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PRIVACY POLICY is a volunteer independent website. It is entirely free, without advertising and without the collection of personal data. The only motivation of the authors is to see this a community animated by a common interest in the writing and the magic world of Harry Potter flourish.

For this reason the site limits the data collected to the strict minimum and does not share any data with any third party.

This site was designed in France and is hosted on a server located in France. The site's content is subject to French law.

Personal data

Your personal data (identity, password, telephone number, postal address...) will never be requested or stored. Only the data strictly necessary for the operation of the forum (mainly messages, owls, homework, profile elements, objects and preferences) are kept.

Your account is attached to an email address, which you can change your email address at any time. Password storage allows the site to send you a password if you have forgotten the previous one, to notify newcomers when their application has been accepted, and to contact you if you have any important information. Your address is not shared with any third party, nor with members, your email is only visible to administrators.

The server also logs your IP address when you view a page, post a message or an owl. Logging your IP address is particularly necessary for us to be able to provide your IP in the event of illegal content under French law (insults, defamation, incitement to racial hatred, violence, apology for crimes). IP logging is also necessary to detect double counts. We have no way of tracking your real identity from your IP address. It can only be consulted by the staff and will only be consulted if necessary.

Passwords are not stored on the server: only one secure digital fingerprint is registered, so it is impossible for even administrators to find your password.


When you log in the site automatically saves two cookies on your computer to allow the server to recognize you from page to page and the next time you visit. It is not used for any other function, cannot be read by any other site and can be deleted at any time by logging out of the site. No tracking cookies (advertising, statistics...) are used.

You can also refuse (with your browser settings) to accept this cookie, you will then have to re-enter your login details on each visit.


We do our best to ensure data security: the server and codes used are regularly updated, the pages are encrypted, and we apply good security practices as much as possible to date.


You have a right of access, rectification, opposition, deletion, portability and limitation of the processing of your personal data. It is possible to contact an administrator from any account activated here.

~ Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus ~