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A pile of papers in the arms of the women wearing a red cloak that caresses the ground begins to be manually passed out at each seat in her classroom. Every seat had a "Frequently Asked Questions" paper that included all information about her new activity for second years: Model United Nations of Hogwarts.

To Maya, this was a big deal. Many muggle-based schools had a Model UN of their own where students learn the politics around the world, how to judge others humanity with ethics and without bias and more. It was truly a strategy that Maya believed would be a lovely addition to Hogwarts, let alone, the Wizarding World. Typically, the Wizarding World had their own political views through the Ministry of Magic in England as well as MACUSA in the United States. It was time for students of Hogwarts to get a taste of Muggle Studies and what better than through the system.

As students walked into the classroom, Maya directed them to open seats where the papers lay waiting. With no words, students are asked to read the FAQ page and sign up at the bottom of the worksheet, handing it into Maya that they would like to join Hogwarts first Model UN.
<< F.A.Q. >>

What is Model UN?
Model UN is an opportunity for wizards to assimilate the international magical cooperation which enables the wizarding community to thrive and coexist with muggle society. This program will be an opportunity for wizards to practice their diplomacy, communication and public speaking in an educational and fun environment.
What are the requirements for Model UN of Hogwarts?
- Students must be in their second year to participate in this errand.
- Students must be have an open mind and want to study and research muggle politics around the world.
- Students must be willing to write a total of 1,000 words within the span of three posts.
What is the time limit?
There are a total of three parts to this errand. Each part has their own individual time limit:
Sign ups: Until February 28th 2019
Part I: March 9th - March 16th
Part II: March 17th - March 24th
Part III: March 25th - April 5th
What will each part entail?
Each part will be equivalent to one post. All posts must accumulate to 1,000 words to count as participation of the errand.

Sign Up: Choose one country that you want to represent.
Part I: Information on country and their muggle politics on the issue at hand. (Informative post.)
Part II: Choose one other country to debate against or agree for. (Informative and RPG post.)
Part III: Taking into consideration all countries and their political views and deciding which seems more humane to place in our bill as the Model UN of Hogwarts. (RPG post.)
What countries are we able to represent?
You can only represent one country. The countries that are available to be represented are the following:
Australia | Brazil | China | Dominican Republic | Egypt | France | Germany | Haiti | India | Israel | Japan | Korea (South) | Mexico | Norway | Panama | Russia | Spain | Taiwan | USA | Vietnam | Zimbabwe
How many people can sign up?
Sign up quickly as there are only 20 spots total!
Will there be a reward for participating?
Yes, there will be a reward of 5 housepoints and 1 item per each participant who fulfills the requirements.
Maya, standing in the front of the room waited for those to sign their name and turn in their papers. She also waited for those who had questions to be able to ask them as well. She wanted to be sure that those who are interested had enough information so that they may participate efficiently.

"Questions? Feel free to ask. If you choose to sign up, please fill out the form on the bottom of the FAQ sheet," she said in the end, giving some sort of verbal instructions.
Post any questions you may have below in RPG format.

Please owl Maya Galim with the following information below to sign up for this errand:
Choose a Country to Represent:

Stamina: 11 || Evasion: 7 || Strength: 7 || Wisdom: 20 || ArcPower: 15 || Accuracy: 10