell • Incendio Duo
‣ Slug-Vomiting Charm • Slugulus Eructo
‣ Flower-Conjuring Spell • Orchideous
‣ Ascension Spell • Alarte Ascendare
‣ Descension Spell • Descendo
‣ Snowflake-Creating Spell • Nix Facitur
‣ Slippery Jinx • Lubricus
‣ Revealing Charm • Revelio
‣ Illegibility Charm • Illegibilus
‣ Slowing Charm • Arresto Momentum
‣ Engorgement Charm • Engorgio
‣ Shrinking Charm • Reducio
Minor Explosion CharmBombarda
Healing SpellEpiskey
‣ Whistle to Watch • Tunc Sibilus
‣ Snail to Teapot • Choclea Bibe
‣ Glass to Sand •
‣ Sauce-Making Spell • Condimentum
‣ Matchbox Transformation Spell • Flintifors
‣ Purple Firecrackers Conjuration Charm • Violaceous
‣ Squiggle Quill Spell • Vermiculafors
‣ Gluing Spell • Epoximise
‣ Hardening Charm • Duro
Quietening CharmQuietus
Amplifying CharmSonorus
‣ Sun-Light Charm • Lumos Solem
‣ Weather Modifying Countercharm • Meteolojinx Recanto
‣ Weather Modifying Charm • Meteolojinx
‣ Atmospheric Charm • Caelum Muto
‣ Blue Sparks Charm • Caerulimillious
‣ Paper Mending Charm • Papyrus Reparo
Fogging CharmNebulus
‣ Guinea Fowl to Guinea Pig • Avum Porcus
‣ Porcupine to Pincushion • Hystrifors
‣ Teapot to Gerbil • Jerbollam
‣ Teapot to Rat • Ratollam
‣ Teapot to Ferret • Migaleollam
‣ Teapot to Tortoise • Terachelys
‣ Tail-Growing Hex • Cauda Incrementum
‣ Fish Transformation Spell • Piscifors
‣ Fish to Flower • Piscimutatio
‣ Teddy Bear to Spider • Arachmutatio
‣ Boggart-Banishing Spell • Riddikulus
‣ Revulsion Jinx • Relashio
‣ Snake Summons Spell • Serpensortia
‣ Snake-Vanishing Spell • Vipera Evanesca
‣ Full Body-Bind Curse • Petrificus Totalus
‣ Freezing Spell • Glacius
‣ Hovering Charm • Sublevo Brevis
‣ Spider Conjuration Spell • Arachnos
‣ Water-Heating Spell • Aqua Fervens
‣ Cracker Jinx • Nec Divinos Crepitus
‣ Cheering Charm • Serenate
‣ Bravery Charm • Animosus
‣ Sealant Charm • Consigno
‣ Gripping Charm • Inhaeresco
‣ Hurling Hex • Iacta
‣ Water Repelling Charm • Impervius
‣ Blockage Clearing Spell • Anapneo
‣ Smokescreen Spell Duo • Fumos Duo
‣ Muffliato Charm • Muffliato
‣ Animal Goblet Transformation • Vera Verto
‣ Mice Transformation Spell • Snufflifors
‣ Ducklifors Jinx • Ducklifors
‣ Rabbit Transformation Spell • Lapifors
‣ Rabbit Slippers • Lepus Calceus
‣ Bubblehead Charm • Aspira
‣ Leg-Locker Curse • Locomotor Mortis
‣ Spider Repelling Spell • Arania Exumai
‣ Impediment Hex • Impedimenta
‣ Shield Charm • Protego
‣ Herbivicus Charm • Herivicus
‣ Blackboard-writing Spell • Scripto
‣ Teeth-straightening Spell • Recto Dente
‣ Siphoning Spell • Tergeo
‣ Structure Building Charm • Erecto
‣ Switching Spell • Viceversus
‣ Ink Revealing Charm • Aparecium
‣ Broom Jinx • Indomitus
‣ Mobiliarbus Charm • Mobiliarbus
‣ Pressurized Water Charm • Aqua Eructo
‣ Water-Making Spell • Aguamenti
Trip JinxOffendo
‣ Passage Opening Charm • Dissendium
‣ Fiery Script Charm • Flagrate
‣ Cauldron to Sieve • Filtración
‣ Cauldron to Badger • Furificar
‣ Cauldron to Guitar • Afinar
‣ Age Line • Aetas Terminus
‣ Reviving Spell • Rennervate
‣ Hive-Conjuring Spell • Cutem Uro
‣ Flask Conjuration Spell • Potiri Putine
‣ Teacup to Tortoise • Tazachelys
‣ Rotation Charm • Circumrota
‣ Hair Thickening Charm • Crassus
‣ Owl to Opera Glasses • Speculafors
‣ Jelly-Brain Jinx • Wibbli Cogitatus
‣ Twitchy Ears Hex • Trementes Aures
‣ Ecto Spell • Ectomatic
‣ Skurge Charm • Skurge
‣ Beauty Spell • Pulchra
‣ Drone Jinx • Obstrepere
‣ Pepper Breath Hex • Draco Spiritus
‣ Washing Up Charm • Lavabit
‣ Vacuum Cleaner Spell • Lambent Lutum
Tracking SpellAppare Vestigium
Fire RopeIncendens Funis
Fire Rope to SnakeAshwindem
Protean CharmProtean
‣ Mice to Snuffboxes • Muspyxis
‣ Opening Charm • Aberto
‣ Take Root • Anathema Daphnis
‣ Shooting Spell • Jaculor
‣ Bewitched Snowballs • Nive Percutio
‣ Cascading Jinx • Ingens Explosiones
‣ Knee-Reversal Hex • Retro Genibus
‣ Window Shattering Spell • Finestra
‣ Vinegar to Wine • Acetum Reverto
‣ Litterbox to Wildebeest • Arcacas Invacca
‣ Leg-growing Charm • Concalo Crura
‣ Desk to Pig Spell • Corpus Porcus
‣ Anti-Cheating Charm • Esto Verax
‣ Instant Scalping Hex • Trichaufero
‣ Hair Loss Curse • Calvorio
‣ Hair-Regrowing Spell • Capillus Incrementum
‣ Star Shower Spell • Stella Cascadia
‣ Bedazzling Hex • Indesmulo
‣ Somnambulist Charm • Somnambulus
‣ Dinnerplate to Mushroom • Fungifors
‣ Rock to Dog • Canifors
‣ Steel Talons Transfiguration • Steelclaw
‣ Stretching Jinx • Distringo
‣ Arrow Shooting Spell • Sagitta
‣ Smoke to Daggers • Pluviae Acuta
‣ The Bird Conjuring Charm • Avis
‣ The Bridge Conjuring Spell • Pontem Appare
‣ The Bridge Vanishing Spell • Pontem Discede
‣ Human to Pig • Porcus
‣ Human to Chicken • Pullus
‣ Human to Bat • Vespertilio
‣ Human to Ferret • Furritas
‣ Charm to Cure Reluctant Reversers • Reveragain
‣ Ascendio • Ascendio
‣ Flashing Paint Charm • Cololumina
‣ Biting Jinx • Mordeo
‣ Bubble Jinx • Ebublio
‣ Deprimo • Deprimo
‣ Toenail-Growing Hex • Cresco Unguibus
‣ Blasting Curse • Confringo
‣ Flame-Freezing Charm • Flamduratus
‣ Glacius Duo • Glacius Duo
‣ Reductor Curse • Reducto
‣ Conjunctivitis Curse • Oculitumescere
‣ Pimple Jinx • Furnunculus
‣ Bat-Bogey Hex • Vespertilifors
‣ Salvio Hexia • Salvio Hexia
‣ Confundus Charm • Confundo
‣ Freezing Spell Tria • Glacius Tria
‣ Shocking Area Spell • Fulgurunda
‣ Freeze! Spell • Freeze
‣ Projectile Jinx • Waddiwasi
‣ Obliteration Charm • Vestigia Deleo
‣ Rowboat Spell • Velifico
‣ The Muggle Repelling Spell • Repello Muggletum
‣ Tracking Object Charm • Avensegium
‣ Spell-detection Spell • Specialis Revelio
‣ Buffalo Conjuration Spell • Sianto
‣ Antler Growth Hex • Anteoculatia
‣ Homing Spell • Sequi Me
‣ Beetle Buttons • Buttonfors
‣ Placement Charm • Sede
‣ Informous Spell • Informous
‣ Herbivicus Charm II • Herbivicus Duo
‣ Fire-Making Spell III • Incendio Tria
‣ Human to Armchair • Essesella
‣ Countercharm for Hiccoughs • Consingultus
‣ Badgering • Melifors
‣ Splintering Unlocking Charm • Portaberto
‣ Knife to Paper Airplane • Cultrofors
‣ Fur Spell • Furrure Cresco
‣ Teeth Growing Hex • Densaugeo
‣ Ear-shrivelling Curse • Repulsiva Auris
‣ Drought Charm • Siccum Lacus
‣ Pus Squirting Hex • Suppurare
‣ Head-Growing Curse • Cranium Inflatio
‣ Entrail-Expelling Curse • Exta Expurgo
‣ Levitation Spell • Levioso
‣ Knitting Charm • Creo Suturis
‣ Sonorous Charm • Fremit
‣ Patronus Charm • Expecto Patronum
‣ Protego Maxima • Protego Maxima
‣ Fianto Duri • Fianto Duri
‣ Stunning Spell • Stupefy
‣ Scorching Charm • Hostis Ure
‣ Hiding Spell • Cave Inimicum
‣ Cornflake Skin Jinx • Pelle Cerealis
‣ Silencing Charm • Silencio
‣ Sardine Spell • Sardinae Ex Nasum
‣ Fairy Cake to Fairy • Faerifors
‣ Horn Growing Spell • Cornua Crescens
‣ Scarpin's Revelaspell • Partes Revelio
‣ Gobstone to Skunk • Mephitifors
‣ Meddling Man to Monkey • Simia
‣ Jelly-Legs Hex • Locomotor Wibbly
‣ Lovebird to LoveNote • Amoris Charta
‣ Jelly Fingers Curse • Digiti Wibbli
‣ Supersensory Charm • Meliores Sensi
‣ Anti-Alohomora Charm • Repugnat Reseratum
‣ Bewitched Sleep Spell • Somnum Adduco
‣ Imperturbable Charm • Imperturbatus
‣ Silver Shield Charm • Argen Scutum
‣ Ghostly Head Spell • Caput Immundus
‣ Babbling Curse • Confusio Linguarum
‣ Fountain of Wine • Effunde Vinum
‣ Langlock • Langlock
‣ Intruder Charm • Monitus
‣ Protean Charm • Protean
‣ Old Violent Unlocking Charm • Open Sesame
‣ Flipendo Maxima • Flipendo Maxima
‣ Candle Conjuration Spell • Fanale Appare
‣ Feather-Light Spell • Agero Pondus
‣ Box Blasting Charm • Cistem Aperio
‣ Herbifors • Herbifors
‣ Dangling Jinx • Levicorpus
‣ Dangling Jinx Counterspell • Libracorpus
‣ Orbis • Orbis
‣ Vulnera Sanentur • Vulnera Sanentur
‣ Permanent Sticking Charm • Colloaeternum
‣ Fixing Charm • Fixus
‣ Limbo Mist • Vario Nebula
‣ Limbo Mist Anticharm • Varia Nebulus
‣ Bone Mending Spell • Brackium Emendo
‣ Tempest Jinx • Tempest
‣ Wind Jinx Duo • Ventus Duo
‣ Memory Extraction Spell • Spero Obliviscaris
‣ Lightning Spell • Fulguris
‣ Gubraithian Fire • Ignis Aeterna
‣ Focusing Charm • Focus
‣ Shock Spell • Inpulsa
Known Potions
‣ Cure for Boils
‣ Herbicide Potion
‣ Forgetfulness Potion
‣ Antidote to Common Poisons
‣ Antidote to Uncommon Poisons
‣ Bruise Removal Paste
‣ Burn Healing Paste
‣ Babbling Beverage
‣ Confusing Concoction
‣ Dizziness Draught
‣ Muffling Draught
‣ Dogbreath Potion
‣ Drowsiness Draught
‣ Sleeping Draught
‣ Murtlap Essence
‣ Pepperup Potion
‣ Pompion Potion
‣ Anti-Paralysis-Potion
‣ Black-Fire-Potion
‣ Grand Pepperup Potion
‣ Revive Potion
‣ Deflating Draught
‣ Swelling Solution
‣ Calming Draught
‣ Gregory’s Unctuous Unction
‣ Mandrake Restorative Draught
‣ Befuddlement Draught
‣ Laugh Inducing Potion
‣ Bulgeye Potion
‣ Fire Breathing Potion
‣ Memory Potion
‣ Scintillation Solution
‣ Madam's Glossy Silver Polish
‣ Fatiguing Infusion
‣ Weakness Potion
‣ Skelegro
‣ Wound Cleaning Potion
‣ Blood Replenishing Potion
‣ Essence of Dittany
‣ Garroting Gas
‣ Erumpent Potion
‣ Baruffio’s Brain Elixir
‣ Wit Sharpening Potion
‣ Pet Tonic
‣ Floating Potion
‣ Turbo Farts Potion
‣ Alihotsy Draught
‣ Elixir to Induce Euphoria
‣ Dr. Ubbly’s Oblivious Unction
‣ Wiggenweld Potion
‣ Girding Potion
‣ Vitamix Potion
‣ Invisibility Potion
‣ Shrinking Potion
‣ Potion for Dreamless Sleep
‣ Invigoration Draught
‣ Oculus Potion
‣ Doxycide
‣ Snuffling Potion
‣ Starry Sky Solution
‣ Draught of Living Death
‣ Wideye Potion
‣ Cough Potion
‣ Jaw Bind Potion
‣ Hiccoughing Solution
‣ Restoration Potion
‣ Antidote to Veritaserum
‣ Star Grass Salve
‣ Devil's Sticky Balm
‣ Cranberry Cleaner
‣ Amortentia
‣ Love Potion Antidote
‣ Volubilis Potion
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Meenauh Silmataurea ‣ Seventh Year ‣ Gryffindor
Close to the heart.
Xailah Alptraum🐾
Meenauh had very strange dreams on her way home from the Summer Camp 2019. Dreams lasting 20 years of her life with someone very close to her. Dreams that were doomed to be shattered. She lost a friend from her dreams maybe to get a new friend in reality.
Pericles Dralt🧠
First, a friend of Xailah. And eventually her friend as well. A very intelligent and thorough Ravenclaw Meenauh likes as a friend. Saved Meenauh from a mosp.
Althea Silmataurea👩
Mother. Tender. Kind. Healer.
Aiden Silmataurea👨
Father. Tender. Strict. Alchemist.
Hogwarts Headliner
People Meenauh met through working in the newspaper (not working any more).
Alexx Séverin, Ami Procoppio, Koko Riddle, Reid Kovacs, Amanda Sparrow, River Dewlight, Santario Martin, George Henry, Phaedra Stavrou, Quinn Healy, Lark Flaer, Seulrene An, Anastasia Beckett, Celynne Gray.
Prefects Body
Other prefects Meenauh met while being a prefect.
Neculai Lazar, Annie Morgan, Cecily Quinn, Luna Choi, Nico Shymane, Jack Warren, Thomas Lestrange, Frost Cira, Sylvain Wyllt, Opeila Winters, Cassandra Ironwoods, Simon Kincaid, Samantha Salwis, Aurora Ranvier, Maggie Hawkins, Emma Wynn, Monica Evans, Bubba McGarry, Ashleigh Hazelwood, Fang Hui-Ming, Beatrice Langstreth, Avery Leveret, Clair Fernandez, AngelFyre McCubbin, Beatrice Dupont.
Duelling Team
Other duellists Meenauh met while being on the Duelling Team.
Allister-Jameson MacAllister, Calanthe Choi, Ruka Burnett-Tan, Eyre Reeves, Katrina Walker, Alec Mason, Rose Moon, Galton Lansdale, Zykeal Lane, Jackson Valentine, Everly Charlton, Elsa Veronica Bennet, Sylvie O'Niell, Adeline Hughes, Regina Miller, Pierre Marchonne, Kim Sato, Ivy Bellamy, Taizu Miyashiro, Lily Brown, Amaris Levine, Asher Blackjack, Estelle Nyx, Sere Nade.
People Meenauh randomly met just once or a few times.
Abigail Sparks, Oswald Vanigton, Euphrasia Millie, Lucian Grey, Brynlee Sage, Marla Quinlan, Saskia Nicholson, Ruby Cazares, Kyle DeRook, Isaac Ambrose, Lamik Fillestar, Alan Vanes, Emma Hill, Illowy Magnard, Scott Alexander, Margo White, Raine Sage, Catriona Staverly, Griseldis Edelhardt, Max Avery, Eris Fawley, Oliver Hart, Simon Belanger, Secret Penpal, Finlay VanCleaf, Evelynn Decipio, Flash Holmwood, Euphaustus Boppity, Jake Morris, Janet Jackson, May Moonstar, Ariana Walker, Nell Zoldak, Aida Ellwood, Breana Oliveire, Vladimir Athanatos, Rafael D'Espacito, Elena Jangleton, Dealla Prince, Howard White, Jane Victoria, Hugh Lowe, Jurgen Hess, Gideon Athanatos, Avorra Vaylen, Eun-Ji Lee Hunt, Regina Miller, Ashes Drowning, Adrianna Lightwood, Avorra Vaylen, Hanako Tone, Fang Hui-Ying, Raizel Voltrouz, Nicholas McCowan, Ava Winchect, Clark Baird, Leon Richardson, Argahlon Vexius.
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14 Sep 2019, 01:10
Meenauh Silmataurea ‣ Seventh Year ‣ Gryffindor
The Dreams
by Xailah Alptraum
Meenauh and Xailah (Daria edit)
by Xailah Alptraum
Meenauh, Xailah, Shrödinger, Pericles
by Xailah Alptraum
Meenauh casting
by Xailah Alptraum
Meenauh in 73 Questions
by Ami Procoppio
Meenauh and Xailah exchange letters with Pericles during the summer
by Xailah Alptraum
Meenauh, Pericles, Xailah and Shrödinger riding from Hogwarts
by Xailah Alptraum
Xailah, Meenauh, Pericles and the anti-social social club (Daria edit)
by Xailah Alptraum
Xailah, Meenauh, Pericles
by Xailah Alptraum
Xailah and Meenauh at one of the balls
by Xailah Alptraum
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