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27 Apr 2018, 22:18
Forest Exploration  PV Slytherin & Ravenclaw   Cl 
 This thread is specifically for those in Slytherin and Ravenclaw who have signed up to take part in this adventure. If your name is not on the post here or here, then you'll have to sign up before posting in this thread. Do not fret though! Applying to take place in this event is never rejected, even once we have already begun. If you are not Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or invited, then your post may be deleted.

 1. Always follows the site's rules and regulations. This is an rpg topic, meaning I will not tolerate less than two hundred words. If you'd like to roleplay under two hundred words for this event, we've had a preparation thread posted for a day or two now from the time of this post (for Slytherin, anyways). It is recommended to visit there before here anyways, to have your adventure start from the very beginning of things. That way, you're not just jumping in randomly, you've been there from the start.

2. Even though this is in the Grounds, it is safe to assume that it is in the Forbidden Forest. If students had access to that area, then I would have posted it there, but for now it will have to stay here instead. Make sure to always take notice of the setting descriptions, as they will change as the event goes on and we venture further into the forest. They will continuously be a key part of this.

3. Always follow the moderator's (Sergei or my) posts. We will be using moderator options, such as rolling and writing out fates dependent on these rolls, as time goes on. If you do not pay attention to our posts, then the purpose of this adventure is ruined. 

4. Do not post more than once inbetween moderator posts. Always wait for both Leonie and Sergei to post before going ahead and posting your reply to what happened, as all the information will be in those two posts.

5.  Please attach your stats to your first post, actions will be rolled.


 After having gathered in the Common Rooms, the Head of Slytherin and the Head of Ravenclaw lead their groups of students from the respective floors to the ground floor, and continued on out of the large, grand doors to the grounds of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Down the gravel path and to the edge of the Forbidden Forest, a little ways away from the charred bits from the Hufflepuff campout, the two houses stood. The forest beckoned them to enter, the dark and ominous lure of it all too tempting to resist, almost. The sky was blanketed by clouds, varying from white to a light shade of grey, or colors in between the two shades. Some were saying how it might not be the best day to go adventuring, there was a chance of rain! Who would want to get wet? The grass was already slick from a previous rainfall, and the fact that the forest floor was shielded from the rain for the most part didn't make it so that there was no mud, either. This was going to be rough terrain.

Slytherin House, Ravenclaw House.


 Having the whole of Ravenclaw was a surprise for the Slytherins. The Head of House had said nothing regarding their arrival, only that of Professor Yornikovych. And she hadn't lied; the man currently stood next to her. She had long since left the clipboard from the role call behind, and she was sure that everyone from her house was in attendance. No one would want to miss this - at least, she thought so. 

 The woman was dressed strictly in black, as per usual. Her robes, her pants, her top, and even the thin strand of velvety fabric wrapped around her throat was black. She didn't like color - the only things colorful about her were her hair, her single blue eye, and the red at the tip of her nose that had come as a consequence of standing in the brisk wind. The forest was bound to be at least a little warmer. She turned to Sergei before addressing the whole of the students, "Is everyone from your list here?" She asked, her tongue jutting out to wet her lips. They were going to get chapped at this rate, but her carelessness regarding that fact was evident.

 Once she had received her answer, she turned her attention back to the herd of first years. They were chatting amongst themselves, but that wasn't anything Leonie wasn't able to stop. "Quiet!" She ordered - and sure enough, things settled down. She kept still in her place until everything was silent, except for the rustle of leaves in the trees behind the two professors.

 "This expedition we are about to take will take the entirety of the day. Yes, there will be a few breaks. No, we will not be going back to the school until the end of the adventure, unless necessary." She began with, trying to get straight to the point so that they could head off into the forest. "You will each have to pick a partner to stay with in case you get lost. Once everyone is partnered up, we can go. Do you have anything to add on, Yornikovych?" She asked, looking to the other professor that was next to her. She wasn't sure if she covered everything - and if she hadn't, she was sure Sergei would be able to catch it.

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28 Apr 2018, 11:41
Forest Exploration  PV Slytherin & Ravenclaw   Cl 
A flatcap sat on his head, torn at the edges of the brim but still somehow fashionably acceptable. But he wasn't here to look nice, in fact he looked more like a simple farmer if anything. It would be a life if he didn't say he was tired, he often had papers to grade and some were lengthy. Sergei stood beside Leonie and let her speak to her students. He did a mental headcount of all of his own students, his dark brown eyes doing a scan of each of the Ravenclaws. 

A few mutters came from him, slowly identifying his students that he quite frankly just took head of. Both Heads were fairly new to their post, but it seemed that Leonie might have caught up faster than he had. It was hard to pin names to their faces, especially when many of them seemed to be hunched over books. Nonetheless, he found it to be a respectable house with fine students - as were the Slytherins, in their own way. His hand pulled the cap from his head, his hair slightly tousled by the movement as Leonie finished. He wrinkled his nose as he silently nodded in response. 

"Make sure to check your bags, it is not an expedition but it is better to be safe than sorry. Adequate water and whatever you may need to keep you going is important. Nonetheless, this will be a learning experience for all of you. Pay attention to Scheinberg and I, please listen to our instructions. If any of you do no have partners, make sure to stay near me and all should be fine." There was an inkling feeling that he might have to grab a few by their collars in order for them not to run off. 

However, he put his best faith in the young students and tried not to let his sour demeanor from Dumstrang get the best of him. What might strike the Slytherins curious was why his own students where here. It was a discussion he had with Leonie before regarding the structure that Durmstrang had. While he was not about ready to teach the young ones how to cast a curse, he wanted to see how well two different houses could work together. 

Sergei did not understand the division so clearly yet, but he wasn't going to cry foul against the system. It has worked for centuries and it didn't paint him red about it. "If you are in trouble, tell us. If you find yourself sick somehow, tell us. If you wish to go back, tell us. Do not wait till you are ready to take a nap on the ground, the Forbidden Forest is not a place for that." He was sure that his own professor back in Durmstrang would have told them the opposite, steely resolve seemed to be a chanted mantra. 

In fact, he was sure that he has told Leonie to simply 'deal with it' at some point. Did he intend to put his students in danger? No, in fact he hoped that there wouldn't be anything to confront them. But life didn't always work that way. On a fundamental level, this was a large lesson for Leonie's class. He was a transfiguration professor and the most he'd ever pull from his field was to turn into a black bear. 

But again, Sergei wanted this to go smoothly without a headache to spare him. "You lead the young ones, I will simply stay in the back." he mused, his hand came up to rub his brow. It was odd to work alongside one of his old students to see that she had her own. 

OOC: Make sure to post your stats, just a reminder. 

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28 Apr 2018, 21:34
Forest Exploration  PV Slytherin & Ravenclaw   Cl 
Kyden was excited for this adventure. He had always wanted to explore the Forbidden Forest. However not enough to try and sneak in. He wasn't a fool, he knew it was a dangerous place. He was actually a bit skeptical even on what made the 2 professors decided to take a group of kids on an exploration through the forest. The ratio of students to professor was pretty high.

He looked around at all the students trying to figure out who they wanted to be paired up with. Kyden, however, wanted to broaden his horizon of friends and acquaintances. He decided to do this instead of pairing up with a Slytherin he would pair up with a Ravenclaw. He had an encountered a few of them that seemed pretty nice. However he didn't know any of them to the extent that he could expect they would want to be paired up with him.

He took a deep breath and looked around. Being as small as he was people often tended to overlook and underestimate him. He opened his mouth and spoke loudly,  not quite yelling but close enough to it. "Any Ravenclaw Want To Partner With Me?" He looked around to wait and see if anybody would take him up on that offer. 

ACTION: wait for a Ravenclaw to pair with

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28 Apr 2018, 22:00
Forest Exploration  PV Slytherin & Ravenclaw   Cl 
Phaedra was very much excited for a journey into the Dark Forest. She had been eyeing the place since she arrived in Hogwarts, but even she knew sneaking into there would be sure death - if not by the creatures in the forest, it would be by her parents were they to receive word of her likely expulsion. When she saw the bulletin board in the Ravenclaw Common Room, she immediately sent an owl to her parents for their permission. She would be safe around two powerful professors, she assured them.

She dressed appropriate for the occasion; dark pants, a long sleeve black shirt, and a pair of black trainers. There was a sweater around her waist, and she was glad she thought to bring it because it was starting to get a bit windy. She carried a small backpack with a metal water canister and some snacks she had saved from the Great Hall. Her wand was securely held in the pocket.

She looked around for a partner. As much as she respected her Head of House and Professor Scheinberg, the girl was independent and didn't like being watched after so closely by an adult if she could help it. There were no house mates on this trip that she had really befriended, but was about to go and ask one anyway until a young Slytherin boy spoke up, "Any Ravenclaw want to partner with me?"

She had seen the boy around and knew he was a prefect and also played Quidditch for Slytherin - that was good enough for her. Maybe having a mutual love for Quidditch would be a great way to break the ice. She squeezed past the huddle of Ravenclaws and walked up to the short boy.

"Hi," she said to him, adjusting the straps of her backpack, "We can partner up, if you'd like. My name's Phaedra Stavrou. It's Kyden... right?" She smiled.
ACTION: Ask to pair up with Kyden Goodlow.
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29 Apr 2018, 06:09
Forest Exploration  PV Slytherin & Ravenclaw   Cl 

Stamina: 3
Agility: 8
Strength: 4
Control: 3
ArcPower: 4
Accuracy: 8

An exploration was about to begin, and the young ravenclaw was staring at the forest. Honestly, he couldn't care less about going in there. His home had been in a magical, dangerous, vile swamp. Nothing here would touch him. The mists that shrouded his home moved here as well, he could hide in them and be safe. He had gone to the outskirts of the woods a couple times on little errands. He was here because there had been whispers of defensive spells. Defensive spells that he wanted to learn. Wanted to master. He still had no idea how he was supposed to deflect a spell, and so far his plan consisted of dodging and then retaliating with a slingshot. If at all possible, Kaegen was going to try and use his wand more, and his tool less. If he wanted to progress at all he had to, it was essential. Crutches were fine for walking, but if you wanted to run you had to use your legs. His eyes darted back and forth, never stopping their speedy movement. He was hoping to be the odd one out. People were noisy, and you had to watch your back constantly if someone was close. But who knew? Maybe he would get lucky and be allowed to go solo.
ACTION: Look around carefully

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29 Apr 2018, 20:53
Forest Exploration  PV Slytherin & Ravenclaw   Cl 
Ava walked out of the castle with the other Slytherins with her bag in her hand, ready to take some awesome photos. She loved the concept of an adventure and the possibilities were endless. As they gathered on the grounds, she could see there certainly were more people than there were in the Slytherin common room. As her head of the house announced, professor Yornikovych was joining them and she was not really surprised by that, professor Scheinberg told them about that, but that still did not explain why there were so many students gathered on the castle's grounds. 

Ava quickly realized what was happening - the Slytherin house was not alone on the grounds - it was joined by a bunch of Ravenclaws. "Wh-what?" she whispered. It was a complete surprise for the girl. Did she miss any announcement telling about this? Was this planned and she was the only one that did not know about this? Ava started getting a bit confused. Did the Ravenclaws know that they will be joined by the Slytherin house? It all made up so many questions which did not have answers, at least for now. 

Well, there's nothing I can do... she shrugged and looked around.

Stamina: 3
Agility: 3
Strength: 5
Control: 5
Arceus Power: 8
Accuracy: 7
Action: Wait for a Ravenclaw to pair up with.
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29 Apr 2018, 22:58
Forest Exploration  PV Slytherin & Ravenclaw   Cl 
The outside was eerie and cloudy. It almost felt as though no one should be outside, but yet, the entire Slytherin and Ravenclaw houses who had permission from their parents were outside, ready to go on an adventure. Why her father signed the permission form was beyond her. When Bloom heard that it was an adventure exploring the forest, her eyes widened. Didn't they tell us the forest was forbidden? she asked herself, trying to find the right memory in her mind as to when they were told of how dangerous the forest was.

She would have felt safe if there were perhaps more adults that were accompanying them. All they had were the two head of houses. Professor Scheinberg was leading the front and her Head of House, Professor Yornikovych was hurdling the back, ensuring that no one was left straggling to catch up. Looking around, there was no sight of Ben. Being with him for so long, she often forgot about her own identity. She felt scared and alone, although she had many others that could keep her company. This was not a trait she thought she could develop by being with someone -- it definitely kept her off-guard.

Bloom heeded to the words of her professor and decided that it was safer for her to be by him than it would be by any other student. Her mind kept repeating her last experience on the grounds with the acromantula, and she did not need another night like that one because of her curiosity. She looked around her, her almond-shaped chocolate eyes, trying to find Ben, but again, he was still nowhere to be found.

Turning around, she made her way towards Professor Yornikovych. She tapped his arm to get his attention. "Can I stay with you, professor?" the eleven-year-old asked, trying to find a sense of security with an authoritative figure. Perhaps when they enter the forest and play around for a bit longer, she would feel more comfortable to branch out and explore. However, since the accident, her need for adventure had slowly diminished on the grounds.

Stamina: 6
Agility: 6
Strength: 3
Control: 5
ArcPower: 5
Accuracy: 5

ACTION: Goes to stand with Professor Yornikovych

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Forest Exploration  PV Slytherin & Ravenclaw   Cl 
Stamina: 4
Agility: 5
Strength: 4
Control: 7
ArcPower: 4
Accuracy: 6

Cel stared at the misty Scotland sky, at the cryptic fog surrounding the Forbidden Forest. Her eyes still felt sleepy and disoriented from reading, and her head still whirled from the events of the book, trying to come up with possible plot endings and trying to listen to Professor Scheinberg and Professor Yornikovych, all at the same time.
She'd almost skipped the expedition to finish a book series or to linger a bit longer on her transfiguration homework, but she had been walking by the bulletin board from her way to the Owlery and noticed the permission slips pinned there. She had taken one and sent it to Oxford. Cel knew herself that she probably needed to exercise, as she found herself feeling rather lethargic for no reason, especially after leaving her classes. Besides, the smell of stone and light of torches was kind of getting to her-- she needed some fresh air... and some excitement.
The Forbidden Forest. She assumed the word 'forbidden' was in its name for a reason. A better name might have been the Do-Not-Enter-Without-Explicit-Permission Forest. Nevertheless, Cel was reasonably sure that the trip wouldn't be boring. Not as boring as Astronomy homework, at the very least... which she really needed to finish soon.
Her thoughts dimmed as she caught a sentence Professor Scheinberg uttered.
Partner up?
Oh, great--even more social interaction.
She took to scouring the edge of the forest, at least what she could see, as she waited. There was no way she would directly ask someone to be her partner-- and if someone asked her... hopefully it would be a Ravenclaw, or at least someone she'd actually seen before. It seemed to be a cold day, but her attention was focused less on the weather and more on what might be hidden in the woods. Magical creatures? Magical plants? More mist?
That last one was probably ineluctable.
Action: Wait for a partner (preferably Ravenclaw)
30 Apr 2018, 14:15
Forest Exploration  PV Slytherin & Ravenclaw   Cl 
Lucien listened to each of the instructions carefully before looking towards the forest. He had absolutely no plans whatsoever to even try to wander off in it. He wasn't scared of it however, he was more scared of what could be in it. The students had been instructed to partner up. The raven haired boy didn't really know anyone to actually partner up with. He assumed they couldn't partner up with family members. After all, his sister was most likely trouble for him anyway. If his cousin was even there, she would most likely trip, fall in something, and something bad could happen. And if she did fall Lucien knew he would have to stand there deciding against whether he should help her up but risk getting germs or just leave her to get up herself. Lucien decided against partnering up with either family member. Being as shy as he was he had no plans to actually ask anyone if they wanted to partner up. He wasn't very fond of people or confrontation. He did have a large book in his hand that he had planned to use. It was a book about herbology, magical plants and their effects. He planned on making annotations or checking off ones he saw on his journey. He liked the fresh air outside. It reminded him of his house, the pretty sky, the forest behind his house, well, it was more of 100 trees than a full fledged forest. At that the trees at his house didn't have creatures lurking about in them. He stood silently waiting for partner.

Accuracy: 5
Agility: 5
Arcane Power: 6
Control: 6
Stamina: 4
Strength: 4

ACTION: Wait for a partner

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30 Apr 2018, 15:39
Forest Exploration  PV Slytherin & Ravenclaw   Cl 
Marcus blinked upon seeing the Ravenclaws with them for this...adventure 'Well well well...should of known' he thought to himself as he listened to the professors "Least I have dragon hide for these kind of moments" he muttered, putting his dragon hide cloak around himself as he looked around with a slight frown , shouldering his bag with featherlight and limitless charms on it "I don't think anyone bought their supplies with the ideal charms" He once again muttered to himself then proceeded to stand to the side and wait for someone to partner up with him, he isn't going to beg to be someone's partner bah, He is a De Wynter, The pride of Italy and the Americas.

Shaking his head clear of those thoughts he just waited bending down to readjust his dragon hide boots then stood back up and proceeded to once again wait.

Deciding to take his time he begins to whistle a soft tune, casually eyeing the Ravenclaws as well as those from his own house nonchalantly as he continues his whistling noticing a few from his house forming up with Ravenclaws, he nods 'Good idea' he thought sliding a hand through his silky black locks

Stamina: 4

Strength: 2

Agility: 6

Arcane Power: 7

Control: 6

Accuracy: 5

Is Waiting until someone comes to him to partner up, preferably Ravenclaw..gotta branch out with my network sooner or later

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