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24 Mar 2021, 16:40
A New Friend And A Great Book
With @Simon Kincaid

Laura was sitting in the quiet library reading her school books for the 10th time her Aunt Lucy wanted her to be a Ravenclaw, but she's a patient and loyal Hufflepuff but she was rather like a Ravenclaw.
She turned to the next page of Fantastic Beasts (by Newt Scamander) and wondered which book to read next she only had 2 pages left she finally decided to read Magical Theory (by Adalbert Waffling). After completing the pages Laura grabbed her backpack and looked through it for Magical Theory then Laura saw a little heart shaped necklace she took it out and saw it was: her grandmother's necklace that had died early that year.
She opened the necklace and inside was a picture of an old woman dressed in a beautiful multicolored cloak and a black dress, a tear dripped on her lap and she tried not to cry, but she couldn't help it she was crying silently by a desk alone like usual.
She usually was alone mainly because no one sat by her and she liked the peace, but she thought it would be nice for someone to sit by her for once so she wasn't alone maybe it would happen one day.
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28 Mar 2021, 03:43
A New Friend And A Great Book
Starting the conversation with @Laura Thompson Brook

The past several days had been incredible difficult for Simon Kincaid to navigate. Although Spring Break was so close upon him and his fellow Hogwarts classmates, he couldn't bring himself to finish the last couple days of lessons and instead remained in his separate room of Hengist Home, his home within the Boys' Dormitory of the Hufflepuff House. He remained there, sometimes in total darkness - sometimes in total silence. He didn't feel like reading. He didn't have it in him to play his guitar. He didn't write a single word in one of his many journals.

Time dragged.

Finally, when he couldn't stand to be alone with his thoughts any more, he risked seeing one of his friends and headed to the library, where maybe he could educate himself on the matter at hand a little more.

He went to the Magical Creatures section and gathered a few books, carrying them over to an area with less students and not where he usually sat. There was a girl, a First Year Hufflepuff like himself and he knew her to be Laura Thompson Brook although he had never spoken with her. She was looking down at a locket that she had within her hand and he first thought it was sweet until he saw a tear fall.

The girl was crying.

Did he ignore it? He was in no mindset to help anyone right now. Hell, he probably shouldn't even be NEAR anyone right now. Now. Later. Ever again.

Simon set his bag down on one of the large chairs nearby and paused. He couldn't bring himself to just sit. The girl was in pain and he couldn't just not do something about it. "Who's picture is in the locket?" he asked, sparking a conversation despite everything his mind was telling him. Simon knew that even when you were troubled, talking about things always seemed to help.

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28 Mar 2021, 07:57
A New Friend And A Great Book
Laura still crying looked up and saw a First Year Hufflepuff standing there.
"Oh hello" she began trying to be normal "It's my Grandma Victoria she died 5 years ago, but no one knows where she's buried she was buried by a church, but she's not there" Laura finished.
"How are you Simon?" asked Laura brightly wiping her tears on her jacket "Thanks for letting me get that out I feel much better" and she smiled at Simon.
Laura didn't really know what to say as not a lot of people would ask Laura questions they would just walk past her, she had made a few friends. But she had - had a rough time for the time she got a howler from her Aunt Lucy just about being sorted into a different house she never had the greatest time, but she's having a great time at Hogwarts, learning and new friends were the 2 main things.
"You can sit down if you want" said Laura pointing at a seat "I'd like some company even though I like the peace" and she gave a quiet giggle carefully not to disturb any other student.
"Do you want to be my friend?" asked Laura hopefully and waited for Simon to answer.

The worlds tough, but so are you
28 Mar 2021, 16:50
A New Friend And A Great Book
Getting to know @Laura Thompson Brook

Simon looked over to the chair she had motioned to and sat down when she had offered. Normally he would have introduced himself back already, with a handshake and a smile, but he wasn't feeling so much like his usual self these days.

His mind tried to focus on her words rather than his current issues at hand. She obviously had cared for her grandmother very much and was sad for her that she had passed away but it was also very curious about the mystery that seemed to surround her burial. Maybe everyone within the castle at Hogwarts had their mysteries. Maybe everyone had their secrets.

"I think we started out in Herbology together at the start of term before they split us up and had some of us go with the Slytherins and the rest go with the Gryffindors," he said, acknowledging that he had seen her around. There was there, in Herbology, but he had also seen her in passing in the Common Room and at meal times - although he often didn't stay too long when it came to meal times as his appetite wasn't there.

He was avoiding her question. That needed to stop.

Simon Kincaid wasn't someone to dance around a subject but this one was somewhat difficult. Did he want to be her friend? Sure. That was no problem. It was the other way round that made it rather difficult. Would SHE want to really be friends with someone like him?

He tried to think back to what Haley had told him, that he was him. He always had been him and always would be him and so he tried to stick to that and let out an unnoticeable slow and steady breath. "One can never have too many friends," he said with a soft smile, less than normal, but a true smile still.

"Tell me about yourself, Laura. Where are you from? What's your family like? What kind of things do you like to do back home and what's some of your favorite parts about Hogwarts?" Lots of questions, but hey, conversation is how you got to know someone.

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4 Apr 2021, 13:42
A New Friend And A Great Book
Chatting with @Simon Kincaid

Laura smiled at Simon happily.
"Well I'm from Wales, my family's great" began Laura "I well make food for homeless Muggles and some other stuff, and I like walking around the great lake sometimes." Laura finished.
Laura was pleased Simon accepted being her friend she was quite lonely, but was very happy now. "If you want when there's holidays you can come to my house?" Laura asked hopefully "You don't have to" she finished quickly. Laura turned and grabbed her backpack and pulled out her book The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection. She turned to page 23 and started to read. Then Laura thought she was being slightly rude to Simon so she closed the book and stared at Simon. "Come on Laura you're being creepy" she thought so she smiled at Simon and looked away quickly and thought what to ask Simon.
"What about you Simon where are you from? How's your family?" asked Laura looking up at Simon smiling and thinking about some other questions she could ask Simon to get to know him. "What about where he's from" Laura thought.
She waited for Simon to answer she didn't mind a late reply she'd probably be in the library most of the day.

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4 Apr 2021, 14:47
A New Friend And A Great Book
More introductions with @Laura Thompson Brook

He was glad to hear that her family was great and found it interesting that she was from Wales. He wasn't sure he had ever met someone from Wales before. She also mentioned walking around The Great Lake often and he knew that must be nice. He liked nature, he just couldn't be out in it too much - especially there at Hogwarts with such an early curfew of 8PM. He had been out to the Great Lake all of one time in his First Year there at Hogwarts. That was it.

In mid-conversation she paused to look at her book but closed it fairly quickly. He didn't seem to mind. He felt she was either finishing a quick paragraph or trying to remember what page she was on. Judging from the title, he wondered if she favored Defense Against the Dark Arts for classes.

When she said he should come visit her in Wales someday, he was surprised because the two had just met, but then again he had just been wondering what Wales was like. "When you mentioned you were from Wales, I was curious to what it's like there. I've never been. I don't think I've ever met someone from there, either. I know Wales has a good deal of singers. Stereophonics are from there," he showed his love of music. "Is there a lot of sheep there?"

He didn't mean to show his London ignorance, but that was what a lot of those in England thought when they thought of Wales. Sheep.

"Me, I'm from London. Born and Raised. South Kensington area,"
he threw out that detail in case she had ever been there. He knew London like the back of his hand but really hadn't seen much else in the world beside it. "I live there with my Aunt Maggie. She's the best."

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10 Apr 2021, 09:23
A New Friend And A Great Book
Laura gave a slight giggle at being asked if there were sheep in Wales, but stopped as she didn't want to offend Simon,
"Yes there are a lot of sheep and a lot of lambs sometimes as well" she said smiling.
"So what Hogwarts House are you in?" asked Laura curiously "I'm in Hufflepuff but my Aunt Lucy wanted me to be in Ravenclaw she sent me a howler just because I'm in Hufflepuff" finished Laura furious at her Aunt Lucy. But again she tried to hide being angry and she hides things very well so she thought that Simon hadn't noticed.
Yeah my Uncle Peter lives in England, but he's actually Welsh" said Laura curious about Simon's life "Tell me about yourself and a bit about your Aunt Maggie" finished Laura smiling, but she realised it might have been a bit rude "Sorry if I sounded rude" said Laura super, duper quickly.
Laura waited for Simon's reply, but she wondered if Simon would walk away and pretend she didn't exist.
"Later" she began "Do you want to sit by me for dinner? Not a lot of people want to sit by me they sit as far away as possible I don't know why. Do you?" asked Laura hopefully.

@Simon Kincaid

The worlds tough, but so are you
17 Apr 2021, 03:56
A New Friend And A Great Book
Taking up the offer of @Laura Thompson Brook

Simon wondered for a moment what the difference was between sheep and lambs. He wasn't really sure. Then again, he really didn't get much opportunity to see any livestock type animals or know much about them since he lived in South Kensington in London, right smack in the middle of the London Underground and the Capital of Britain. The only animals he saw were squirrels in Hyde Park, pigeons, and dogs when people were out walking them, jogging with them, or playing a game of fetch.

"Hufflepuff as well," he said. "I think I've seen you in passing in the common room a time or two," he answered her question about what house he was in. She mentioned her aunt being upset that she wasn't in Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw was noble enough and could understand why someone wanted to be in there but Hufflepuff was amazing as well. "I'm glad I'm in Hufflepuff. Personally, I think it's the best house," he smiled widely.

"No, not rude at all. We've got to get to know one another somehow, right? My Aunt Maggie...she's amazing. She's the kindest person I've ever met with the biggest heart. She works at this bakery and bookshop and I adore her." What else was there to say? "She's my guardian. It's just her and I. She's twenty-five and sometimes I'm not sure which of us is the adult," he laughed a little. "But yeah, I'd like that. I can meet you down in the Great Hall today if that works for you."

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