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2 Apr 2021, 19:10
Nice to see you again  PV Simon Kincaid   Fin 
waiting for @Simon Kincaid
It had been two weeks since Haley had last walked the corridors of Hogwarts. Since the last time she sat at the Gryffindor table in the Great Hall, since she sat and studied in the library and sat and laughed with her friends in the common room. Even though she was initially suspicious about the fact that she would be spending the holidays at home, in hindsight it had turned out to be the right decision.

But as much as she enjoyed the time she could spend at home with her family and friends, she was also glad to be back at Hogwarts. She missed the old castle, the evening conversations with her roommates, her friends and even the classes.

She sat on her bed in her dormitory and stroked the covers with her hands, smiling to herself. She felt silly but she loved this magical place and couldn't wait to finally see her friends again. But there was one in particular she was looking forward to, Simon Ezra Kincaid, her secret keeper, rock in the surf, boyfriend and recently also Dhampir. He always was, but this discovery was made only recently and she could hardly wait to see him again and to hear how he had been during the holidays.

She got up from her bed, grabbed her bags and made her way to the library. Although she would much rather spend the day outside in the nice weather, she still wanted to catch up on her reading and the sun was not doing Simon any good, so the library became one of the meeting places the two of them frequented most.

When she arrived at the library, she still had some time before Simon would come and so she walked through the aisles, hoping to find answers to her questions. When she returned to the table, she spread out the books and papers she had brought from home and began to read. Besides Olde and Forgotten Bewitchments and Charmes, The Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts and Great Wizarding Events of the Twentieth Century, there were some handwritten notes among her papers that she had found at her grandfather's house.

As she flipped wildly through them, taking notes and looking at nothing while she thought, her mind kept drifting to Simon. She could hardly wait to see him again and wondered when he would show up.
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3 Apr 2021, 15:46
Nice to see you again  PV Simon Kincaid   Fin 
Meeting up with @Haley Rose
April 11, 2021

That first day back was a bit of a whirlwind. His trunk needed to be unpacked, his aunt had asked him to write to her letting her know he got back just fine, and it seemed every where he turned in the boys' dormitory or the Hufflepuff Common Room there was a familiar face ready for a long conversation about the break.

Simon liked organizing his things, writing his aunt, and conversations, but he really was hoping to get himself to the library, the usual meeting spot with Haley Rose. He had gone all Spring Break without a word from her, since he didn't know her new address exactly and there was no owl back at his townhome to use magical delivery.

Two weeks was a long time to be without someone that you were used to seeing every day.

Finally he set his music books back in his otherwise empty trunk and slid it gently under the bed in his solitary bedroom of the Hengist Home boys' dormitory of the Hufflepuff wing of the castle and then made his way down a flight of stairs and to the Library. It was a shorter trip than some in other houses had to take but it sort of made sense in a way - Hufflepuffs were the social and friendly, so of course they'd be right there in the middle of it all.

Back from break and such a nice day, many of the students were outside, reminsicing with friends but Simon was confined to the shelter that the castle walls provided against the sun. It was something he didn't mind, but often he did wish that curfew could be a little later so that he might get some fresh air now and again once nightime came.

Once through the Library doors, he looked around. Again, with most of the students enjoying the nice Spring day, the room rested almost empty, so it was easy for him to quickly spot his redhead from across the way. "Look at you looking all studious," he said as he approached her, his eyes skimming over the title of the books that she had on the table. He came over to her hugged her tight, as a way to show her just how much she was missed.

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3 Apr 2021, 16:57
Nice to see you again  PV Simon Kincaid   Fin 

There he is @Simon Kincaid
Haley didn't know how much time had passed but suddenly she heard a familiar voice that immediately brought a smile to her lips. She laughed at Simon's comment, "Back to the roots." She joked and returned his hug. She knew she had missed Simon, but as they hugged she realised how much she had missed him. She would have liked to hug him for another five minutes, but she released him and was still smiling as they took their seats at the table.

With quick movements of her hands, she pulled all her papers, which were wildly scattered on the table, towards her in a messy pile and quickly stowed everything in her bag. Firstly, Simon was there and she didn't want to be distracted by anything, and secondly, she didn't want to open the conversation with what she was looking for. Sooner or later she would talk to him about it but for now she just wanted to know how he was and how his holidays were.

"How have you been?" she asked as she stowed her bag under the table. She was really eager to hear what Simon would tell. They had two weeks of exchanges to catch up on and if half as much had happened in his holidays as in Haley's, then they would really have a lot to talk about for the next few hours.

She had been so busy during the holidays that none of her friends had written her a letter. Even though she often thought about her friends and Simon, she never found a quiet minute to put something down on paper. She felt a bit bad about it but in that sense it was ONLY two weeks.

But in those two weeks she missed so much that sometimes it felt longer than just two weeks. But now she was back here at Hogwarts, home with her friends. Home with Simon, who was still her secret keeper and what she would make use of again, sooner or later. But first she wanted to hear his news. How his holidays had been and whether he had spoken to his aunt. And above all, how she had reacted to it. Haley did not expect a negative reaction, but one could never know 100 per cent.

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4 Apr 2021, 14:17
Nice to see you again  PV Simon Kincaid   Fin 
Catching up with @Haley Rose

"Good, I've been good," he began, coming to sit on the chair next to her. This was a nice location to be in because the few students that occupied the Library that evening were scattered elsewhere around and he two could talk freely about things that others didn't really need to eavesdrop on right now.

Still, he began basic. "I got to see most of my mates. Oliver, Graham, Grant, Will, Benny. We made up some Easter baskets to deliver to some of our favorite teachers - well, my former teachers. It was nice to talk with them too." Simon had been someone who loved the social aspect of school the most, but also loved school itself.

"We also filled some of those plastic eggs with things and hid them around Hyde Park." Someone was bound to find all of them, being so brightly colored themselves and with Hyde Park being so heavily trafficked by Londoners and tourists alike. Nice things, candy, money, nice messages.

"I was able to get a few new music books and brought them along with me. Mostly guitar stuff but a few were piano. Gotta keep my skill up and all,"
he smiled, only joking about being conceited.

"And uhh...attended Church quite a few times and that was awesome to see everyone again. Come Easter Sunday my aunt made her five billion course meal where she invites some of the more elderly clergy that have lost their spouses or maybe aren't able to make their own large banquet to celebrate the holiday."

That was catching her up on nearly everything but he knew she was curious about the discovery that he had made just before leaving for Spring Break.

The Dhampir Uncovering.

"I told her," he began, his eyes shifting down a moment just because he remembered how difficult it had been. That sensation temporarily came back to him for a moment. "I told her about it the very first night of Spring Break. I couldn't wait. It was like I was lying to her by not saying anything. I don't know. I don't know if she didn't get the gravity of it all because she's not used to all this magic stuff or she just accepted it because she already had accepted that her sister was a witch all those years ago and then with me being here at Hogwarts...she just maybe accept those things exist in the world and you're still you, I don't know. Whatever it was, she was alright. I mean, she accepted it right away and the next evening I went into details about it all. A couple times she emphasized that she was still there for me as much as ever, and...that's it. I really feel she means it too," he smiled, his eyes lifting to Haley again. He was happy.

"She's an amazing woman, my aunt."

He was grateful for her. He always had been but maybe he was more so now than ever. "So tell me about your Spring Break."

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5 Apr 2021, 14:34
Nice to see you again  PV Simon Kincaid   Fin 

@Simon Kincaid
Most of the students were hanging around outside, meeting their friends and talking about their holidays. Actually, exactly the same as Haley and Simon were doing, only they were both in the library. Even though Haley found it difficult at first to meet indoors even when the weather was good, she had got used to it by now and it had another advantage, namely that the two of them could talk undisturbed without anyone eavesdropping on them, interrupting the conversation or disturbing someone else and getting a nasty "Ssssh!".

She looked out of the window for a moment and saw the sun shining but quickly turned her gaze and attention back to Simon as he began to talk about meeting his friends and all the other things he had done. Haley listened intently to his words, smiled at his stories and laughed here and there with Simon. It pleased her that he was having a good time and she wished the two of them could have met sometime. She would like to experience his own little world in real life and not just through story but there was plenty of time for that.

As much as she was interested, there was still something that interested her more and that topic was now coming up. Haley put on a serious look, sat up straight and looked intently at Simon's face to see something in his expression. For a moment she could see something in his gaze that worried her. But she was quickly reassured again when Simon told her everything. She was relieved. She had expected nothing else, but there was a small risk. After all, his aunt was not from this world and for some wizards it was already difficult to understand and accept all this, she did not even want to imagine how difficult it was for a Muggle.

Simon's words made Haley think. "It was like I was lying to her by not saying anything." She repeated this sentence inwardly a few times. That was what she had done to her parents. Was that why her mother had been so upset? Did she feel Haley had lied to her? A feeling of guilt spread through her and for a moment she began to see the situation again from a different angle. But on the other hand, it was all behind her, the situation had been cleared up, but maybe she would talk to her mother from this perspective again sometime. Maybe.

Haley reached for Simon's hand, "I'm so glad Simon, really! Your aunt really is a wonderful woman!" She smiled at him before getting a little more comfortable in her chair to talk about her holidays.

"So, where do I start?"
She considered for a brief moment but quickly the words started pouring out of her mouth like a waterfall. "Well, my parents picked me up at the station in London and I was really happy to see my dad again. You can imagine that the relationship with my mother was a bit, well, let's call it more difficult. More about that later. Anyway, we drove to our new house and it's even more beautiful in real life than in all the pictures. Oh, I can't wait to show you soon. There is still a lot to do but my parents are confident that they can keep the schedule until summer. Unfortunately I wasn't able to meet up with many old friends during the holidays as we were so busy with the house and as we use magic now and then it was too risky to have muggles over. I'll make up for it though and I've had a chance to at least talk to some on the phone."

In retrospect, Haley was sad that she couldn't visit her friends, but she had experienced so much else during the holidays that it was only half as bad. "The first week I tried to help my parents where I could, but we also spent a lot of time together and it was fine with my mother. We hadn't spoken until then and believe me, you could really feel the tension. But I had to be nice because I had a plan. I had to have her approval to go to a friend's house for the weekend. Well, my plan worked, only what my parents don't know is that this friend was my grandfather." Haley stopped for a moment and looked down at her hands, a little embarrassed. She was an honest person and she couldn't remember the last time she had actually lied. At least that was the case, because now she could remember it again and she felt bad. But she also knew that her parents would never have allowed it. She kept telling herself that she had no choice.

"Well, that weekend I went to my grandfather's and it was really, um, weird. But it was good, just, I don't know. It was a really nice time and I finally learned about my family and everything but some weird stuff happened too."

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17 Apr 2021, 22:39
Nice to see you again  PV Simon Kincaid   Fin 
Conversations with @Haley Rose[/quote]

Some weird stuff happened too.

He hated that she had to tell a lie to her parents to see her grandfather but he understood. After her mother sent the howler that announced her being a parselmouth to nearly the entire school, he understood that her family dynamics were more difficult than the could really grasp without meeting them and knew that Haley had good intentions for doing so, as she wouldn't intentionally do anything to hurt them - even her mother.

Already he felt so much better. Having Maggie know what he was and still accept him meant the world to him, just as it had when Haley had accepted him. He also felt better having told Haley that all seemed to be going well and he hoped that all was well with her too, especially with whatever this weird stuff was.

"What sort of weird stuff?" he inquired. His attention was fully on the his redheaded girlfriend and her green eyes as he asked and he patiently waited for her to explain further. She never would need to think that she was boring him, not with any subject or any amount of details. He always wanted to know what was going on with Haley and wanted to help in any way possible.

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18 Apr 2021, 16:02
Nice to see you again  PV Simon Kincaid   Fin 

@Simon Kincaid
Haley knew she could talk to Simon about anything, but when she had said that some strange things had happened, she wasn't sure if she should have kept it to herself. But it was Simon, if she could talk openly with anyone, it was him. And as she had expected, he also asked about it afterwards. Of course he did, she would have done exactly the same and secretly she had expected him to, otherwise she wouldn't have mentioned it in the first place.

"So, um." She began and faltered briefly, looking uncertainly at her hands. It was basically nothing bad but still weird. "Well, I met a lot of people there and they were all nice to me but I noticed at the beginning that they looked at me like that." Haley didn't know how to explain it and thought for a moment. "So insistent somehow, like they had some kind of expectations of me." That was something Haley had noticed in the first few minutes but she got used to it and didn't give it another thought.

But that wasn't all, of course, so she continued with her tales. "Then there was another boy about my age. He was really weird at first and at first sight I didn't like him at all." Haley had to laugh briefly when she thought back to how he had run after her without comment and also looked at her so strangely. "But we got along well during that time and kind of became friends."

But that wasn't all either. "But what I actually meant were some other events. There were rooms in the basement that I was not allowed to enter under any circumstances, and to this day I don't really know why. And one time I was approached by one of my grandfather's friends about my talent." She smiled at Simon, for he had always been the reason she considered it a talent too. "There's nothing wrong with that of course, I like talking to others about it, especially if they see it as a talent too. But he had been asking more and more questions and at times I was really overwhelmed. Something about past great wizards who also had this gift and what I would achieve with it. I still don't know what he meant by that. But before I could ask, my grandfather came and when he heard what we were talking about, he got really angry. Not at me, but at the man." A shiver went down her spine at this memory. The sight of her angry grandfather was etched in her mind and still intimidated her a little.

"Anyway, the next day I had heard noises coming from the basement. At first I couldn't place it and I was actually forbidden to go down there but I couldn't resist. When I opened the door to the basement the sounds sounded like screams." She remembered the agony she could hear from the screams. "Agonised screams." She looked a little worriedly at Simon now, but continued. "I went down the stairs as quietly as I could and there was silence. Just before I got up in the basement a door opened and my father and the man who was questioning me came out of the room. My grandfather immediately warned me that I had no business being here, but he wasn't really angry with me. I asked if everything was okay and told him that I had heard noises. He didn't really go into it and just said that his friend was always very clumsy and had caught his hand. The other man then just nodded quietly and looked at the floor."

But to this day, Haley didn't believe either of them. "There's probably nothing special in the end but somehow I don't believe them. Something else must have happened under there." Haley was quiet for a moment. She thought for a moment and started to laugh, "But in the end, I'm just making up a conspiracy theory and telling total nonsense."

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20 Apr 2021, 01:26
Nice to see you again  PV Simon Kincaid   Fin 
More information from @Haley Rose

Simon listened carefully as Haley went into more detail about the strange events during her Spring Break upon her visit with new family that she had distant ties with. It was all new to her and she obviously didn't have a lot to go on but what she told him was both fascinating and troubling.

None of that was what he had expected to hear, but then again he knew there were things in Haley's family tree that were undiscovered and mysterious. What could it possibly be that someone there at her grandfather's home seemed to be hiding? Quick thoughts came up with no answer whatsoever.

Had she actually heard screams?

Not that he knew personally, but in his mind trips to a grandparents' home should be filled with afternoon tea, crumpets, and maybe some cricket on the television. Then you'd sit and look at old photos of ancestors before helping them with dinner, a short walk, and then early bedtime. A delightful, relaxing, scream-lacking trip.

That wasn't what Haley was describing at all. Was there something bigger going on? Something deeper? It made him wonder if perhaps her mother was right to keep her away from it all. After all, screams were never for the good. They were done in fear, in agony, in pain, in suffering.

Still, he didn't want to trouble Haley and if she was wanting to find more about her family, who was he to stop her? He also didn't personally know her grandfather to know what sort of a man he was or his neighbors.

"Your he like you?" he asked curiously, trying to draw more information from her trip because he didn't want to jump to any sort of accusations here because he didn't know anything about the matter. "With your gift? What about the boy you met?"

He tried to sound casual in his words, but a small part of him was jealous. This boy that she didn't like when she first met but warmed up to him - the only one her age there. It made him a little jealous.

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21 Apr 2021, 20:00
Nice to see you again  PV Simon Kincaid   Fin 

@Simon Kincaid
Haley had the feeling that she was talking all the time and hardly took a breath between her sentences. She also felt guilty because she hardly let Simon get a word in edgewise, but that wasn't even half of what she wanted to tell him. It made her uncomfortable, which is why she didn't bring it up, she just hoped Simon wouldn't hold it against her.

At his question she started to laugh and shook her head, "No, not a bit." She and her grandfather hardly had anything in common but that wasn't a negative thing. While Haley was always cheerful and had oodles of energy, her grandfather was rather quieter and seemed to have carefully considered every move he made and every word he said. "He's rather quiet and may seem a bit strict at first glance but he's very nice and he laughs here and there. But he can't speak Parsel himself." He would like to, she knew, but he hadn't inherited that talent.

The boy, Aiden. Haley thought for a moment how best to describe him. "His name is Aiden and I really didn't like him at first. He has a strange way about him but when you get to know him better, he's not so bad." Haley thought back to the first day when they had a huge fight and started laughing. "The first day we argued so much we almost yelled at each other. But the next day we made up and for the rest of the time we got along fine. We promissed we would send letters to each other." She shrugged her shoulders, not knowing what else to say.

But the argument made her think of something else, that was about the snake and before she could think about it, she went on talking like a waterfall again. "It's the first time I've ever talked to a snake." At least she thought it was the first time. The first time was as a child, but she couldn't remember that. And suddenly she remembered that she hadn't even told him abput her family and the surprise. "Oh Simon, I'm so sorry. I have so much to tell you and I can't stop." She laughed and shook her head again, looking at him with an apologetic look.

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26 Apr 2021, 03:15
Nice to see you again  PV Simon Kincaid   Fin 
Getting more details from @Haley Rose

He smiled, not minding her rambling at all. He was interested in what had gone on during her Spring Break and wanted to know all these details - big or small. "So your first time talking to a snake..." he said, trying to wrap his head around that idea. Still, how cool must have that been?!

"What uh..." his lips pulled more into a smile, "what did the snake have to say? Did you talk about your hopes and dreams? Hidden desires and emotions? The weather?"

And this now made him wonder exactly what snakes thought about because if they could communicate with humans, or rather some humans, than did they have near human intelligence? Did they HAVE hopes and dreams, desires and emotions?

If some people could talk to snakes and it made them parselmouths, were there other magical people that could talk to other kinds of creatures? Horses? Cats? Dogs? Birds? Rodents?

Maybe that would be something he would need to write down in his notebook to research someday when he had time in the library, when he had time between all his classwork and coursework and other questions that he had about the wizarding world. They seemed to keep piling up with each day that went by - but he loved learning about it all so he didn't mind the quest.

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