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21 Mar 2018, 06:46
DADA for First Years  Closed 
Isabella walked into her next classroom, engrossed in a book. A quick glance around the class confirmed she was the first one here. Lucky Defence Against the Dark Arts was only a few minutes away from History of Magic, as it was on the same floor. She walked over to the end window seat in the second row and sat sown, still reading. Her day had been hectic. She had thought she was prepared for Hogwarts but she obviously wasn't. She hadn't known how to do a simple charm in Charms class, even after the professor explained it 3 times to her. She had walked in late to Transfiguration because she had gotten lost in the library. And she had spilled ink all over the desk in History of Magic. She felt as though she was ready to cry. She looked around the empty classroom. She looked at her watch. Still another 10 minutes until lessons start. She really was early. She didn't mind, she likes the quiet. She moved her head towards the window and looked out the black lake. What she wouldn't give to be out there right now. Sitting under a tree, doing nothing but reading. Listening to the sounds of wild life from the forest and being able to run down to dip her feet in the water whenever she wished. That was her idea of heaven. She had just turned her head back to her book when she heard footsteps and the sound of the classroom door opening.

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21 Mar 2018, 19:30
DADA for First Years  Closed 
Dorian was running down the halls of the castle to find her way to her defence against the dark arts class. She was already getting lost during her first few days and she was under the current impression that she was now late for class. Finding the door she skidded right into it and just knocking it open. She placed a hand on her forehead as she actually managed to bump it on impact. "Bloody numpty." She grumbled quietly to herself.

Realizing that the class was empty made her sigh defeatedly. "Oh great I showed too early." Dorian spoke to herself before going and settling down in a seat. The other two in the room seemed decent enough, but she didn't want to bother them or make a bad impression. Also there was the now growing head ache in her on one area of her forehead. She set out the books she would need before waiting silently while thinking to herself. At times like these she wish her pet dog was here, he was good company but he was back in Portree now probably being lazy. The though made her chuckle lightly before leaning her arms and head on the desk.
29 Mar 2018, 15:35
DADA for First Years  Closed 
Defense Against the Dark Arts, even the name sounded awesome. Evan wasn't going to miss out, most definitely not. That was a risk he would not take, and he wasn't even allowed to take it anyways. Classes were compulsory, for everyone. Not just him, and when he entered, he hoped he wasn't late. He ran over to a desk that had room for one more, and scavenged for a book of worth within the depths of his bag. Defense Against the Dark Arts, he had the book somewhere, he just had to find it. Soon, he did it and didn't hesitate to take it out of his bag, and onto the desk. This was when he realized he took out the wrong book, oops! He put it back inside his bag and took out the correct book, partially embarrassed. Hopefully, nobody paid attention to him enough to notice the boy had muddled up his books.

He was pretty confident nobody cared about him enough to notice specifically he had muddled up his books, but was pretty secretive when he fixed his error, just in case. A little, "phew," came out of his mouth, quiet enough to be inaudible. For a moment, he got worried, what if he didn't notice? Ha, he realized he was just being stupid and listened to what was being said.

6 Apr 2018, 03:35
DADA for First Years  Closed 
Mia walked in, confidently, hair swishing, as she had done it earlier in a peculier fashion, one half up, and the other down, fixed with a spell to keep the flyaways down. Unfortunately, she was not a great spell caster, and the hairs popped up, one after the other. She put her hand to her heads self consciously and turned to find a good seat. She surveyed the room, noticing one Slytherin that she had seen in the commons earlier, Isabella was it? She located a seat, first row, center, and dropped her books and her quills and paper. She always carried a load, it was a habit of hers. This was going to be interesting. She had always had a passion for the dark arts, reading books late at night under her covers, and stealing glances at her fathers book of spells in the living room. Maybe defence against the dark arts would be just as good? she thought. As students poured in, almost late, she took note of them all, trying to catch something-someone that was familiar. To no avail. Before long, the room was buzzing with chatter, and Mia longed for someone to talk to. Keeping her cool composure, Mia opened her textbook and scanned the pages, trying to look assured and confident.

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9 Apr 2018, 00:12
DADA for First Years  Closed 
Mardella had been turned around a few times by Hogwarts again, but thankfully (or perhaps not so) the castle had done it often enough that she managed to still make it in time for class. Just.

By the time she had gotten here though, most of the empty tables were taken. She'd been hoping for a seat with one of her roommates but that didn't seem to be happening... Nervously, she glanced round the room for a spot to sit in. Before the teacher arrived would be great! There was an empty space by three girls from Slytherin, a fair haired girl in the front row, one brunette in the window seat and another setting out books on her desk. There was a Hufflepuff too, at the very back fidgeting shyly.

Mardella breathed a sigh of relief when she spotted an open seat by a boy she thought she might have seen in the common room. He was wearing the same tie at least. Hurriedly, she made her way over to him, weaving between the other desks. He seemed to be fumbling with his textbook, eyes scanning the pupils around him almost sheepishly.

"Hi," She said, a little breathlessly from running, "Um, is this seat taken?"

Please let me sit here. Please let me sit here! She hoped. If Professor Mellowrose got here and she was still standing Mardella was sure she'd combust in embarrassment.

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26 Apr 2018, 12:21
DADA for First Years  Closed 
With a slight skip, Harley entered the classroom, her eyes practically shining with excitement.
There was something off about Harley, as per usual. Her strange Muggle backpack, with muggle stationary and muggle books. It was almost like she was a muggle who'd somehow wandered into the wrong school.

Although that was quite impossible. Besides, behind her ear, her wand sat loosely and eagerly, and she was wearing the correct uniform, with her hufflepuff badge embroidered on the chest. She sat down beside a random student and pulled out three different books.
  • Book Of Spells
  • Magical Theory
  • The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection
She wasn't sure which one she needed specifically, but she had 'The Dark Forces' right on top. A good start at least.

She looked at the student beside her and held out her hand, enthusiastically awaiting a handshake in response. "Hey! I'm Harley! Harley Donnel, what's this class about?" she queried, "Oh and what's your name?" she peered at the student with anticipation. She was way too excited about meeting new people.

What if this person was a pure-blood slytherin? Or some obnoxious Gryffindor, or maybe even some antsy Ravenclaw that didn't want to touch her at all.

there was a possiblity for one of those, but she ignored them and focused on making friends instead.

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26 Apr 2018, 16:57
DADA for First Years  Closed 
Lucien had his head down and was writing with his quill on a piece of parchment. He preferred quills over pens due to them being more formal. A bottle of ink sat near the top of the parchment. "Hey! I'm Harley! Harley Donnel, what's this class about?" someone next to him said rather happily. "Oh and what's your name?" The girl asked as he looked up. His hair was covering his blue eye from where he had leaned over so much to scribble down ideas so only his green eye was visible. The girl didn't seem like the type to make fun of him for his two different eye colors so he wasn't too worried about anything. "Oh...hi. It's, uh, nice to meet you. This class is basically to learn how to defend yourself from evil magic and people that might, um, want to harm you." He explained it as simple as he could. He could tell she was a muggle-born due to the question, he figured he'd help her out. "I'm Lucien Avery Escanora., but, um, feel free to call me Lu, or Avery. Most people do. I'm a pure-blood so if you have any questions about magic, I, uh, I could probably help. Sorry for all the uhs and ums. I'm not really used to people actually talking to me." The Raven haired boy said moving his hair out of his face which showed his blue eye.

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26 Apr 2018, 20:39
DADA for First Years  Closed 
Harley's eyes lit up, "Evil magic?" she mumbled, looking excited, "I didn't know there was evil magic." This class seemed to intrigue her much more now.

"You said you were pure-blood slytherin? You're much kinder than what all my dormates said you would be like...." she spotted the quill and her cracked into another curious grin, "What is that?" she asked curiously, reaching out to touch it.

Questions, questions and more questions. Everything about Hogwarts and the wizarding world intrigued her. Curious and quite possibly gullible and naive.

Her mind zipped through all these questions, although one she was curious about was why this boy was so kind. She wasn't really aware Muggle-borns weren't particularly popular anywhere she went, so she didn't even try to hide it. Although, she had heard that almost all Slytherins were muggle-born haters, especially the purebloods.
She was actually quite glad this boy was very kind to her, it made her feel more welcome in the place she belonged. Her eyes sparkled more when she realised this as well, just looking happier than she already was.
However, she still had her wand behind her ear and a pencil shoved behind the other. She tried to fix her hat, but it just ended up dislodging the wand behind her ear

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26 Apr 2018, 23:30
DADA for First Years  Closed 
The girl seemed a bit too happy about evil magic. "Unfortunately there is.
My family used dark magic in the past. However my father and mother didn't so there is conflict in my family for which is better."
The girl spoke once more and then got sidetracked by his quill. "Yes, I am a pure-blood. Not all Slytherins are mean. It's a stereotype about our house due to past conflicts." He said as he picked up his quill and the jar of ink. "This, is a quill and ink. You dip the end of the quill- not the feathers though- into the ink. Then you can write with it on parchment. This form of writing was used from 600 A.D up to the 1800's. However more efficient ways of writing were invented around 1830. They've been replaced by pens and pencils but I prefer this way of writing." he said with a simple shrug. He hadn't really meant to give a history lesson on the wuill and ink. The simple question had turned into a giant explanation that the girl had probably lost interest in the small feather. "Sorry for my rambling." He apologized looking down a bit embarrassed spouting off things that didn't matter.

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27 Apr 2018, 10:35
DADA for First Years  Closed 
Harley grinned, quite liking the history lesson actually. "1830?" she wondered, "Wow, that's so long ago, and yet you still like to use quills?" she pondered curiously.

She'd only ever seen that kind of thing in a movie she couldn't even remember what it was called, when she'd seen it, or what had happened in the movie.
She pulled her pencil from behind her ear. "I use this, because my parents didn't want to go looking for a quill and inkwell." she explained.

It was silver and glittery, with an eraser at the end of it. It was only a little bit used and the point was slightly blunt. "I like it better," she said, "Plus I can rub out if I make a mistake," she grinned happily and crossed her legs on her chair.
She took her wand from behind her ear and placed it down on the table beside her three books. "Oh uh....which book do I need?" she questioned, "I think it's this one on top....but do I need the others?"
She did seem to look quite confused, her supplies sheet hadn't told her which books were for what subjects, which was a little silly in her opinion

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