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17 Apr 2021, 15:16
Just a flip of a page  PV "Kage Suzuki" 
The moment Momiji walked through the tall wooden dark oak doors a light began filling her eyes. Standing on the red carpet looking at the shelves before her were books, She could spend days in this place and never grow bored. All her troubles from the night before seemed to leave her mind all at once. She was no longer tired from the lack of sleep she had. All she wanted was to read. Hugging her bear close the girl looked at all the books. it was hard to choose just one. She knew she needed to start somewhere though and decided to start with the book she had remembered wanting to read. And the person who helped her so much when she really didn't have anyone else to turn to was reading when they first met. Searching through the shelves she eventually found it. The book floated down to her and she smiled grabbing it. The first time she could feel a little splurge of happiness about being magical. The fact she didn't have to try and climb up and grab that book was great. She held it close and went to sit on one of the comfy chairs curling up and hugging her bear she started to read.

@Kage Suzuki
17 Apr 2021, 16:03
Just a flip of a page  PV "Kage Suzuki" 
@Momoji Mikoto
Suzuki was bored again. She'd finished 'Magical Theory', and honestly, she didn't feel like reading another textbook. Yeah, they were good and all, but one can only handle so many textbooks. After wandering around (and getting lost) on the moving staircases, she finally managed to make her way to the library.

She entered the library, where the comforting smell of books, both old and new, greeted her. The sounds of pages, too, welcomed her. Showed her in. Did you know that spiders' webs are a song? One long symphony, from one end of the web to the other. Everything is music, if you listen the right way.
After a while of squinting at dusty titles (she had always refused to wear glasses), Suzuki found the desired book. Reaching up on tiptoes, Suzuki just managed to grab it and slide the book out from it's spot. Paging around, Suzuki watched as the pages turned. As the pages flew. As they soared from one side to the other. Yep, this was the right book. She looked around, searching for a place to sit and read. Suzuki didn't feel like traveling all the way back to the dorms to read.
Instead of finding a seat (well fine, she did actually find a seat as well), she found-
Oh. It's that teddy bear girl. Mikoto.
Suzuki walked over to the long haired girl.
"Mind if I sit here?" Suzuki gestured to the chair beside her.

"Sorry I’m late guys, a black cat crossed my path so I had to go the long way."
18 Apr 2021, 18:05
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Momoji's head tilted a bit. Almost as if she were nodding but it was only a little shake. Her eyes still focused on the book in front of her. It covered her entire body and half of her face as she had it resting on her knees. "G-Go ahead," She said barely above a whisper. In all honesty, she hadn't even noticed that she had been spoken to or that she replied at least not right away. The pages had drawn her so completely that another part of her brain just automatically responded. Doesn't that voice sound familiar? The sudden thought drifted into her head and a few seconds later she finished the line she was on and blinked. It did sound familiar... She looked up suddenly to see who it was she had spoken to and felt very... Rude? No that wasn't the word. Inconsiderate would be the better one. Then surprise crossed her face. So that's why the voice had been familiar. It was the girl who had helped her out so much a few days ago back in England... If that was where Diagon Alley was. She wouldn't put it past the wizarding world to have been transported somewhere else the moment she walked through that brick wall. A blush colored her cheeks. "H-Hi," She said her shyness kicking in. "I-its n-nice to see you again" She smiled a little and it grew into a more genuine smile one that even caused her dimples to appear when she honestly felt that way it was good to see her. And in a place surrounded by books? It was pretty amusing, to say the least, that those circumstances should happen once more. She peeked at the book Suzuki had gotten before putting the one she was reading a little closer to her chest so she could see Suzuki more proper. The book was covering some of Suzuki's face from Momoji's point of view. Thinking about it the last she remembered seeing her on the stage that first night. She had gotten sorted into Gryffindor but hadn't seen her since then.

@Kage Suzuki
18 Apr 2021, 20:04
Just a flip of a page  PV "Kage Suzuki" 
@Momoji Mikoto
”H-Hi. I-it’s n-nice to see you again.”

Suzuki looked up from her book, at the girl, who seemed to be trying to get a good look at her. Her eyes flitted to the Hufflepuff emblem on the girl’s robes. While Suzuki didn’t fully understand how the Sorting Hat fully functioned (there’s gotta be at least a little science involved in magic, right?), she decided Hufflepuff was a pretty good fit for Mikoto.
Suzuki wished she could say the same about her and Gryffindor. But she could only trust the Sorting Hat's intentions (unknown to her), since she couldn't really do anything, either.

“Hufflepuff, huh? Didn’t think I’d run into you again, Mikoto-san.” Suzuki said in Japanese. Half whispering; she didn’t particularly want to enrage the librarian. Or Professor-head for that matter. Detention wouldn’t be the most auspicious start.

Turning a thin feathery page (she imagined this was how a small bird's wing felt, of a sort), Suzuki studied the neatly drawn star chart on the page. For the most part, Muggle star charts and wizard star charts were the same. As Suzuki had been studying these things for nearly her whole life, she’d memorized multiple different star charts, astronomical numbers, and stars as well. The information spun around her head like planets around the sun. Orbiting. Until their inevitable demise.

"Sorry I’m late guys, a black cat crossed my path so I had to go the long way."
21 Apr 2021, 16:05
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Momoji nodded to the Hufflepuff statement "i-i didn't expect to see you either S-Suzuki-san" She half-whispered back. "B-But I s-suppose it makes sense w-we are i-in the same y-year..." she said thoughtfully. Surely they'd run into each other somewhere she thought. She shifted looking back at her book to the page she left off on. She flipped the page quietly. but her thoughts started to drift. She wondered how Suzuki was settling into her house. She was having a hard time of it herself. New people sleeping in a strange bed the only reason she got any sleep was because of how tired she had been otherwise she probably would have stayed up half the night. She continued to read as she thought about broaching the subject but honestly, she was a little torn between it and continuing to read in silence the way they were. The occasional flip of a page interrupting the silence between them suited her just fine. But she didn't want to appear rude. The feeling of it won out so she looked at Suzuki again. "D-Did you h-have a good trip?" she asked in a soft whisper. Her head tilting to the side a little as it did whenever she was genuinely curious about something.

@Kage Suzuki
21 Apr 2021, 17:17
Just a flip of a page  PV "Kage Suzuki" 
@Momoji Mikoto
Suzuki shrugged, although she didn’t actually mean to. It was a result of Tourette’s.
Everything was a result. Because everything was a victim of circumstance.

Just stupid.

” It was fine. You?” Like usual, Suzuki didn’t waste any words. She didn’t waste letters, either. She had been taught not to. Like usual.

To say her trip was ‘fine’ was an overstatement; her trip was absolutely terrible.
Alright, let’s not exaggerate; it was in between absolutely terrible and just ‘fine’. In actual fact, nothing had happened. Nothing at all. Just the quiet flip of pages, the rumbling of the train, the music. Yes, the music.
Always the music.
The words and the music. Forever there.

Turning a page of the book, Suzuki squinted at the ceiling. Her mind was still stuffed with the knowledge she’d learned in the last Transfigurations class.
The new spell she’d acquired was an interesting one- it turned a whistle into a watch. The type that needed one to wind it. But there was no need for that- Suzuki already had a watch, and what a watch it was.

Turning to squint at the small print on the feathery pages, Suzuki tried to flatten the cowlick, but like always, it remained standing up. Turning yet again, she glanced at Mikoto. Such long hair. It probably fell to the floor when she stood up. How does one manage with such long hair? Suzuki couldn’t help but imagine trying to play Quidditch with such long hair. It’d be in the way, always. What- no, why does one want such long hair?

"Sorry I’m late guys, a black cat crossed my path so I had to go the long way."
21 Apr 2021, 17:58
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Momoji felt like she might have hit a nerve when hearing her quick response. "d-do you l-like your housemates?" She asked. Watching the girl squinting she wondered if Suzuki needed glasses it reminded her of how her dad used to look when trying to read the newspaper in the morning when he had forgotten to put his glasses on before getting breakfast. The memory made Momoji smile a little sadly. Her mom teasing him for forgetting she closed her eyes for a moment picturing it before shaking the memory off and returning her attention to the book on her lap. To the stars, she wondered if she'd ever been able to get outside and lay in the grass at night to stargaze. The boat trip had been lovely being lead up to the castle the way the stars looked reflected in the water Even though she had been a little nervous to get in at first. Not knowing how to swim and all and being afraid she'd fall in and she'd drown. And that her bear would get all wet and dirty... She was glad to be able to ride with the teacher as some rowdy boys had been laughing together and pushing each other a lot nearby. She assumed they were siblings by how much alike they had looked.
21 Apr 2021, 19:03
Just a flip of a page  PV "Kage Suzuki" 
@Momoji Mikoto
Her housemates.
Who were her housemates, exactly (apart from Tory Williams and the blonde hotshot)?

Suzuki didn’t exactly know, and she didn’t exactly care, either. “They’re fine. So.. What happened to your parents, exactly?” Suzuki said, even though it was probably a little rude (ditch a little, it was probably very rude). She didn't care what others thought of her. Their thoughts can go to hell.
Like before, this wasn’t exactly the truth, but it wasn’t exactly a lie either. It was something in between. Something diagonal. Very diagonal.

Memories. Everyone had those, but whether you doted on them (often) or not depended on yourself. Of course, there were also the memories that were the opposite- they came to the surface whether you liked it or not.
At a very young age, Suzuki decided that she’d throw the memories away. The future needed her. The past did not.

Pity, she wasn’t allowed out after hours- Hogwarts was in the perfect location for stargazing- all that country. All those stars. Hello, stars.

It was then that Suzuki thought that they probably shouldn't be conversing in the library, a very quiet place (for working), but as the librarian hadn't shown herself, it was probably fine to be talking in hushed voices.

Yes, it was probably (and hopefully) fine.

"Sorry I’m late guys, a black cat crossed my path so I had to go the long way."
28 Apr 2021, 14:28
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@Kage Suzuki

Momoji blinked a little her eyebrows raising in surprise. She hadn't been expecting the sudden topic change. She remembered her doing that before. Perhaps she's been that curious since the bookstore? Perhaps it was something else? Either way, it made Momoji have to think for a long moment she just looked at Suzuki. Then biting her lip a little she looked down eyebrows knitting together. I think... it might be best just to get it out of the way. She thought after long deliberation.

"My biological? Or adoptive?" She asked mostly to herself before shaking her head a little.
"I'm not totally sure about my biological parents... I don't remember too much I think I blocked it out..." she admitted. "Most of my M-Memories I have are from after I woke up in the hospital... I have... what some people would call photographic memory? Only it's not quite so powerful I mostly remember things I see and hear especially reading... It's a lot of noise and I try to block it out as much as I can but..." She trailed off. "Anyway... There was an explosion that took out the whole farmhouse and a lot of the surrounding area. I suppose whatever happened it was lucky my parents were rice farmers otherwise..." She trailed off again. If they had been in a city with an explosion that big? Probably thousands of lives would have been lost if not more.

"When i asked about my birth parents my adoptive ones looked into it. The authorities couldn't figure out what caused the exposition it was just a miracle that I even lived." she rubbed her cheek. "I did get a couple of scars though they're hard to see," she admitted.

"my adoptive parents got me about 6 to 7 months after? I remember feeling sad and wouldn't take their love for me for a long time... " Her expression started to turn sad here. She missed them so much talking about them remembering them wasn't easy. "But umm... they died in a car crash somehow I survived it too..." Her expression turned into a painful one. "I passed out sometime after rescue workers helped..." She swallowed. She didn't explain why she did though. She'd just let her think it was because of her own injuries although it was painful seeing her parent's bodies had been much worse. Everyone who knew figured that had been the case from her the many foster parents and group home people. She cleared her throat and blinked back her tears but returned to look at Suzuki.
28 Apr 2021, 16:49
Just a flip of a page  PV "Kage Suzuki" 
Mentioning/Interacting:@ Momoji Mikoto
Status: Skeptical

“Hm.” Suzuki glanced at her own bruised up arms (her own fault- she shouldn’t have let herself get dragged into so many football, baseball, and soccer games with inexperienced boys) and spoke again.

“Huh. I’ve only ever seen one person die before... Similar to you, I’ve got a pretty good memory. Can remember all sorts of colours -I’m a synesthete, you know, sounds, pieces of information, anything.“ She remembered the origin of the scar over her left eye and the origin of how her hand had gotten to be so crushed up.
Turning the page, she dimly was aware of all the different sounds flowing in consistently from the surrounding area and colours. Memories floated in, but this time, Suzuki didn’t try to push them away.
She remembered how much trouble she’d had trying to manage her anger. All that fury, directed at the stupid little alley goons. Suzuki had obliterated them. Her relatives (or at least, what remained of them), her ‘babysitters’, had always commented that she took out her anger in the form of physical fighting- destroying unsuspecting boys. Fists. It had always been fists, and Suzuki’s unnatural strength hadn’t helped- it only boosted her fighting skill.
As a young girl, she’d always loved fights- the pure thrill, the pure excitement. To win or to lose. No excuses. The blood trickling from her nose, the beaten-up face of the opponent.

Returning to the present, Suzuki squinted at the tiny titles in their shelves across from the room. It’s not bad to open up, Suki.

“I liked to fight.” She said, unsure where she was going. “They didn’t like me, but I didn’t care. I still don’t. Too bad we can’t fight anymore.” Suzuki did not specify who or what the ‘we’ was. She didn’t specify the ‘they’, either. Nor did she specify how many people ‘they’ were.

"Sorry I’m late guys, a black cat crossed my path so I had to go the long way."