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27 Jun 2019, 23:08
Application for Specialty Races or Abilities
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Name of Ability or Race that you Are Applying for: Perfectionist

Describe why this fits your character: Perfectionists are found in almost every race on Earth. Muggles even have their share of Perfectionists. Wizard Perfectionists want everything perfect including the spells they produce.

Lallie has been a perfectionist for almost her entire life. You could even say it's a bit of an addiction. In fact, it is by all accounts an addiction.

When Lallie was a small girl she didn't have a care in the world. She would run around carelessly, playing with her friends and just enjoying life without the void of existence and the cruelness of the world hanging over the small Lallie's head yet. Then her parents started butting into her life.

"Leo's got into Gifted at your age." "Leo was taking math with the older kids at your age" "Oh I remember Leo got a 42/40 on that exam. What did you get, a 40/40?"

These voices would ring in and out of Lallie's head for most of her childhood. Her parents would always compare everything she did to the way her older brother, Leo, did it. It was as if her parents would never think anything Lallie did was good enough. Leo was a child prodigy, god forbid Lallie didn't follow in his footsteps and become a child prodigy too.

Lallie wanted to please her parents though, as most children do her age. It started out tame, Lallie would put so much effort into everything she worked on. This allowed her to soar in her classes but of course, her parents only saw how she failed in comparison to Leo.

Lallie wasn't about to give up though. She put all her blood, sweat, and tears into everything she did. She worked so hard for such a hard time she naturally experienced burnout. She sunk deeper and why'll she was able to keep her grades afloat for a time her grades and her work slowly dropped.

Her teachers noticed this and talked to her parents about it. Her parents looked so disappointed in her. Their smart girl's grades had dropped. Seeing that look in their eyes made something snap in her head.

'You'll never be good enough for your parents.' 'You're just a trashy version of your brother.' 'How can you be so stupid as to let your grades drop?'

This voice was different from her parents' voices, it was deep, warped and evil sounding. The way Lallie's life turned out she developed a deep-rooted inferiority complex. Everything she did was never good enough, everything she did she told herself she could do better, even if she couldn't.

Lallie doesn't blame her parents or her brother for this. This wasn't their fault, it wasn't anyone's fault. She still loves her parents and her brother. They are very loving and nurturing even if her parents could sometimes be too critical.

That's how Lallie became a Perfectionist. A bitter psychological self-hatred rooted deeply in her brain. While many were Perfectionists to strive to be better, Lallie was a Perfectionist because it was an addiction. Now it's everything she does down to how she uses the magic engrained in her.

Please list out your stats using the 6-point stat system:
Stamina: 6
Evasion: 7
Strength: 0
Wisdom: 9
Arcane Power: 5
Accuracy: 8
Status: Approved

"You cannot now believe that you will ever feel better. But this is not true. You are sure to be happy again. Knowing this, truly believing it will make you less miserable now."
- Abraham Lincoln

30 Jun 2019, 21:05
Application for Specialty Races or Abilities
Link to your encyclopedia thread: Anastasia Beckett
Name of Ability or Race that you Are Applying for: Lovely Creature Ability
Describe why this fits your character:
Anastasia Beckett is strikingly pretty for an eleven-year-old, and as she ages, only becomes lovelier. Her mother was considered one of the greatest beauties of her class and had boys falling over her while she was young. Even now, she is one of the prettiest women one will ever hope to lay eyes on. However, this lovely woman valued little beyond her own beauty and success. She married highly traditional, pureblooded Oliver Beckett. As a result, beauty was a strongly valued attribute in Anastasia's life from early on, and she takes things like doing her hair or making certain her outfits and jewelry are perfectly coordinated for granted.

She is aware that she is pretty but doesn't give it much weight in her life, which somehow makes her beauty more captivating. Despite the fact that she puts a decent amount of effort into her appearance on a daily basis, she shrugs aside compliments on her looks. Truth is she's gotten comments about her looks she was quite young and is used to them. She is polite when her looks are mentioned, but she often changes the subject as though her looks are perfectly normal. 

She is both delicate and fierce at the same time, which often catches people off guard. Her unique and somewhat aggressive personality combined with her fair looks makes her a fearsome opponent. Many will simply focus on her looks and be caught unaware by her considerable intellect or biting wit. Others are blindsided by her abnormal willingness to set things on fire or escalate situations at the slightest provocation. Even if someone does not judge her by her looks, most will be surprised at the arguably ugly things this beauty is capable of doing. 

She is also a master manipulator, which means she will use each and every advantage she has to the fullest capacity. When she wishes, she can be surprisingly flirtatious, or as flirtatious as one can really be at eleven. She considers those who focus on her beauty to be somewhat foolish and has absolutely no qualms about tricking them into doing her wishes. This ranges from Anastasia playing on her mother's shallow friends' ideas about her to get extra sweets to fooling boys into doing extremely foolish and occasionally dangerous things. A majority of the time, she uses this influence for good, but that small sliver of time when she doesn't... 

That is when Anastasia Beckett is at her most dangerous.

WC - 408 words
Please list out your stats using the 6-point stat system:
Stamina: 3
Evasion:  7
Strength:  4
Wisdom:  9
ArcPower: 7
Accuracy: 5
STATUS: Approved

Long story short, I survived

Stats - Strength: 5, Agility: 6, Control: 12, Stamina:7

30 Jun 2019, 21:37
Application for Specialty Races or Abilities
Link to Encyclopaedia
Name of Race/Ability: Seer.
Describe why this fits your character:
The Seer ‘race’ or ‘ability’ is extremely rare as it is a recessive gene within magical heritage. Tracing back over Marissa’s family tree, one would finally find after many twist and turns, an ancestor in the 13th century on her Mother’s side, showing Seer like symptoms throughout their life. Known as ‘Eustace’, records only write that he was seen as a fortune teller within a small town. The wizard kept his true identity a secret as the burning of ‘witches’ was slowly becoming popular. He kept a diary simply stating he would mostly give fake stories, as the prophecies did not come at will, only coming randomly. On her Father’s side, a woman called Adelaide North in the 19th century was also a seer. A higher middle-class woman, keeping her ability a secret to the muggle world obviously and a low profile within the wizarding world. Not much is known about her since she shunned from her family at a later age. She had no children and was never married, viewing her Seer ability as a curse. If traced back, she is Marissa’s 3rd great grand auntie. These two blood lines were never related until when Marissa and Claryssa North were born.

Mari has obviously never met either of these people are they died many years before she was even born. Her family only knew a small amount of information about Adelaide North, since nearly all of her existence was wiped from the North family’s books. And with Eustace being a long ago ancestor, they never put Marissa or Claryssa being a seer into consideration. Both of Mari’s parents were muggles as her grandmother on her maternal side was a squib, and her great grandfather on her paternal was also a squib. Only when the North twins were born that the magic gene was active once again. So it became a shock to both of the adults when the girls began to show magical signs.

She was about five years old when her ability showed first signs, what she thought was a dream was a quick snippet of the near future.  Only of her mother and father checking on her and her sister to see if they were asleep. Whenever the small snippet would appear, Marissa would often just brush it off as deja vu or a dream if she was asleep. This was due mostly to her not knowing about the Magical world up until she got her Hogwarts letter. There are many ways her ability showed, just like how it influenced her physical appearance. As a child she would always get told she looked somewhat different to her twin sister, by their height and hair colour. Only when summer came did their hair truly look similar due to the sun bleaching both of the girls’ hair.

Marissa has no idea about her ability just yet, due to only the major signs showing up within the Third Year.

So if Marissa were to become this race, it would slowly appear in her threads with prophecies appearing and obviously her appearance, her hair slowly turning white throughout the years. Becoming a Seer would obviously help and steer Mari’s development in a new and unique way.
WC: 535
Please list out your stats using the 6-point stat system:
Race: Seer.
Stamina: 6
Evasion:  6
Strength:  7
Wisdom:  7
ArcPower: 8
Accuracy: 6
STATUS: Approved
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M. North

30 Jun 2019, 21:53
Application for Specialty Races or Abilities
Link to your encyclopedia thread: Elena Liana Jones
Name of Ability or Race that you Are Applying for: Seer
Describe why this fits your character (not why you the player want it):
The future has always been something of a mystery to Elena, but only the long term. The girl lived in chaos and her distant future changed accordingly, good then bad as plans were scrapped and rewritten. Though there was always some knowledge of the short term, a few minutes, maybe an hour at most, but it was there. It started as flashes...

Elena always had a good instinct, above average, one could say. Back in London she'd always be in the right place to get the best items, if a gullible tourist was walking around she somehow was able to walk into them. In Hogwarts the feelings got stronger, a feeling she should take a walk through the Second Floor right before an explosion occurred. The feeling that she needed to move right before the dhampir lashed out with a spell and somehow she absolutely knew that the Cabins were the right place to go.

Elena dragged one of her best friends out of the Abandoned Toilets, she blasted a pair of kidnappers with spell after spell to save other students, and that's not the end of it. In fact there's much much more.

Little things added up too, knowing that studying in the owlery one night would be quiet, or would be a good idea. Her skin crawling when something bad is about to happen, or not wanting to stay in a corridor for too long. Even the echoes of past events in a way could be felt, it wasn't unusual to find out that somewhere that felt wrong had been the epicentre of something horrible.

That's not all though, at age seven the dreams started, Elena would wake up soaked in sweat and screaming, but even then she couldn't remember what she'd seen. Once someone had told her she was talking in her sleep, weird rhymes and strange other worldly parables. The girl chalked it up to too many fantasy books at the time. Later on, after waking up too many times from nightmares she did remember, Elena started to see danger in every corner, as if everything that could be was blending in front of her eyes. Giving her a sense of information overload and making her, for once, afraid.

At age nine though, right before she took a running jump off a rooftop, she got more than a feeling of impending doom, or instinct. It was her, slipping and falling, but by the glimpse finished it was too late, and Elena was only saved by accidental magic. Although she never told anybody, it happened a few more times throughout the years, but Elena never told a soul, afraid of being marked as insane. In the library at Hogwarts though, her reading took her to the shelves listing magical races, and inside she found a reference to a race known as Seers.

It all became clear, the flashes, the intuition, how Elena knew where to be from the quidditch pitch to when she was working on an article. Who to talk to, where to go, and hell even what spells to cast, there's a point when instinct is too accurate to be mundane. Elena has reached beyond that point time and time again, trying to save the people around her or just trusting her gut. One thing's for sure, blue hair dye sure does cover white hairs well.
Word Count: 561

Name of Ability or Race that you Are Applying for: Fearless
Describe why this fits your character (not why you the player want it):
They say the streets of London are meant to be no place for a child, and that's right, they aren't. Although when you were very likely thought to be born on them, it breeds a certain level of fearlessness, the ability to walk into danger to save people, not to fear those who pretty much should be feared. It was one of the only parts of herself Elena thought was a leadership skill. Bravery.

Elena may not have been a Gryffindor, lacking most of the chivalry that would've tipped the scales away from the house of the cunning, but as for bravery Elena has it in droves. Not enough time to be terrified when you're dealing with your problems, at least that's what she'd say if anyone asked her.

From volunteering for duelling and quidditch, to walking up and talking to the kid that once tried to kill her, Elena has exhibited amazing decision making skills. If amazing is a synonym of terrible and insane, then that's correct, at least they were amazingly brave, or rather fearless.

As for deliberate intimidation, Elena has been known to brush this off and start needling the opponent, from Falentra Black to Imani Percival, any kind of fear had been replaced by a need to tell them off, naturally with an edgy yet large helping of snark and sarcasm.

The only times Elena has been afraid were when she hadn't slept, and even then if danger arrived she was quick to ignore it in favour of acting however was going to help her the best in the moment. Also when she was afraid there was nothing she could do to stop herself from losing someone she loved.

Growing up reading tales of heroes, especially of ones who succeeded against the odds, and ones that got darker to try and save the people they loved influenced Elena. Making her act more like them, cover up the pain, and the fear, make sure you do what is right no matter the consequences.

A fearless nature, from the world she came from and the worlds she's read, Elena isn't a Gryffindor, not one of the brave and true that dwell there. But in the end a Slytherin made of cunning and ambition, daring and bravery, someone who would be more than willing to stand in the line of fire for her goals, or for the people she loved. That's what Elena Jones is, fearless.
Word Count: 407

Stamina → 3
Evasion → 8
Strength → 2
Wisdom → 7
ArcPower → 8
Accuracy → 7
STATUS: Approved

I'm weak my love.

1 Jul 2019, 02:55
Application for Specialty Races or Abilities
Year One

Link to your encyclopedia thread: Encyclopedia Page

Race: Seer

At a very young age, Landon always found himself avoiding danger whether it was physical or emotional. His first memory of such a case was when he was seven years old and he was playing with his basketball outside. Unbeknownst to his parents, who were consumed with their own workload that they always brought home, Landon had missed a three pointer and the ball bounced against the back rim and found it rolling to the middle of the street.

Young Landon, with his oversized t-shirt and faded blue jeans, had run after the ball but had found himself stopping halfway through the two-way street. The aforementioned street had a horrible reputation of cars speeding through and completely disregarding the thirty-five speed limit. Something within the young boy told him not to go any further, despite wanting his poor ball. And just as he had stopped, a two-door Acura TLX zipped right passed the seven year old.

Landon felt his black locks fly back as the car zipped through his line of sight and he could almost make out the shocked face of a young teenager who put both hands back on the stirring wheel. The mili-second moment had gone extremely slow for Landon and he was stuck in a trance.


The explosion of his basketball snapped him back to the present as the car continued down the street, its backlights glowing a soft red. When Landon looked for his ball again, he found it some feet away and completely obliterated flat. He ran to it and picked it up gingerly as tears welled in his eyes.

It was then that his parents rushed to the door and Landon could almost hear the gasps and prayers from across the street. He watched as his mother ran toward him and within seconds, he was swooped into her arms, his head (forcibly) shoved into her dark brown mane. He could barely hear the words that came out of her mouth as he tried to get free of the tangled mess. When he finally did, he saw his father across the street. He could see the look of hurt and … guilt? But there was something else in his eyes that Landon couldn’t place as a seven year old.

It wouldn’t be until years later when he became a Wizard that he would question that fateful evening all those years ago. When he had arrived home during a winter break from Hogwarts, the discussion had aroused and Landon pushed the topic to be had and told … truthfully.

It was then that his muggle father confided a secret to the young eleven year old while his muggle wife tended to cook the evening meal. He whispered low so that Landon would be the only one to hear,

“I knew you were a wizard, son. My mother was. And she had a rare gift that I think is hidden deep with those … “ His father paused, and did something he had never done to Landon. He cupped his right cheek and brought his face closer. Landon could see his father’s eyes examining his own. “Those eyes, son.”

His father went on to mention that Landon’s grandmother had foreseen that very moment from happening; her grandchild saved just barely from a black car and said that it would be the moment his father should know that his son, Landon, was a wizard.

Despite the secrecy, Landon couldn't help but wonder if his mom, only a room away, held a similar family secret. Perhaps he did come from wizards from both sides of his family. In that moment, he decided that he would learn more about his family lineage even if his parents had hid it from him for all these years.

Word Count:600

Year Two

Ability: Perfectionist

Landon recalled one of his first classes when he had to perform the levitation charm. Being new to the magical word, he knew he stepped into a realm that he was sorely disadvantaged at with most of the students in Hogwarts being from families that practiced magic and exposed their children to it every day. He hadn’t realized how disadvantaged he was until that fateful charms class. He had tried to levitate a piece of bread only for it to backfire and instead of the slice flying – he went flying across the room. He could still recall the laugher and snickering from those around him. It was then he vowed to never allow himself to be bested by anyone.

Thus, he began studying, practicing, and obsessing over making sure that when he did perform a spell – it wasn’t just successful but it was done with such a sense of control and precision that he would stand out among his peers. He’d study the pronunciation of each spell countless times as his dorm-mates turned in their beds, sleeping through their third dream. He would seclude himself away and work on his wand movement, as well as his wand-draw, in order to create the most effortless flourish and execution of any spell that was uttered through his lips. Even within the confinements of his mind, he would think of nothing else but the task at hand. He had learned a secret to charm casting or at the very least, if it weren’t a secret to most, it was news to him.

The ability to perform a spell wasn’t just about concentrating on the outcome. As he waved his wand through the air for any spell, he considered the process or the ‘why’ as to spell’s intention. By concentrating upon that, he found himself more and more successful every time he said an incantation. It was what helped him through many of his classes when it came to spell casting and he hoped, it would carry him on to be one of the greatest wizards that would leave House Slytherin.

Even his rise to top student, Landon credited it to his perfectionist mentality. He needed to be the best and to prove to people that his muggle-born parentage didn’t defy him as a wizard. It was his capability, his tenacity, his will to be the best that would truly defy him as the wizard he was becoming.

Word Count: 404


STATUS: Approved
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A Seer and a Perfectionist
Stamina 7 | Evasion 4 | Strength 1 | Wisdom 6 | Arcane 9 | Accuracy 8

1 Jul 2019, 02:57
Application for Specialty Races or Abilities
Link to Encyclopedia: Quinn Healy
Name of Race: Half Giant
Why does this work:
Quinn had a secret. A secret he kept so tight lipped that no one outside his family knew such a secret existed. Unfortunately, this was one of those secrets that would eventually come to light despite up unto this point it being perfectly well hidden. Totally nonexistent to the oblivious or uninformed. So, what was this secret one may ask? Well it was the simple fact that Quinn's father. One of the people he cherishes most in this world and one of the people who raised him. Isn't his biological father. No that part of his family tree gets much more complicated.

For you see according to his Móraí, Quinn's mother had become romantically involved with a giant of all creatures. How that worked even with magic, boggled Quinn's mind. Honestly, it was more of the fact Quinn's father, the person he recognized as such wasn't his biological father. Only since his Da raised him all his life and he did not find this out until the age of 8. Well then his Da was his Da...biological or not.

This whole situation becomes complicated, because as it turns out his conception happened while his mother was married to his Da. The giant with which this happened was an old friend of his Ma's, an old friend that no one knew about. On an unrelated research assignment she had undertaken she went out into the Irish countryside. It was at an undisclosed location where she uncovered a tribe of giants that were dwelling in a sanctuary of sorts. It was a place obscured by magic and supposedly inaccessible...well that last bit was obviously a lie now.

As the story goes she let her curiosity get the better of her and started to observe the tribe until she spotted her "old friend". From there the two began to reconnect and against her better judgement, on such excursion she did the deed with a creature that wasn't her husband. While at the time the relationship between his father and mother was vastly strained leading to this reckless move. It was still what it was.

This is all Quinn really knew...or anyone for that matter. His mother remained impregnable about the subject. His father? Well Quinn dared not broach the awkward subject with him. What's done is done. Somehow his father came out loving him as his own and never once judged Quinn for something out of his control. Either that or Quinn never noticed. Regardless he loved them both dearly, they were still together, and he now had too very annoying but to die for baby sisters.

A person maybe wondering why a family member would tell him any of this at such a young age when he barely understood the severity of all this. Well that was because Quinn wasn't like most. He was always more observant and even curious then most. So much so, that it hid his terrible struggles with magic. Something he went through great lengths to hide from everyone, aside from those closest to him. See, this all relates to the bluntness that Quinn possesses and the questions he should know better then asking. The fact he was already taller then anyone his age should have been raised flags in his mind, plus a small slip up from his grandfathers when they didn't know he was there. The rest was history, when he went to go ask his mother. Who promptly shirked the responsibility onto his grandmother.

Many would assume he harbors some resentment towards them. This is not the case end of story. It's clear where he gets his anger issues from though. Quinn has always struggled with patience...and his anger. After awhile he tried bottling everything up and it worked. If it couldn't get out and no one knew about it then there was absolutely nothing to worry about...
Word Count: 644
Link to Encyclopedia: Quinn Healy
Ability: Sixth Sense
Describe why this fits your character (not why you the player want it):
There had always been one thing that described Quinn the most. It was his extraordinary skills of observation. He had a knack for people watching and had always been keen on noticing things about a person or place that most would not pick up on. This was displayed in his interaction with most people and his eye for detail. His sketches were not that good but they always had some Form of detail that normally would go missed. An example of this is in how he dealt with one of his closest friends Alexx. He could generally tell when she was putting up a front for his sake. There was just something about her smile that when not genuine Granted it was only a feeling but the fact he picked up on it enough for it to be a feeling was testament.

He had a habit of keeping his things in the same place. It was an early way he found out to tell if someone had been through his things. He didn't know how to describe it but ever since he could really walk and interact. He always noticed the patterns and signs that many missed. The slight ques a person may have to show that they were indeed hurting or sad even if they tried to hide it.

It showed the most in his interactions when he talked to people. How he would awkwardly stare at times or point out the smallest things. If it was place he knew he generally knew if something was out of place. Again it was something he couldn't quite place and yet it also felt totally natural to him. Call it extreme observation or his gut feelings but this is how Quinn had always been. It definitely helped with riddles and puzzle solving. He was perfectly content with That.

It had actually become a game for him. Whenever he met a new person or an old friend he would see what was new. He would try to unravel them with his eyes. Try to pick out every crack in their defense, every new wound, scar, or blemish. It was the same with entering a new room or place. What looked off, what looked interesting, what looked dangerous? Every time these were questions that passed through his mind.

After a certain incident this almost turned into full blown paranoia so his guard was always up. Though he disguised it as his usual curiosity, which to the unobservant will most certainly come off as normal. It was Quinn afterall.
Word Count: 404
Total: 40
Stamina: 12
Evasion: 2
Strength: 13
Wisdom: 8
Arcane Power: 2
Accuracy: 3

STATUS: Approved

To fear the unknown is to fear progress, don't shy away from it. Embrace it and discover something new.

1 Jul 2019, 05:06
Application for Specialty Races or Abilities
Link to your encyclopedia thread: Dale Kurt
Name of Ability or Race that you Are Applying for: Calming Presence
Describe why this fits your character:
Dale's father, Jamey Kurt, was a very calm man. Ever since he a child he never got worked up, never threw tantrum, even as a baby he cried very little compared to other babies. As he grew up the more he noticed how calm people were around him, but he always put it in the back of his head, never considering it was a special gift.

Now Dale himself was also a calm child, he never threw tantrums, never caused trouble for his parents, and always ate his vegetables. His father instantly saw the resemblance between him and his son, and being the scientist he is, decided to do a test. He brought Dale to daycare and sat him near two crying babies, almost instantly both children ceased there crying. Amazed, Jamey had no idea what to do, being the nervous man he, he simply pushed all thought related to this "special ability" into the back of his head. "Snap out of it Jamey, you've got a wife, child, and job to worry about, you can't get all worked up over some simple coincidence. " But Dale was just as smart as his dad.

When Dale entered his first year of elementary school was when he first started to notice his "special ability". One spring day during recess two children were shouting insults each other, the teachers were on the other side of the field and couldn't see the kids, soon the insults escalated, and that's when Dale stepped in, "H-Hey guy you should cut that out before the teacher notice", Dale timidly said, instantly both kids calmed down "Uhh, yeah, what where we even fighting about" said the first boy, "Im not sure, wanna play ball?". Both kids ran off, leaving Dale very confused.

From then on Dale continued to have these sort of interaction with his fellow student, Dale soon was very aware of his ability by the time he turned 8, but he never told his parents, he was scared his parents would make a big deal out of it. But when he was 10 his father finally decided to confront his son on their "special ability", "Hey Dale, I need to talk to you about something". He explained to his son all his experiences with his "special ability", Dale was shocked at first but quickly snapped out of it, He then explained his own experiences "Uhh. yeah I have been having similar experiences at school", both father and son stared at each other and then let out a small laugh, they had decided to just ignore the ability. And then Dale's letter to Hogwarts arrived

At Hogwarts Dale continued to have the same effect on people, he was able to calm down his fellow nervous student on the train and the boat, and he helped many people during the sorting ceremony. Sadly though he himself is still a nervous wreck most of the time. 

Word count: 488

Strength: 6
Control: 8
Agility: 10
Stamina: 6

Stamina:    8
Evasion:       5
Strength:    5
Wisdom:     12
ArcPower:  5
Accuracy:   5

6-point stats
Status: Approved
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Stamina: 10 Evasion: 5 Strength: 5 Wisdom: 17 ArcPower: 5 Accuracy: 5

Lovely Creature|Calming Pressence|Statistically Relevant +2 Wis|Binding Mark|

1 Jul 2019, 13:01
Application for Specialty Races or Abilities
Encyclopedia: Meenauh Silmataurea
Prodigal Charms Learner

A nice thing about being a wizard-born was that there was no quality tracking for the underage magic in wizards' houses due to the Trace charms' inability to distinguish the exact person to cast the spell and blah-blah. And the fact that her mother was particularly perfect in Charms was quite a bonus to all that.

Father told Meenauh that children until a certain age are quite capable of wandless magic, which he always found fascinating. But her mother had cared about safety no less than Meenauh did later on. Probably Meenauh got it from her mother. So until a certain age, Meenauh wasn't allowed to practice. But Mother did see that Meenauh was very conscious about safety. And moreover, she was very profound at approaching, well, everything. So at the age of 9, her mother allowed her to use the wand to study the hand movements of simple spells and they used to spell out the incantations together. The practice had to be done separately: so first the silent movements and incantations to be studied and pronounced separately. Father always laughed at that because he believed that only theory wasn't sufficient to cast spells. That it was about the feeling of it. So he kept insisting that the mother would allow Meenauh to cast simple spells that couldn't harm her in any way.

And after several months of studying her mother surrendered. Partially because Meenauh herself was too excited to try out her powers. And she did well. Mother herself was surprised, though she felt a lot like breaking the law for allowing her child to use magic. She also mentioned that she was always worried about how the school approached the safety measures, so she even agreed that practising a few spells at home wouldn't hurt. The spells were simple and used to help her mother in her day-to-day home activities. Apart from the simple spells, her father used to tell her about more advanced charms that she would face later in her educational years. As he said it was much easier to apprehend when you heard about a spell at least once before. It speeded up things.

Though she didn't manage to develop her skills to cast spells without a wand, she was particularly good at simple cleaning and fixing spells, which turned out handy in everyday life. Studying all those first-year spells before she actually got to Hogwarts helped in further spellcasting when Meenauh was legally authorised to use magic in the school, so she went quite fast in her studying and practice, and was very craving to learn more.
Word Count: 434
Please, don't update my trunk just yet, I'll post a full update post via the Encyclopedia Update Form.
STATUS: Approved. Your trunk has been updated to maintain a papertrail. Your ability has been appoved and you may send a coding in the Update Thread anytime

Meenauh Silmataurea | STA: 5 | EVA: 9 | STR: 2 | WIS: 15 | ARC: 10 | ACC: 11 |

1 Jul 2019, 13:36
Application for Specialty Races or Abilities
Year One: Perfectionist
Encyclopedia Link: Link
Ability: Perfectionist
When Angellica has something in her head, it isn't in her feet as would say the French. She's studious, and will do absolutely anything to achieve her goals. Highly motivated by the approval of her father, her actions are dictated by the need to prove herself a worthy daughter, and show her worth as a person. From a young age, she's displayed a need to show him just how good a daughter she could be. From attempting to read at his side in the library as a small child, to ensuring her appearances were as close to perfection in his presence. Of course she wanted more than the vain expressions of perfection, and now at Hogwarts, that means high grades, and recognition.

From her arrival at Hogwarts, she has been very meticulous about her schedule, even going so far as to combine studying and attempts at friendship by creating a study group within the Ravenclaw Common Room.  Homework has been exciting, and once it was opened to her, she was more than happy to do every one, even going so far as to add her sources. Angellica sometimes gets distracted by how much she wants to succeed, these few instances have been seen in homework - especially Transfiguration where her knowledge overshadowed the question, a very Ravenclaw trait.

Though my no means very athletic, she's even joined the Ravenclaw Quidditch team in hopes to show her versatility and ability to succeed to her family. The team means a lot to her, as does her appearance. To make up for her lack of strength she would even go so far as to help out clean up after the Blossom Ball to help build the bonds of teamwork, but also show that she is more than a cute blonde girl that needs to brush her hair a hundred times before bed.

Early in her academic career, Angellica set herself the goal to help bring Ravenclaws to victory through homework and point earning. Though she was first to break the point record, in the end she found herself second place by the end of month by a difference of nine points. Having been too eager for homework the month before, and too excited for certain subjects, she has plans to do even better in her Second Year. She already has a plan to ensure her O average is more than just a majority of Os and more of a series of Os. She doesn't want to Exceed Expectations, Angellica wants to be Outstanding, and she plans to prove she can be in every single aspect of her life, starting with her academic career.


Stamina:  4 || Evasion: 5 || Strength:  4 || Wisdom: 4 || ArcPower: 6 || Accuracy:  7
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Year Two: Metamorphmagus
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Ability: Metamorphmagus
The Rowley family has had a long history of Magic, and though they do not attract attention to themselves, they once did. For centuries, the wizarding world has been at odds with itself and the muggle world. In England, the Sacred Twenty-Eight were carefully picked to represent the vessels of the remnants of purity. An establishment of the who's who of the Magical world. It's been stated time and time again that to maintain a tree, genealogical or literal, one must prune it. The Rowleys are the result of such pruning, stripped of the Rowle name and established as being less than, not quite, and very much a disappointment as per the diminution of the name, or so it is recounted. Some believe this isn’t accurate, and that the establishment of the family was purely to smite the concept of blood purity and mock them.

Either way, everything began with a set of siblings long lost and wrenched from the family tree for showing a magical trait the family had buried deep in their history. They were in their second year at Hogwarts when their talent surfaced for the first time, and though they were excited for it, they kept it a secret at first. Metamorphagi. In the beginning, it was a source of fondness, a display of sheer magic demonstrating itself, but it soon became a reason to believe their line had been tainted, quarrel rising within  the ranks and essentially tearing the tree apart. Their parents tried to get the twins to stop using their abilities, but it didn't work. Eventually, when the siblings not only refused to hide, but also showed some empathy for entities beyond the sacred bloodline, their entire existence was squashed, and with it the abomination of their abilities. A part of the family pulled away when talk of killing the siblings arose, a rift that was irreparable beginning to draw a trench.

The twins used their gift to hide from all the chaos their family caused, choosing one appearance to maintain, and establishing the Rowley line in spite. They made a vow to never use their gift again, unless they had to hide, and as such, the secret was lost within the line. Their children never showed the trait, and neither did their grandchildren. In time, it seemed like the gene would never appear in another Rowley. Seven generations later, the old stories of glamours and shapeshifting were lost, considered silly stories less worthy than those of Beedle the Bard. With most of the family's historical heirlooms in the great fire of 1882, most journals and chronicals the twins kept were lost forever, though they were considered the product of delirium as their work was often broken up in odd sequences, sentences, and partial secret code. In time, even the descendants of the Rowley twins left the past to be long forgotten in the annals of time, choosing to remain cautious and keep to themselves without drawing  unwarranted attention. Most chose to keep to the wizard world, though no major fuss was made to the few that opted to marry muggleborns. In the wars, they remained neutral, opting to ignore the bad as much as they good in order not to attract it upon themselves.

Soon commencing her second year, Angellica's quest to make her family proud has sparked the gene laid dormant within her. It would appear in her second year, just as it had her ancestors. At first it would be discreet, a simple shift in eye color, and then grow to a change in hair color that would leave her annoyed to say the least. This would lead to a genealogical hunt, and a struggle to deal with her differences and how it would affect her relation to her family and peers. Adolescence can be enough of a change, to deal with one that would suggest being more than  wizard-born would be even greater. Especially while learning to control one's appearance, something Angellica is very meticulous about.
Stamina:  5 || Evasion: 5 || Strength: 5 || Wisdom: 5 || ArcPower: 7 || Accuracy:  8
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Application for Specialty Races or Abilities
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“Name of ability or race you’re applying for: part Veela.
Describe why this fits your character:
The Veela. One of the most beautiful creatures in the world. Min-seo was part Veela, or so it seemed so. Min-seo’s mother was exceedingly beautiful. Long light brown hair reaching her waist, warm dark eyes that could turn black if angry, a perfect, slim figure with pale skin, petite hands and feet, she always looked like she was floating when she walked. Her father, Minho Kim, met her on a trip to France. Her mother wasn’t French she was Korean, but they met there. Mi-Lin used her powers on him at first because he was very attractive, black hair and cold dark eyes. Mi-Lin had too big of a heart to continue, so she decided to pull away her powers to see how he’d react. He still loved her without what she was doing to him. A year later, they were married on June 21st, they day that they first met. It was an extravagant wedding, with Min’s father being part of a rich Pureblood family. All of his family had come, although very surprised that he married a Veela. Two years later, they had their first child. It was a boy, and they named him Ji-woo. He had inherited his fathers looks. He wasn’t half Veela, thankfully. He was the heir, so it was good that it didn’t affect him. They were worried though, because if they had another child, she might be affected. A few years later, their second child was born. This was Min-seo Kim. She was the one who inherited the power. She looked just like her mother. She had her fathers black hair, but everything else was the same. The same eyes, doll like features, everything. She also had her mother’s nasty temper. She seemed to turn into a monster of some sort when she had tantrums. The family was living just fine until a fire burned down the family house, killing Mi-Lin, Minho, and their baby, Jeong-ja. When the two oldest siblings moved to Britain, Min-seo started to figure out what she was. Her mother never told her nor her brother what they actually were. She started noticing that people would be pulled toward her, not knowing what hit them. She was pretty, none the less, but it was like a force was controlling them. She also started to notice her temper. Her and her brother would fight over the stupidest things, and she would lash out at him. She would turn into this sort of half black raven of some sorts. She wouldn’t attack her brother, but it sure looked like it. She went to her uncle about it while she was crying. She didn’t know what was wrong with her. Her uncle finally told her what her mother had kept a secret for years. She cried that whole night. She was a monster. Jin explained it further the next day after he found her crying. The more he explained, the more she understood it. Now she had just decided to embrace her power, but try not to kill people with it.
Word count: 509
Strength: 3
Stamina: 6
Arc Pow: 7
Wisdom: 6
Evasion: 5
STATUS: Approved

“I don't understand how people can be so mean to others. We're all living beings, is it that hard to accept?" ~Min-Seo
Stats: Strength: 4 Agility: 12 Control: 8 Stamina: 6

Stats- Strength-4 Agility-10 Control-10 Stamina-6