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Presentation is a website volunteer and independent. It is entirely free, without advertising and without collecting personal data. The only motivation of its authors is to see a community animated by a common interest in the writing and the magic world of Harry Potter flourish. No charge will be made for accessing additional content or having any benefit on the site.

Due to its nature, the site hosts minor users. For this reason, we take threats that may exist on the Internet against our users very seriously.

Registration protections

To register on the site, several steps are necessary to consistently filter new players: profile image, writing a story of at least 220 words and a back-to-school shopping experience inspired by Harry Potter books (which does not involve any real expense). These long steps are intended to protect site members from malicious individuals.

All accounts are then manually validated by a site volunteer. A user whose account is not validated has no opportunity to interact with site members.

Protections on the site

We are committed to protecting all members, whether minors or not, and to ensuring that they feel safe on the site.

Anything that amounts to harassment, whether it involves inappropriate comments by private message on or off the site, insults, racist, homophobic, sexual, repetitive mockery or any other element that could cause discomfort, is strongly sanctioned and leads to a permanent ban on the user in question, without notice. Images or texts that could offend the sensibilities of younger children are prohibited and immediately deleted.

It is possible to contact an administrator from any account activated here.

~ Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus ~