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1 Mar 2018, 22:18
From the outside, the library appears no different from any other room in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The doors marking its entrance are tall and made of a heavy dark oak, and though two doors come together to separate the room from the hall it borders, only one of them sports a single silver doorknob. This door is always open, except at nights and on those days near the end of the year when the library is home to students frantically studying for their exams.

Upon walking in, students find themselves standing in the middle of a long, carpeted stretch of unoccupied floor, bordered on one side by tall, seemingly endless bookshelves. Housed on these shelves are thousands of books, all standing at the ready or whizzing through the air as they make their way from the shelves into students' outstretched, waiting hands. Each shelf reaches nearly to the ceiling of the room, though there are no ladders in sight with which to reach the books on the highest shelves. There are small corridors in place here and there between the shelves, often home to students darting about as they try to find the perfect book. Behind these shelves is a small sitting area, complete with a dozen armchairs and a strong feel of hominess.

On the other side of the corridor along the center of the library is a neat row of small tables, each equipped with several rolls of parchment and a cup of quills. Next to these tables is a small fence, with only one break in it to serve as an entrance. A small silver plaque near this break reads the words "Restricted Section" in a uniform, bland script, and warns whoever is reading it that to enter this area unpermitted would be met with the harshest consequences. The bookshelves here are considerably shorter than their counterparts on the opposite end of the room, and many sport small chains or glass barriers to separate the books from the rest of the library- whether to protect the books or the students, nobody knows.

There is a large stone fireplace at the center of the far end of the room, near the sitting area. Usually left vacant, its hearth is lit and filled with merry, crackling flames near the ends of the days and during the colder months. Somehow, no matter how close one gets to the fire, it never seems to get too hot; nor does it ever get too cold far away from the flames. Other than the fireplace, the library is lit by softly glowing lamps mounted on the walls of the room. Though the flames flicker within them, the light on the books always somehow stays steady. Be it through magic or simply the same feeling that seems to linger in all the libraries of the world, every corner of this room seems perfectly suited to house a student and nudge them towards sitting down, relaxing, and opening a book to read.

Description credit goes to Jess Malters

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