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2 Mar 2019, 22:26
River Florian Dewlight • Fourth Year • Ravenclaw
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3 Mar 2019, 02:15
River Florian Dewlight • Fourth Year • Ravenclaw
Character Info
Full name: River Florian Dewlight
House: Ravenclaw
Age: 15
Species: Dhampir
Year: 4th
Blood Status: Half Blood
Birthday: 25. November 2006
Pronouns: She/Her
Orientation: Lesbian
Birthplace: Norway
(Image credit: Winnie Harper)
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5 Mar 2019, 10:07
River Florian Dewlight • Fourth Year • Ravenclaw
OOC Information
OOC Pronouns: She/They
Status: Active
Discord: TheGecko#4336
Discord Status: Open
Owl status: Open
RPG status: Owl me and we’ll
figure something out!
Posting time: Quite slow at the moment (my apologies)
A little about me
Hey! I’m really not the most interesting person, but here is some ooc info about me.
I'm a Norwegian girl who can speak three languages, Norwegian, English and French(though my french is still under works and honestly not very good). I’m a dancer, who’s been doing ballet and jazz for over nine years, and I really enjoy theatre too. I’d say I’m quite the nerdy type, both in the for of a bookish nerd, and also when it comes to games(tabletop and video). I am currently in school which causes my schedule to be a little unpredictable, hence why my activity might increase and decrease in waves. I mean who has a life that doesn’t cause that to happen?
I am very friendly and definitely don’t bite, so if you want to talk about anything, don’t be afraid to owl me or send a message on discord
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11 Mar 2019, 18:52
River Florian Dewlight • Fourth Year • Ravenclaw
Myers-Briggs: INTJ-A Arcitect
Enneagram: 5w6
Alignment: Chaotic Good
IntelligentOpen-MindedAdventurousLoyalIndependant Calm
One of River’s main focuses while going through the motions of life, is how to make each situation the most beneficial for herself, she can be a little selfish that way. Coming off as cold and uncaring at first, but it is mostly just her protective method of not letting anyone get too close in the beginning. Truly though, she is a caring person, the only thing is that it takes time to earn her trust. Once you have, you can count on River being there, as she is fiercely loyal to those she genuinely cares about.
Growing up with little expectations of how to be, she spends a lot of her time looking at what will be best for her in every situation, with little regard to others in certain circumstances. Curiosity and the search for knowledge carries her though the days, and this will sometimes be a source of her making rash decisions and taking risks. Especially in the face of excitement and the possibility of gaining more knowledge and experiences toke take with her.
She doesn’t really have a clear vision of what she wants to do in the future, so she spends her attention on whatever happens in the moment. River isn’t all that much of a leader, but not too much of a follower either. She prefers having her own back, and working by herself. Still, she is a good team player when it is necessary, and will stand up for those she works with and cares about.
She carries herself with a proud posture, and might seem a little serious and uninterested from a distance. But get to know her and one might find that she’s really quite relaxed and has a bit of a, "whatever happens happens", point of view on the world.
The dark
Loud People
Potions Class
Skills and Hobbies
NorwegianBalletQuidditchReadingAnimal CareWritingArt
Face Claim: Julia Adamenko
Smells like

Sadie Sink
Pale, almost sickly looking skin covers her face, with the occasional freckle here and there. If there ever is any colour on her face, it’s probably red from sunburns. Especially during sunnier seasons.
Her eyes are quite large, and their color is a cold grey with a faint rim of icy blue outlining her iris. The nose is thin along the bridge and goes small and button-round near the tip.
Her lobes each have two silver piercings in them, one pair are small hummingbirds, and the other pair show a thin remain of a waning silver moon.
The facial expressions of River might come off as quite cold, and empty. There are only certain occasions where her smile or eyes manage to express clear and vibrant emotions. That doesn’t mean those are the only times she feels the genuine emotions though.
River has a small, thin frame. Her body is build quite bony and frail looking, with narrow shoulders, pewny arms and legs and petite hands. Though she doesn’t look unhealthy in terms of weight. She stands at a relatively short 4’9.
You will usually, when not in uniform, see River in relaxed clothes. Varying from denim jeans or overalls. If she ever wears a dress, it’s only for special occasions, but she’d rather wear a jumpsuit or something. Her trusted, worn-down black and white converse go anywhere with her, and her tops consist of either large jumpers or button up shirts and flannels.
Fiery red curls fall from the top of her head down to her mid-back. River’s hair hasn’t been seen up in a ponytail many times in her life, and if she’d ever need to put it up, braids would become the solution. The curls aren’t neat and shiny, but rather unkempt and untamed, thay do their own thing most of the time, and there doesn’t seem to be much River can do about it.
Name: Sir Little-Hoot
Birthday: 10. July 2017
Type: Eastern Screech Owl
Color: Sunset Orange / Red
Amortentia: Old Books, Forest Air, Ocean Water
Boggart: TBA
Patronus: N/A
Mirror of Erised: TBA
Favourite subject: Herbology or DADA
Disliked subject: Potions
Academic average: Outstanding
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11 Mar 2019, 19:00
River Florian Dewlight • Fourth Year • Ravenclaw
This was written quite a long time ago, please don’t judge my writing too bad lol. I am currently working on writing this in a way that makes me feel more content with it
Just because the past didn't turn out
like you wanted it to, doesn't mean
your future can't be better than you
ever imagined
River Dewlight was born on 25. November 2006. It was outside a small, quiet town in Norway. She had a twin brother named Hunter. River’s parents were Ann-Elisabeth Dewlight and Tom Dewlight. Ann had lived in Norway her entire life. Tom was a full blood wizard, who lived in Hounslow, England. They moved together at a farm in Norway after they met, and had River and Hunter quite soon after the move.
Ann did not want anything to do with her parents. She did not like her uncommon connection to magic. Tom was early on let in on the past story of Ann's connection to the magical world.
River and Hunter were best of friends and did everything together. They didn’t have many other friends. They were both very shy and quiet kids, and did not feel any need to make more friends. They had each other, and that was perfect. The Dewlight’s were a very close family. They would constantly be together and work on the farm, make dinner, or go for midnight hikes together as a family all the time, and they could not wish for anything to be different.
Tom and Ann raised River and Hunter in Norway for 8 years. Until one day, Ann and Tom decided it was time for them to leave Norway. Ann-Elisabeth did not feel comforable there, like some of her past lingered over her head as long as she stayed. They decided to move to Tom's old home town, Hounslow, in England
They moved on the day of River and Hunter’s 8th birthday. They were all so sad for leaving such a place behind. It was a place which had brought their family peace and quiet. They just had to go.
River and Hunter continued their old life, but in a new place, of course. They had not made any new friends, and would still be together all the time. They’d go and play in the forest, or by the river. They’d read their books, and draw together. Life was alright, as long as they had each other.
One dark and cold morning, both Ann and Hunter had gone missing. Simply over night, their presence had left, without a trace. They left a broken feeling over the two that were left. Tom and River had gone to the police, searches were held, and people were questioned. No sign of where they could have gone.
River and Tom would go for walks every day, with unrealistic hopes of stumbling upon them. They were nowhere to be found. Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months, and suddenly it had been a year since the disappearance of Ann and Hunter. Tom had stopped joining River for the daily walks. Now he spent all his time in his study. What he was doing there, River did not know. He became depressed, and River ended up having to care for herself most of the time.
She would rarely be at home after school. She would rather go to the forest and sit there quietly. the forest was thick, and provided shade and drakness. She would be listening to the birds singing and she would sit there and read. That felt like the only thing she really got enjoyment and peace from now.
On River’s 11th birthday, a strange letter arrived. It did not arrive in the mailbox like the other letters would, but it was dropped in front of the doorway. River picked it up, and read the contents. Hogwarts? What a strange name for a school. And a magical school? River did not believe any of it. She thought it must have been a prank or something. the young girl took the letter to her father to ask him if he knew what it was about. Tom looked sadly down at the letter in his hands. He was surprised, as well, since River had not shown a single sign of being magical her entire life.
River had not been let in on the magical side of the family yet. She did not know that her father had the ability to make things levitate by a flick of a wooden wand. Her mothers story had always been clear to her, as it was not something Ann would have been able to hide. On Tom's side, it was a little simpler to stow away the fact that he was a wizard.
Tom knew he would have to tell her everything, about his magical side, and the magical world. All of it, at this point only brought him sadness. He told River everything, with tears in his eyes. River then knew it must have been true. It wouldn’t have hurt him that much if it wasn’t.
So it was decided, River was going to Hogwarts.
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14 Mar 2019, 21:47
River Florian Dewlight • Fourth Year • Ravenclaw

♦ Bubble Producing Spell | Bullarum Immortalem
♦ Smokescreen Spell | Fumos
♦ Levitation Charm | Wingardium Leviosa
♦ Green Sparks Charm | Verdimillious
♦ Red Sparks Charm | Periculum
♦ Eye-Glass Repair Charm | Oculus Reparo
♦ Cleaning Charm | Scourgify
♦ Wand-Lighting Charm | Lumos
♦ Wand-Extinguishing Spell | Nox
♦ Unlocking Charm | Alohomora
♦ Locking Spell | Colloportus
♦ Mending Charm | Reparo
♦ Fire-Making Spell | Incendio
♦ Tickling Charm | Rictusempra
♦ Softening Charm | Spongify
♦ Packing Charm | Pack
♦ Severing Charm | Diffindo
♦ Dancing Feet Spell | Tarantallegra
♦ Umbrella Charm | Pluvia Velo
♦ Four-Point Spell | Point Me
♦ Extinguishing Spell | Extinguo
♦ Snowflake-Creating Spell | Nix Facitur
♦ General Counter Spell | Finite Incantatem
♦ Revealing Charm | Revelio
♦ Illegibility Charm | Illegibilus
♦ Disarming Charm | Expelliarmus
♦ Weather-Modifying Charm Counter-Spell | Meteolojinx Recanto
♦ Engorgement Charm | Engorgio
♦ Shrinking Charm | Reducio
♦ Freezing Charm | Immobulus
♦ Slowing Charm | Arresto Momentum
♦ Obliteration Charm | Hidam Gradus
♦ Hot Air Charm | Aer Calidus
♦ Ascension Spell | Alarte Ascendare
♦ Descension Spell | Descendo
♦ Bewitched Snowball Charm | Viburnum Proelium
♦ Bluebell Flames | Caeruleus Inflamarae
♦ Paper-Mending Charm | Papyrus Reparo
♦ Fire-Making Spell | Incendio Duo
♦ Blindfolding Spell | Obscuro
♦ Wand-Lighting Charm Duo | Lumos Duo
♦ Radiant Wand-Lighting Charm | Lumos Maxima
♦ Summoning Charm | Accio
♦ Banishing Charm | Depulso
♦ Boggart-Banishing Spell | Riddikulus
♦Snake Summons Spell | Serpensortia
♦ Snake-Vanishing Spell | Vipera Evanesca
♦ Freezing Spell | Glacius
♦ Hovering Charm | Sublevo Brevis
♦ Spider Conjuration Spell | Arachnos
♦ Water-Heating Spell | Aqua Fervens
♦ Cheering Charm | Serenate
♦ Bravery Charm | Animosus
♦ Sealant Charm | Consigno
♦ Gripping Charm | Inhaeresco
♦ Water Repelling Charm | Impervius

♦ Knockback Jinx | Flipendo
♦ Wind Jinx | Ventus
♦ Singing Jinx | Cantis
♦ Revulsion Jinx | Relashio
♦ Cracker Jinx | Nec Divinos Crepitus

♦ Sneezing Hex | Steleus
♦ Tail-Growing Hex | Cauda Incrementum
♦ Hurling Hex | Iacta

♦ Curse Of The Bogies | Mucus Ad Nauseam
♦ Tongue-Tying Curse | Mimblewimble
♦ Slug-Vomiting Curse | Slugulus Eructo
♦ Full Body-Bind Curse | Petrificus Totalus

♦ Match to Needle | Conmutocus
♦ Untransfiguration Spell | Reparifarge
♦ Matchbox Transformation Spell | Flintifors
♦ Bird Transformation | Avifors
♦ Colour Change Charm | Colorvaria
♦ Hair Colour-Changing Charm | Crinus Muto
♦ Multicorfors Spell | Multicorfors
♦ Gluing Spell | Epoximise
♦ Hardening Charm Duro | Duro
♦ Flower Conjuration Spell | Orchideous
♦ Animal-Goblet Transformation | Vera Verto
♦ Squiggle Quill Spell | Mollis Calamum
♦ Guinea Fowl to Guinea Pig | Avum Porcus
♦ Porcupine [or Hedgehog] to Pincushion | Hystrifors
♦ Teapot to Gerbil | Jerbollam
♦ Teapot to Rat | Ratollam
♦ Teapot to Ferret | Migaleollam
♦ Teapot to Tortoise | Terachelys
♦ Teacup to Tortoise | Tazachelys
♦ Fish Transformation Spell | Piscifors
♦ Fish to Flower | Piscimutatio
♦ Teddy Bear to Spider | Arachmutatio

Healing Spells
♦ Bandaging Charm | Ferula
♦ Healing Charm | Reparifors

♦ Cure For Boils
♦ Herbicide Potion
♦ Forgetfulness Potion
♦ Pompion Potion
♦ Antidote To Common Poisons
♦ Antidote to Uncommon poisons
♦ Bruise Removal Paste
♦ Burn Healing Paste
♦ Babbling Beverage
♦ Confusing Concoction
♦ Dizziness Draught
♦ Muffling Draught
♦ Dogbreath Draught
♦ Drowsiness Draught
♦ Sleeping Draught
♦ Valerian Sprigs
♦ Murtlap Essence
♦ Pepperup Potion
♦Deflating Draught
♦Swelling Solution
♦Calming Draught
♦Gregory’s Unctuous Unction
♦Grand Pepperup Potion
♦Mandrake Restorative Draught
♦Revive Potion
♦Befuddlement Draught
♦Laugh Inducing Potion
♦Bulgeye Potion
♦Fire Breathing Potion
♦Memory Potion
♦Scintillation Solution
♦Madam's Glossy Silver Polish
Stamina| 7
Evasion| 7
Strength| 4
Wisdom| 12
ArcPower| 7
Accuracy| 10
+2 from Quidditch

This is the "Game Master" account. Please do not owl this account, unless specified. This account is not moderated actively and therefore, you may not receive a response.

Contact a Head of House or the Headmaster if you need anything.

20 Apr 2019, 09:32
River Florian Dewlight • Fourth Year • Ravenclaw
This post was extremely outdated -> being reworked
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21 Apr 2019, 17:26
River Florian Dewlight • Fourth Year • Ravenclaw

In tha works

Curiosity Killed the Cat
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9 Jul 2019, 19:15
River Florian Dewlight • Fourth Year • Ravenclaw
Be Nice to Me
- The Front Bottoms -
- Mother Mother -
Me and Friends Are Lonely
- Matt Maeson -
In Cold Blood
- alt-J -
You and I
- Barns Courtney -
- John-Robert -
Who are You, Really?
- Mikky Ekko -
Cold Cold Cold
- Cage The Elephant -
Scared of You
- Bobby, I Miss You -
- Mother Mother -
Sick Of Losing Soulmates
- Dodie -
Times Won't Change Me
- Circa Waves -
Shankill Butchers
- The Decemberists -
Grave Digger
- Matt Maeson -
Arms Unfolding
- Dodie -
- Kimya Dawson -
- Jack Stauber -
- Barns Courtney -
Little Talks
- Of Monsters and Men -
Dead Weight
- Jack Stauber -
The Bridge
- Beauvois -
- The Neighborhood -
- Barns Courtney -
- Kid Cudi -
Who By Fire
- Leonard Cohen -
Saint Bernard
- Lincoln -
Run Boy Run
- Woodkid -
Rivers and Roads
- The Head and The Heart -
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9 Jul 2019, 19:16
River Florian Dewlight • Fourth Year • Ravenclaw
Name| Evanore Fairclay
Age| 16
Year| 6th
Race| Human
Blood-Status| Muggleborn
House| Thunderbird
Evanore is a relatively average sized girl, a thin frame, and reaching 5’7 in height. Her hair falls in a golden brown colour, and she likes to keep it at a medium length, and rarely wears it tied up. If she does need to keep it at bay, she’d rather put it in a couple loose braids. Evanore’s eyes are blue, which she inherited from her father. Her face is usually a clean slate, but on formal occasions she might wear some very light, natural makeup.
Her style in clothes is very relaxed. Jeans, baggy shirts, t-shirts, sneakers and beanies when it’s cold.

Evanore is a kind, caring girl. Who likes keeping everyone happy, sometimes on a lot of her own expence. She enjoys talking to others, meeting new people, and making connections with those around her. She is not afraid of standing up for herself and those she cares about, while always being good at keeping her cool. She’s always seen with a tall, straight back and a proud positure.
Evanore is on the tougher side, some would perhaps call her a tomboy, though she never really liked that too much, really she sees herself more as a nerd or geeky type, as her interests lay k those territories.
She likes to make people feel like she is approachable, and her face is most often in some form of a soft smile.

A peaceful, loving and happy home was where Evanore had her upbringing. She was born during the year of 2004 on the 21. of December. She is an only child, but grew up living around her 4 cousins. Her family owned a nice big house out on the countryside, and they never really had any issues during their lives. This however, has in no way made Evanore snobby or self centered, as many had assumed of her before.

Her mother was always a little bit obsessed over keeping the family’s reputation up. She had no intention if letting Evanore step outside of the house in ripped jeans and a t-shirt, for that was not how ladies dressed. Sure, her mother was loving, caring, and made sure Evanore had whatever she needed, but Evanore didn’t always agree with her opinions and values.
Evanore’s father, was more open to letting her be and do what she felt was right. Still, he would always take her mothers side if an argument ever occured.
Perhaps her parents simply wanted to protect Evanore, but just had strange ways of doing it. Evanore never felt like she needed her parents, they never did anything but pull her back. They never really let her be her, and she definitely didn’t need their protection. She could very well take care of herself.
So she would often trick her parents, lie, break their rules and ignore their warnings. At the end of the day, she was never punished for any of these things, for her parents couldn’t bare to carry out consequences.

When Evanore’s magic first surfaced, her parents seemed to change. It was strange, and their behaviour around her switched, and became so different from before. It was like they were, afraid. Or at least intimidated, nervous or anxious.
Her mother was always afraid others would notice, and again, began to fear their family’s reputation if anyone was to know that Evanore was different. They stopped bringing her to gatherings, never let her leave the house by herslef, they kept her under close watch, though still keeping up the loving caring parent role. Evanore began wondering if that was all it was, a role? An act? She could swear she she’d seen the mask slip for a milisecond every once in a while.

This weird, frightened and nervous look her parents has on Evanore has made her desperate to keep others around her from feeling that way too. This is why she tries her best to stay positive, friendly, approachable and welcoming.
Stamina: 9
Evasion: 6
Strength: 1
Wisdom: 10
ArcPower: 6
Accuracy: 8
Year 1 Ability: Charmer
If there was one thing that Evanore had developed through her life, other than trying desperately to see the world in an optimistic way, it would be her charisma. Oh yes, through many years of constantly getting herself out of unwanted situations through talking her way out, she had developed quite the skill for conversing with others.
The first moment when she had realised that the power of charm can be quite the tool to have in ones toolbox, was when she was quite young. It was a school day, and her entire class had an assignment due that specific day. Though, Evanore had not finished her essay, in fact, she hadn’t even had the motivation to start writing it. Her teacher asked for the students work. Evanore stepped up to his desk and somehow, through the power of charm, managed to talk her way out of having to do the assignment at all. No punishment or consequences whatsoever, there was simply something so charming about this girl.

After that she figured out that getting what you want, or getting out of something you don’t want, is and easy task if you just know how to distract and charm people. It could even seem like mind control at times, but of course there was nothing magical to it, simply a skill that she had gained.
She used her conversational skills more and more, and she found them more and more useful. At some point, it became not only her speech that would charm even the grumpiest old man, but simply her presence could be distracting. Her ability to adapt her posture and mannerisms to better achieve what she wanted from different people became quite trained. She learned how to speak to certain people to make them like her and be more willing to give her what she was after.
Though, her skills were not only used to gain things or favours, sometimes they were used as distractions. Managing to use her charm in a very inconspicuous manner and being careful not to ever raise suspicion that it was an act. It wasn’t really ever an act, she was always genuinely charming and charismatic.
She’d help her friends get away from being grounded by their parents, and help keep people distracted while others snuck out after curfew.

As she got older, this skill continued to grow as well. Some good charisma and a charming smile is something one can benefit from though one's entire life. And Evanore was sure to discover just how useful this could be in the future.
WC || 429
Year 2 Ability: Fearless
Many believe no one can truly be immune to feel any fear in their life, but some people can get truly close. Even if everyone’s afraid of something, some people just learn to deal with it better than others. Some realize that fear is just a feeling, and it doesn’t have to affect how you act and what you do. It’s a warning mechanism of something sure, and that something can sometimes be dangerous, but if you give into the feeling of fear, dealing with that danger can become difficult.
Evanore Fairclay was just a normal human being. She has fears and worries, but herself has never been affected by them to the extent as many others. Through her life she has discovered that she won’t let fear rule her life. She's not afraid of some excitement and danger, if anything, she sometimes even seeks it out, goes toward whatever is scary. What feeling is better than overcoming something that makes chills run down your spine with fear?
Though with Evanore, at some point after spending a lot of time working against the instinct of running away from some terrifying thing, the instincts themselves began to weaken. Perhaps it was simply that common sense had left her being, though it didn't’ cause her much trouble. It wasn’t often one faced actually dangerous situations anyway.

It would be almost impossible to definitely point out when or why her lack of fear was caused. She was always naturally resentful to the whole concept of fear, but one couldn't say she was born fearless. Her ability to keep fears instinct at bay was learned and kept on getting easier and easier as the years passed.

Though, of course fear can appear in even the simplest of situations. Some of your classmates might have been too scared to stand up to someone bullying another classmate. Evanore on the other side, had no fears in that case either. Talking to people, using her voice, standing up to someone, whatever it was, she had no fears keeping her away from doing whatever she felt was right.

Unlike what some might think, Evanores logic never disappeared, even if her sense of fear pretty much did. Up till now, her lack of fear instinct has not caused her to make any idiotic or all around stupid decisions, but she wouldn’t be afraid to do so, if the situation asked for it. Let’s just say she’s found a nice middle ground of where fear can not restrict her in any way, though, she is still smart enough to know where it should, and take that into consideration.
WC || 436
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