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Goblin' It Up  Errand 

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Errand Date : October 30th 2020 - 7PM ・○・ Main Errand Information
October brought with it more than just cold weather and looming midterms but the promise of children being sugared up and set forth in groups of princesses and demons to adventure the halls in search of adventure. Trick-or-Treating had been something that many Muggleborn students were all too familiar with. The excitement and stories had filtered along to those that maybe were not as aware of this tradition within the magical world. While there were no neighborhoods to wander the streets of, walking up and greeting neighbors to ask for those sugary delights. There were Professors that wanted to make the castle feel the same, filled with the same joy and excitement of being able to get sugary treats for free. The professors and staff had been planning to make up for their lack of being able to go out on the town and trick or treat by setting up locations within the castle itself for the students to take advantage of.

By mid October students would see posters placed around and an announcement during one of the dinner feasts about hosting a Trick-or-Treat event on Halloween night. Costumes were welcomed but not required and of course students could bring either a pillowcase or some sort of container for their candy. It was sure to be a night of destressing from the looming responsibilities of school. At every location there was some sort of candy receptacle, and a label for how much was allowed to be taken from it.
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The Muggle Studies had of course, some muggle treats. In a giant pumpkin carved out with a beautiful smiling face. It was filled to the brim with candies that would be immediately recognizable to muggles, but those who had grown up without knowing about muggle things might be a bit confused. There were Hershey kisses wrapped up in foil with decorations of spiderwebs, ghosts and bats. Boxes of varieties of flavored nerds. Packets of candy corn. As well as the ever familiar, forever stale, popcorn balls. To some purebloods who had never encountered them they may seem like a delightful treat. Most muggle-borns knew to stay far away from them. If someone were to take more than one popcorn ball, two packets of candy corn, two boxes of nerds, and five Hershey’s kisses, they would begin to slap themselves silly until they reached the ballroom for assistance from a professor in breaking the spell.

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Goblin' It Up  Errand 

In Piper's household, Halloween had been a lighthearted event with just her and her mother. It was a cozy occurrence whereupon just the two of them would curl up on the couch and watch a movie with popcorn and a lot of junk food. They would go to the store and purchase costumes to goof around in. Trick-or-treating was something Piper's mum, Eleanor, found exciting for her daughter, but as a personal preference Piper didn't like being around a ton of people in terrifying costumes at night. The candy may have been nice, but if she could just buy a big bag of it and eat it all herself at home, what was the point of walking around asking for it? Eleanor laughed at this but didn't push it any further. Occasionally, Piper's two cousins would come over too, but she didn't like when they did as much. It felt rather intrusive, though her cousin Lydia was one of the only people around her age she liked talking to.

Piper felt a bit stressed as midterms approached, but Halloween was coming up. It seemed to be quite an event here at Hogwarts. Now that there was actual magic involved, she was sure she would either love it or hate it. The sweets had to be glorious. The one thing Piper did see as a bonus was that in costume she could be unrecognizable! Nobody would bother her as she went about her evening. Then again, as Piper saw friends chatter about their matching costumes or their trick-or-treating routes, she started to wonder. Am I missing anything? She refused to think about it further. This was a fun night, and nothing (people or thoughts) was going to stop her from enjoying it.

In the end, Piper ended up owling her mother for ideas. Eleanor promised to match her and send something. As promised, the costume arrived on the 25th of October with a Muggle picture of Eleanor's corresponding outfit. Piper's huntress costume was perfect. While there wasn't a mask and she wasn't unrecognizable per se, there was a hood she could hide in if needed, and those were her favorite. Eleanor was dressed in a beautiful emerald-green scaly skirt, a black shirt, and gorgeous wings. Piper sighed. There wouldn't be a movie at her house this year, but at least there was one here. She wondered what that would be like.

Now, on Halloween night, Piper decided that the first stop was going to be Muggle Studies. This was probably going to have the candy she was used to and loved. As she walked through the corridor past students of all years and costumes to the first floor, she immediately recognized a Muggle jack-o-lantern. It was huge, and contained all the sweets Piper had grown up with.

Hershey's kisses, nerds, candy corn, and popcorn balls filled the pumpkin to the brim. Putting her fake bow and arrow on her belt, Piper eagerly grabbed four kisses, a box of nerds, and a popcorn ball. She didn't like candy corn. She took the foil off of one of the kisses and popped it into her mouth. The sweet hershey's chocolate flooded her taste buds. A few other students were there as well. They looked at the food skeptically. "This is what Muggles eat?" Piper nodded. "Try it!" she told them, stepping away. Where would she go next? This was turning out to be a quite fun activity!
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Eleanor's outfit:

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Seeing the giant carved pumpkin brought a smile to Andrew's own face, as well as warm feelings of home - finally, something familiar - in recognizing the Muggle brands of candy. His gray-blue eyes peered brightly behind the Batman mask (recycled from the last Ball and five Halloweens prior) that partially concealed the front of his face. He had donned himself entirely in black - a long-sleeved collared shirt, trousers, and shoes - dress clothes fit for a party, yet synced with his Dark Knight costume, complete with a matching floor-length cape for dramatic flair. In one arm, he carried his pet rat Penelope, who wore a pair of cut-out bat wings attached to a tiny black sweater. His little batarang, "batarat", Andrew called her. In his other hand, he held a black cloth bag to stuff his candy in, already bulging from previous locations visited.

For funsies, he set Penelope down and let her carry her own mini black cauldron over the dispensing bowl - the giant carved pumpkin that brought out a smile of his own as Andrew reached in to take his allotted amount, wishing he could trade his Nerds, candy corn, and popcorn ball for more Hershey's Kisses (being the huge chocolate lover he was - he didn't care what anyone said about Hershey's - the addictive cheap stuff tasted best to him). Right away, he unwrapped the foil from one of the Kisses and popped the dollop of chocolate into his mouth, resisting the urge to chew and devour it immediately, but kept it warm on his tongue, sucking the flavor and relishing it for the journey ahead. A single candy corn and piece of popcorn were squeezed into Penelope's cauldron bucket - her own little share for her to nibble on later - which Andrew would pry from the rat's mouth and place back inside his bag to avoid temptation, lifting Penelope onto his arm again as the two moved away and continued onwards.

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Sarah found herself wandering the halls with her bendy quill in hand. She was studying it carefully, giggling to herself at the way it felt in her hands. It was strange, and she was certain she'd enjoy writing her next essay with it. After leaving the library, she'd been aiming for Charms, but her subconscious had clearly been telling her differently as she found herself in front of the Muggle Studies classroom. Away with the fairies, you are child. Her aunt's voice rang through her head and made Sarah smile at the thought of the woman. That was practically her catchphrase when it came to Sarah. She supposed it had been true this time, her mind too far gone to realise where she'd been walking. Still, she was more than excited to wind up here.

She was fascinated with all things muggle - something having sprouted from her father's distinct hatred for them and disallowance to visit the muggle world. She knew that there were many treats and sweets which were present in both the muggle and Wizarding world, like sherbet lemons. But she also knew that there were sweets only found in muggle stores and she was more than excited to try some for herself. The large pumpkin immediately caught her attention. It was yet another tradition that Sarah had never experienced, and she found herself cursing her father - for what felt like the thousandth time - for not allowing her to celebrate Halloween. Or rather anything which involved actual fun. She shook her head, desperate not to think about him tonight when she was supposed to be having the time of her life. He's not going to ruin today for me. She was resolute in her thought.

She approached the carved pumpkin with an excitement akin to the first time she'd ridden a broom. Her usually sharp features which did little but intimidate those who didn't know her had morphed into a wide grin. Her costume was inspired by the Joker, something one of her muggle-born friends had told her would be appropriate with her choice of hair colour. She'd jumped at the opportunity to dress up as something from the muggle world. From what little her friend had told her, she knew he was a crazed madman and that her wide grin likely resembled him quite accurately. She looked inside the pumpkin with curious eyes which darted from treat to treat. She quickly read the sign, telling her what she could take - one popcorn ball, two packets of candy corn, two boxes of nerds, and five Hershey’s kisses. She hadn't a clue what any of those things were, something which only made her more desperate to try them. She reached in and grabbed the sweets, managing to deduce what each piece was through reading the labels and process of elimination.

"Wow," She muttered to herself, placing the treats into her black pillowcase one at a time. When it came to the final treat, a ball of popcorn stuck together by what looked like marshmallow, she paused. "Muggles are so inventive," She thought aloud, and went to take a bite. The initial taste was interesting, not one Sarah was familiar with, but not unpleasant. But, as she started to chew on the treat, she felt her face contort into mild disgust, swallowing forcefully to finish it. "But they clearly have no taste buds," She said with a frown, before glancing back at the table and the offending popcorn balls, glaring at them as if they'd spontaneously implode. She caught herself after a second, laughing at her display of hatred towards a snack. It was rather stupid, though not uncalled for. "I suppose that would come under the trick part of treat-or-treat," She mused.
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Dan truly had no idea why Andy wanted to stop in on Muggle Studies. He knew fully well that there would just be muggle candy here. Things he could easily buy outside of here. He sighed. He was pretty sure @Andrew Vance was just wanting to go everywhere; Dan himself was going to as well. But he seemed especially excited to come here.
Being raised in the muggle world for most of his life, despite being a Pureblood, Dan was well acquainted with Hersheys and candy corn, along with the popcorn balls.
He groaned internally.
Familiarity was BOOOORING! But, he got to pick where the next spot to go was, and he already had it in mind. So if Andy wanted to get the cheap, mass-produced, additive-filled Hershey's Kisses, then fine.

Dan naturally wasn't going to pass up these himself. Though candy corn was in a bit of a weird place with him. It was something he liked, and absolutely despised. He liked the taste fine. But he was also a texture eater. And the waxy texture of candy corn made Dan think he was eating a crayon. But he also loved Hershey's despite knowing how awful it is to eat. But, he truly wished they had brought in Pop Rocks or something instead of candy corn. THAT would freak some wizard kids out.
Dan made a mental note to do that later.

Dressed in the same outfit he wore at the Masquerade Ball,

Complete with the mask,

But without the shoes, as Dan was as barefooted as always. And, though he looked younger than him, Persona 5's Joker was a scarily close look-alike to himself.

But naturally, there was also his kitty, Loki. He, of course, had to be dressed up as well, and so, he was going as Joker's own furry buddy, Morgana.

Dan had ordered this pet costume for Loki with VERY exact specifications, and BOY did they come through. Loki was ADORABLE!
He was perched on Dan's shoulder, presently. He WAS walking alongside him, but all the other people around made him uncomfortable,so he sought refuge on his master's shoulder. Occasionally, he would rub his own face against Dan's and lick him.
There simply was no cuter kitty in the world.

Dan set Loki down to do some exploring, and to trick or treat himself, as Dan had hidden some treats of his own in other rooms prior to the event starting. While Dan filled his own black sack with what was offered, Loki sniffed about the room, finding turkey chews. Dan's bag even had the Phantom Thieves logo on it for continuity's sake.

When Andy was ready to go, as was he, Loki came back and leapt up to his perch. Dan immediately opened a box of Nerds and started going to town. Those were some of his favorites, after all.
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Barret skipped along to the next location with glee and a grin. Her costume was starting to grow uncomfortable the longer she was inside the costume. The scaly coils were growing hot, sweaty, and sticky. She sighs, hoping she could find water soon. Her face paint was also starting to grow itchy, she was tempted to peel the face paint off. How far was she willing to go for the look?
She started this.. Now she had to continue it. She was not going to give up! She walked forwards to the big bowl. The shimmering foil of the candies were like gems to her. She carried along her faded pillow case along to obtain the treasure. She picks one up, something chocolate.. Her mission aside from looking creepy was to gather as much chocolate as she could. Sucks that I can't get more... She thinks with disappointment.
Once again she was tempted to take a handful of candy, after all why not? There's a large amount of candy, so others would still have enough candy if she took more? But then she remembered.. One night when she had taken her younger siblings trick or treating. At first she hadn't wanted to take her siblings trick or treating.. She had wanted to to go trick or treating with her friends like everyone else...
However she understood why. Her mother was busy working that night.. Her refusing would take something that was so vital to childhood away from them. Alas she could not do it.
Of course they had run into the same confliction that she was having at this current moment. They had approached a house with a full bowl where they had the full opportunity to take it all or at least most of it. Barret told them not to because 'if they're kind enough to put out candy for you, you may as well respect their rules' She had to follow her own advice.
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Halloween, something that wasn't exactly foreign too Adlai. She knew what happened and why it was celebrated but she never got to take part in it. Her mother wasn't very keen on celebrating it, she said it was outrageous and a cavity inducing rave, and thus on Halloween night the Rod family would stay cooped up inside their little home and pass out candy to the kind children who came by.

Adlai and her sisters had always envied the children who ran up and down the sidewalks with pillow cases full of candy and dressed in cheap costumes. Several times before she had begged her father, who had indeed grown up celebrating the night of fun and terror, to convince their mother to allow them to go out with their school mates. But all was for not, her father followed her mothers rules like it was the law.

However, here at Hogwarts the school of witchcraft and wizardry, there was no one to tell her what she could and could not do within good reason. On top of that, from what she knew, there was no one to snitch on her to her parents either.
She didn't remember exactly how she found out about this event but she didn't care, at the moment she was dressed as a minion from Despicable Me had a sour watermelon lollipop in her mouth with a small bag of candies (that would be gone by the end of the week) that were exactly like the ones she would have gotten if her parents would have allowed her to go trick' or treating at home.

How she hoped one day her sisters would be able to experience the joys of being given candy from strangers while dressed in a half handedly made costume while staying up far past ones curfew.
Adlai's Costume!

@Hanako Tone
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Hana's Costume
So….Hana may or may not have been a bit too disagreeable with the trick-o-treating event that Percival has went with another. No biggie. No problem at all. He can do what he wants and Hana is the same. And what he wants, is to have a good nice sleep.


And so the little Japanese boy got up in his silk pajamas, covered his whole head with his trusted friend Paper Bag Chan, and strode out of the Severus Snape dormitories. It was a last-minute decision to create such an...uncomfrotable headwear like Paper Bag Chan, but he felt embarrassed if he bumped into Percival and his friend despite his prior insults about how trick-or-treating were for kids. No, not the fact he was walking around in an unnerving paper bag in his nighties just to ease his possessive trait, gracing passersby with his unmovable frown and weird gills for cheekbones. Being caught as a hypocrite seemed much more scarier to the boy.

His first stop was the muggle studies room. It was an elective he has not taken but he knew Percival would probably be interested in some muggle treats. With the way he reacted to the last shopping trip he had, Hanako would’ve guessed he would scout this place first.

Unfortunately, he guessed wrong. The target was not here, unfortunately. At least, not yet? Should he wait? There was only another girl here anyway. Perhaps...this costume was made a bit too quick? Though the tiny pep holes Paper Bag Chan allows him, he glanced at the girls silly costume. A minion? Okay, so he wasn’t the only person who just threw on whatever they had in the closet. That seemed to ease his heart just a little. Maybe it was from the brisk walk or how blinded he was from jealousy, he felt like on the verge of collapsing. He really needed to work on his stamina.

It then occurred to him out of the blue that there was no way he would successfully stalk keep an eye on someone if he were alone and in such a..questionable costume. He needed a partner. Knowing only one other person in this room, was there really any other choice?

Determination not showing on his face due to his gigantic mask, he strode to the minion girl and opened his mouth- before closing it again. He did not know how to talk to people. Nicely- at least. How could he convince her he needed her help? They don’t even know their names? He was fairly sure this girl was a 1st year considering he had never seen her. ( No, he’s just really ignorant ). Dee had been teaching him some basic words but suddenly being forced in a situation to use them froze him in his tracks.

Didn’t Dee say compliment their costume? But it looks like a child helped her with it? Isn’t lying bad? Clear confusion laced in his tone, he said :

Uh.. you …. don't look like a kid helped you with that costume? “

He choose a lie.

Despite it being a lie, it sounded like a question, unsure as if he was scared his next word would scare her off. If it weren’t for the mask, his struggling face to avoid sounding arrogant was evident. But for now, there was only his tone for her to interpret.
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“’t look like a kid helped you with that costume?”
Adlai heard a squeaky voice say from behind her. When she turned around she was met with a face that had been drawn onto a paper bag. Not sure who was underneath the paper bag she smiled, her teeth lined with metal bares and brackets, as she spoke.

“Thank you? I like your costume too.”
It looked much for comfortable than hers since she had gaged that they were merely wearing pajamas which was a smart move in her opinion.
“What’s your name?” She asked them, wanting to know what to call her newly found paper faced acquaintance.

The sugar she had consumed within a small portion of time had already begun to go to her head. She was already a lot more hyper which only meant she’d feel horrible tomorrow morning. Was it possible to skip school, while at a boarding?

If it was she’d may need to take tomorrow off in order to calm whatever storm had been brewing in her stomach. And it would be tomorrow that she would see exactly why her mother disliked Halloween, but she would still think it was worth every bit of the horrible aftermath.
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Hana's Outfit
What? You have weird taste, lady “ The words slipped out of his mouth faster than his brain could process at her return of his..’ compliment’. Immediately, his hands covered the unmoving frown of his mask. An immediate reaction, showing he said something he was not supposed to. In a slight state of panic, instead of apologizing like Dee taught him to, he changed the conversation. “ Um- I mean.. So anyways yeah, my name, right? Um…” Apologising was something he clearly had to work on.

Hanako hesitated for a while. Was it good to reveal his identity to this girl? She didn’t seem like a typical Slytherin so surely she never met him, right? What if she had heard some rumors about him? He didn’t exactly have a pristine reputation. Will that affect her decision into helping him? No, he didn’t want that. A mission to find Percival was the top of his list. After whispering apologies to Dee, he said in an unsure tone:

“ … It’s umm..Papa...Papa...MacaroOoni?” Oh- he’d done it now. There was no way she believed him. They say lying can be concealed by a confident tone. And confidence is what Hana faked the best. “ Yes, My name “ with his newly confident tone, he stared at the girl through his unnerving mask and uttered, “ Is Papa MacaroOoni. Emphasis on the extra ‘O. Many people mistake that and it makes me sad’

Yea he’s going to hide and never see her again after this whole fiasco.

Enough about me. You can only grab one treat here, right? What if I tell you, you can get more? Not from this school, I mean. I’ll just order and send it over to you another day. Don’t want you to get in trouble and all. “ He sounded like he said that to reassure her but it was more of reassuring himself. ‘ Yes, I’m here talking to someone I won’t put in trouble’. A small reminder that he had changed. Or at least, was in the process of changing. “ I have access to more muggle candy if you’d like. Just be my trick-or-treat partner for the day. How about that? Sounds sweet enough for you~?” Hanako, unable to understand that people could stand being with him for more than 1 minute, decided it was better to subtly bribe the minion marshmallow girl.

He leaned in slightly closer, letting the girl have a full view of Paper Bag Chan, eager to find out her answer. “ Ah...right-” As if he suddenly remembered something important, he leaned away”. “Okay, lady what’s your- “ He coughed. Being nice...seriously how did people do this? This is harder than remembering every boring old wizard in history, honestly. Recalling Dee’s lesson, he ‘revamped’ his sentence in a slightly more pleasant tone. “ May I please get to know the wondrous name your parents gave you on the date of your birth? “ It sounded pleasant enough for him but to others, it may seem like it was laced with a hint of sarcasm. “ For a deal to be made, it’ll only be fair to know both of our names, right?”

It occurred to him that his name was now Papa MacaooOni and he died a bit inside.
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“Papa MacaroOoni?” She said, “that’s an interesting name, I’ve never heard anything like it. Is it ok if I call you Mac?” She asked being completely oblivious to their intentions.

They then began to go on about giving her candy. Adlai cocked a brow, “ thank you, but the offer was very nice. I’ll be your partner even without the extra candy, though I can’t say the same for some of the other kids here.” She then held out a piece of candy to Papa MacaroOoni. “Here, you haven’t had any yet, right?”

Adlai awkwardly smiled as Mac asked for her name is quite an odd way. Perhaps they had been home schooled and never had much social interaction before, she thought. “I’m Adlai, Adlai Rod.” She held out her hand to Mac, silently hoping they knew what a hand shake was.

She had met quite a lot of people, but no one as peculiar as Papa MacaroOoni. She didn’t mind it though, in its own strange way it was exiting to meet someone who was so...different. Perhaps that would give her a new outlook on the world around her and teach her a few new things.
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Hana's Outfit
When she looked puzzled by his made-up name, he felt his heart skip a beat- and not in a good way. Before he could pull out from bullcrappery about it being a family tradition to be named after famous pizza toppings- she seemed to...believe him? Behind the mask, Hana gave her an odd look, slightly dazed at the fact that she actually seemed to buy it. It was only when she suggested a nickname, did he come back to his senses. “ I..yES! absolutely. Mac is a nice name. Very nice name. “ his paper bag mimicked his excited nodding, failing to conceal his relief that he would not be called Papa MacaooOni in front of anyone. Nor does he have to utter that cursed word again.

While he was already plenty confused as to why his obvious lie was brought, his confusion only further deepened when she rejected his bribery? Was she joking? She didn’t look like she was. It was a great shame his costume had hidden any expression he could’ve had- or else the girl would have seen just how taken aback he was.

You….will ...spend time with me? But we don’t even know each other? I just knew your existence a minute ago? “ He couldn’t help but ask, still shocked over his rejection. He learned quite a bit from Dee, for sure. About how people didn’t always expect you to give them things in return? The concept still felt so foreign to the boy that he couldn’t help but be curious about the talking yellow minion marshmallow girl. He had only planned for this conversation to end the minute she accepted his bribery yet- he never thought that someone could reject him? Too immersed in his own thoughts, he accidentally shook Adlai’s outstretched hand, giving it a friendly shake out of habit.

Money, he could understand. He tried to do so with another student a year ago and that did not end well at all. But candy? What child would give up candy to hang out with him?

Her handing out an extra candy for him was the last straw. Tired of the questions swirling around his head, he showed a time-out gesture, choosing to ignore the candy she handed out to him“ A...wait wait wait- Time out-. Let me get this you….not want something from me? I’m not the best person to hang with though? Do you not want some sort of reward? I’ve been told I’m a pain in the neck so why not you just- get compensated for dealing with me? “
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Interacting with @Hanako Tone
Again, Adlai looked at the boy with confusion written all over her face.
"Why would I want anything from you? All you asked for was to be trick or treating partners. It's not something that requires payment, at least not in my book." The gears in her mind then began to turn, which was indeed dangerous.

What they've never had a real friend before and think bribery is the only way to make social connection?-She thought, only to brush the horrible notion off of her shoulders before speaking once again. "Your company is a reward in its self, so why I want anything else? Now come on, I hear the sweets astronomy is handing are great!" She said through her now green stained lips before skipping away down the corridor to the stairwell of the astronomy tower.

Adlai was indeed a hopeless child. This was thanks to the careful sheltering nature of her mother and father, without Adlai may have not been able to develop her outrageous and carefree personality. Strangely enough some (As in her Great Aunt, Margret Viktoria) may view it as an advantage against the many unseen evils that dwell round her.
Candy Taken: Popcorn Ball
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To say Xailah liked Muggle Studdies, was an understatement. Xailah loved muggle studies. Well, the muggle part of the class at least. She honestly cared little for the people discussed in lessons, but she found the No-Maj community to be incredibly fascinating nonetheless. The young pureblood had a love for muggle objects, especially those of the mechanical variety. Unfortunately she would not receiving any cool items, but she would be receiving candy. And not just any candy. Muggle candy. No tricks, hexes, or moving sweets. Just honest candy, in the form it was meant to be served in. Candy was a perfectly acceptable substitute for the lack of gadgets available for the taking.

Xailah did not don her attire from the Fall ball. The cat outfit had been abandoned, in the spirit of the movie that would be playing later, in the ballroom. She had decided the theme of her costume would be movie monsters; and had done a little research on a few, the night before. So now she stood outside of Muggle Studdies, wrapped, and bandaged, like the Bride of Frankenstein. She didn't dig too much into the characters story. She had mostly just been searching for a monster that looked cool. Schrödinger sat quietly on the hem of the girls dress- which was dragging on the floor. It was his birthday, and he had been dressed up like a little pumpkin. Alright, a big pumpkin. There was nothing little about Schrödinger.

The Gryffindor had never gone trick-or-treating- and if it wasn't Schrödinger's birthday she probably would have never gotten to experience it. She was a horribly sheltered child, and was rather hesitant about taking food from strangers, or strange places. But this 'trick-or-treating' thing was proving to be a rather fun way of obtaining candy. It was much easier than stealing, or purchasing sugary delights. Why wasn't this 'trick-or-treating' a year-round thing? How come children had to wait a full ten months, to obtain bagfuls of free candy? Or was it only a once a year thing for magical children? Was that the case? Xailah creased her brow, as she stuffed a handful of sweets into the velvety satchel, that hung from her side. Well that wasn't very fair. Shrouded with mild jealousy, Xailah didn't even think about grabbing more candy. She simply took her share, and then started off towards the next location- with Schrödinger being dragged behind, on the skirt of her gown.
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Hana's Costume
What the hell? Why does she act so high and righteous? If this were last year, he would’ve done something- anything- to dim that stupid smile on her face. Standing too near to someone who never felt half of the pain he did made him scowl, skillfully hidden by his full face mask. Wait- no..he was over that. Getting annoyed at something that confused him was also going to make his goal this year harder to achieve. It still baffled him how easily she accepted him without question and denied bribery to have her as his company.

Did people like this really exist? If so, he wished to be allergic to them instead of cats. They looked far less common than those four-legged rascals. At least as far as he’d seen. He never accepted her candy, nor gave her any truth and authenticity. He wasn’t guilty of that. Not one bit. He wished he would considering how he’s trying that whole being a ‘decent’ person goal this year, but he couldn’t feel it. The only thing he could feel was his eyebrows raising in confusion behind his full face mask as he watched the girl suggest the astronomy for more candy.

Of course! His puzzlement of the existence of this talking yellow marshmallow had almost made him forget his real reason for being here. Percival Rainwood. Quickly grabbing a random candy popcorn ball, he speed-walked to follow the yellow talking marshmallow without much of a sound, trying his best not to prove just how rewarding his company is.

Hey, at least he found someone to blend in with. Even if they were so confusing that Hanako’s eyebrows might as well just fly off his face to migrate somewhere nicer.
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@Percival Rainwood | @Dealla Prince
Ileen had just grabbed a mini vanilla cupcake when someone approached her. The young girl turned around in surprise and looked confusedly at a bedsheet with heart-shaped sunglasses. Although she could not see who was hiding behind this very creative costume, she recognized the voice and a wry grin appeared on her lips. “Well, well. Thank you, so is yours, fellow ghost Percival.” She had to admit that she was surprised to see the boy here, just as she had been when she had met him at the pet errand.
Ileen frowned a little worried and peered briefly over his shoulder. Was that a coincidence or did she often find him alone recently? Where were his friends? They were no friends but since the fight club something had changed – at least for her. They had some sort of connection due to the events they’ve been through together and she respected him. He was a little impulsive and stubborn maybe, but he probably could be saved since he was not such an idiot as mostly everyone else in Slytherin.
Following an impulse, she pointed to the stairs. "How are you doing? Do you have any plans, or would you like us to continue together?"

But very soon distraction came in the form of what seemed to be an angry fae queen named Dee. Oh boy. Ileen immediately realized that from now on she would have to constantly de-escalate, but maybe it was a good idea for the two of them to talk out their silly back and forth and put it behind them. “Dee? Didn't you have plans with others? What happened?” The young Slytherin tilted her head and gave her a crooked smile. “Cute costume. And sure. I just wanted to go upstairs.”
Probably it was a blessing that Dee had not yet recognized Percival. Now the only thing left to do was to prevent him from running away. If he would allow it, she would wave him over with a light smile. "Let us go and then you can tell us what happened to you that was so terrible." The last words didn't go to Dee without a portion of sarcasm.

If they would follow her, Ileen would walk up the stairs to get to her next stop: Muggle Studies. When she got there and looked at the displays, she picked up a popcorn ball with a wrinkled nose and quickly put it back. They had had this a lot at school at home and they were really disgusting. Thoughtfully she bit her cupcake and turned to her companions. "Have you ever seen these Muggle candies before?" She knew that Dee had grown up around Muggles, but she also was very curious about Percival.
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Percival felt his brows furrow at Ileen's expression which held a mocking tone. The boy knew his outfit was rushed and not very creative. He didn't need Ileen to let him in on that fact. It wasn't like he cared about dressing up and getting candy. He had only really felt compelled because everyone else was doing it, and he didn't want to be the only one to sit out. Not like it made much difference, it wasn't like people could recognize him.

The boy frowned as he watched Ileen look behind him. Percival opened his mouth to ask her what exactly she was looking at. Though his question was answered as she asked him another question. He guessed the other was wondering where Hanako was. The two had been attached at the hip for the majority of their first year at Hogwarts. Especially, after Hanako's falling out with Lei. Though after the events of summer, things had been left feeling somewhat rocky and unstable. It was a feeling Percival disliked and a sadder frown crossed his features. Percival was starting to wish he had gone with Hanako to roam Hogwarts halls. "I'm fine. Sure I guess we can go together if that is what you want." he said with a small shrug.

Percival would have said more if he hadn't been interrupted. The boy let out a small grunt as a mysterious person bumped into him. His disgruntlement turned to annoyance as he realized who exactly just bumped into him. "I'd say the same to you, but I think you would have been much scarier if you went as yourself." his voice showing the hostility that his costume did not let him show. Despite the arrival of Dealla, Percival was not so sure he wanted to leave to go by himself. It wasn't like he knew where to go anywhere, and wandering around the halls by himself sounded like no fun. So Percival moved to the other side of Ileen as far away from Dealla as he could get at that moment.

The boy would follow Ileen up the stairs and into Muggle Studies. It was a classroom he didn't recognize, and it was the same for the candy that was held within. Percival walked up to the array of candies which were soon explained to him as Muggle candies. The boy shook his head before saying, "No I have not." with a quizzical look on his face. Percival picked up one of the multi-colored triangles. Bringing the small candy up underneath the sheet and into his mouth. Chewing into the candy, Percival was surprised he enjoyed the taste. Even if it was created by a Muggle.

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Coming from the Small Hall
Dee blinked at Ileen's question, her sour mood, which had momentarily been interrupted by her run-in with Mr Bedsheet, returning in full force, as did the disgruntled expression. "I lost them," she said shortly. "I don't know. They were suddenly gone and I was surrounded by a legion of skeletons."

Then Mr Bedsheet spoke, and Dee's mood worsened even further, if that was possible at all. "Oh, it's you," she said, scowling up at him. Percival and Dee's encounters so far had been... Interesting, to say the least. First time, she'd run into him with considerably more force than this time, and broken his guitar - although she'd fixed it later. Second time she'd thrown paint at him. He'd gotten his revenge, but had apparently decided to hate her based on those two occasions. So far, she'd taken it in stride - it had been rather amusing, really, to see him strangling his guitar and throwing pillows at her just because she'd dared to enter the same space as him. But she'd been in better spirits then, and now she was not in the mood to deal with this. She wasn't the most patient person under normal circumstances, and right now, her temper was much shorter than usual.

In response, she bared her teeth at him in something resembling a snarl. "You should be scared costume or not, because I can kick your ass no matter what I'm wearing," she shot back at him, her voice sharper than anything he'd likely heard from her so far. If he wanted to antagonize her that was his choice, but she wasn't going to take it lying down this time, literally or figuratively.

Thankfully, Ileen was there to create a bit of a buffer between the two of them. Maybe she'd even manage to prevent a fight. Either way, with Percival on the other side of her best friend, Dee at least didn't have to look at him anymore as they walked to the Muggles Studies classroom. However, with Rainwood around, she also didn't feel like explaining her misery, so she restrained herself to grumbling to herself on the way up the stairs, and then stomped over to grab two Hershey's Kisses from the display, and after a moment of thought, a third one.

Still, she heard Percival's reply to Ileen's question, and rolled her eyes, although with her back turned, they wouldn't have seen it. "Stupid pureblood," she muttered.
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Start from Slytherin Common Room
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October 30th, 2020

From all the holiday that the world offered, Cash loved Halloween the most. The twelve years old like to dress up. From when they were little, they always dress up as something haunting. Whether as a mummy, zombie or those bed sheet ghost.

Cash never one wear those frilly princesses dresses when Halloween rolled around. This time is no different. Cash's mother know how much her only daughter loves Halloween. Sometimes ago Cash got a package from back home a Halloween costume with some face paint.

After open up the package, the huge smile spread over their face. Cash did not know who they dressed up as. All they know they loved their costume. Dress from head to toe in white, they decorate their face as what it is shown on the front picture of their costume package.

The striking feature from all of their get up is their purple hair. Once Cash finished putting on their costume and make up, they get out from their dorm room. A red balloon with thin string they hold it on their right hand. When Cash passed by Slytherin Common Room, they saw a familiar figure.

Cash loved Halloween and it will be fun to celebrate with other instead doing it with only themselves. The green eyes tied the red balloon string on the wood of a chair, they walked around until they stood behind a girl that is reading a book while laid down on the sofa.

They look down at the girl and muster their most sinister smile. "Get up!"Cash told the girl. They wait for the girl reaction when realize whose behind the white mask. Once the girl realize it is the second year beater, they will laugh with how frighten the girl is.

"It is Halloween, Star. Let's trick and treating"Cash said to Starlee. Cash grabbed Starlee from her previous position and pushed her towards the direction of the blonde's dorm. "I wait for you. Hurry up"Cash demanded.

Once Starlee come out from her dorm room, once again Cash grabbed the girl hand and dragged her towards the first location for the trick and treat of the evening. They untied the balloon and hold it again in their right hand.

When both of the students reached the locked doors of Muggle Studies classroom, the purple hair peered into the smoke filled cauldron. They put inside their hand and grabbed some random candies from it.

When they pulled out their hand, they took two boxes of Nerds and five Hershey’s kisses. The second year is familiar with the Muggle munchies since their mother loves chocolate and Cash themselves loves sour candies. Cash then put into the black bag that they bring with. They look at Starlee.

"What candies do you get?"Cash inquired the first year, curious of what the other get from the cauldron.
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It was quite often that Starlee would hunker down somewhere with her nose in a book. And, in her eyes, even though today was the day before Halloween, it gave her that much more time to enjoy herself. Of course, she did plan on taking part in the festivities at some point, but, as per usual, she ended up spending a lot more time reading than she initially planned. She was getting to a particularly exciting part when she felt the presence of someone behind her. Spooky...

"Get up!" the person said, and Starlee quickly dropped the book onto her lap and looked around to see who it was. "EEEP!" she yelled, as she saw the somewhat terrifying clown in front of her. 'Who... who...' Starlee pondered for a minute, before realizing it was Cash in a rather terrifying Halloween costume. 'Wow, they sure can pull that look off!' she thought, admiring Cash's boldness in costume. "Wha- Wow... I hardly recognized you Cash! That's a great costume!" she said, grinning up at the second-year. "It is Halloween, Star. Let's trick and treating" Starlee perked up at this. 'Wow... Cash wanted to go trick or treating with ME???' She quickly shoved a bookmark in her book, stood up and said, "UH... YEA! Let me get ready really quick!" It was then that Starlee felt Cash's hands grab her from the other side of the couch, and pushed her in the direction of her dorm. "I wait for you. Hurry up" Cash said, rather demanding like. Cash wasn't going to take no for an answer, and the blonde wasn't going to deny Cash either. So she scurried off toward her dorm to throw on her outfit from the ball that doubled as her 'Star' costume. She tried to straighten herself up the best she could, grabbed a generic tan bag to put some candy in, and ran back out. Cash then grabbed her hand, and off they were to the Muggle Studies classroom.

They quickly arrived at the classroom where there was a large smoke fille cauldron, filled with various muggle candies, along with a few carved pumpkins. Starlee watched as Cash pulled out some Nerds and Hershey Kisses, something Starlee knew all too well from her Muggle mother. Starlee shoved her hand in the pot and managed to retrieve a pack of candy corn, a box of nerds, and five Hershey kisses.

"What candies do you get?" Cash asked, and Starlee replied, "Well, some candy corn... a box of nerds, and the Hersey Kisses!" she smiled and then began to giggle as she said "I hope people avoid those Popcorn balls, such a nasty trick to play on those pureblood students!" As she said this, she secretly hoped one, Elizabeth Issacs, would certainly fall for it. Of course... she probably wouldn't be caught dead in front of the Muggle Studies classroom.

Starlee couldn't wait to see what the other classrooms had in store.
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Willow's favorite holiday had always been Halloween, or the Wiccan holiday Samhain. She could get dressed up as anything she wanted, not that she didn't anyway, and then go out and get candy from strangers. It was truly the best holiday combined with the rituals that her family did around that time to celebrate. She had gone all out for the costume party sponsored by the school, so this time she toned it down and went as Winnie the Pooh. She had red overalls over a yellow sweater, with yellow tights and red shoes. If it was red and yellow, she considered it to be that silly old bear. She had given herself a bit of face paint on the nose and around the mouth to mimic a bear's face, and had her hair tied up in two buns on top of her head to mimic ears. Along with a homemade painted bucket to look like a honey pot and she was off!

The first place she went was the Muggle Studies classroom, since she felt like if there was anywhere that would have good candy it would be there since it was the candy that was most familiar to her. As she approached she saw the giant carved pumpkin which was truly a muggle staple filled to the brim with sweets. A sign indicating how much she could take, and she was not going to test it. Her little bear nose scrunched up as she gazed on the popcorn balls that were never a treat, and always felt like a trick to her whenever she got them in her bucket. She stayed far away from those, before resigning and grabbing one to give to a pureblood or wizard born friend so they could try it out. Along with the two packets of candy corn, two boxes of nerds, and the five hershey's kisses that plopped happily in next to each other, clinking around in her soon to be filled plastic bucket.
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