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9 Jul 2018, 10:28
frost cira ✿ fifth year ❀ hufflepuff
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11.05.20 → updated
frost lily cira • hufflepuff 
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10 Jul 2018, 01:50
frost cira ✿ fifth year ❀ hufflepuff
05.14.20 → updated
the basic stuff
full name frost lily cira
pronunciation frawst / li-lee / see-ruh
nicknames frosty • frosted flakes • frosty-ba-bosty • [more to be added later]

date of birth march fifteenth, 2006
birthplace genoa, italy
zodiac sign pisces
age fifteen!

blood status half-blood
financial status middle-class
current residence cambridge, england
species hooman
ethnicity italian & french
nationality english & italian
gender cisgender female

house hooflepoof
school year fourth
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10 Jul 2018, 10:29
frost cira ✿ fifth year ❀ hufflepuff
04.15.20 → updated
basic stuff appearence & personality school trunk history realationships threads extras ooc stuff
appearance & personality
physical appearance although her height is just barely below average for her age, frost could be described as quite dainty. she stands at just around 5'2 with shoulders that are a bit narrow. her posture is usually relaxed, her back is subject to slouching and her skin is pale, with no cuts, bruises or scars, but she does have hands that are rather tiny. frost has a head of ginger hair that she keeps just below shoulder length- straight until the ends of her hair, which are wavy- in various hairstyles. her face is round and small with a few freckles here and there with eyes of an odd brownish hazel color. she still has what her mother calls a 'baby face', rounded cheeks that are a little chubby and a small- fairly cute- nose. as she has gotten older, her jawline has become a little more defined, but still soft. normally, frost is smiling, making a single dimple show just beside her smile.

when not in her school robes, frost takes a particular liking to clothes that are colorful, especially if they are comfortable. denim and corduroy always is a staple in her wardrobe whether it be a jacket, jeans, or overalls. simple gold jewelry pieces and scrunchies are her go-to accessories. she'll wear heels on special occasions and wear sneakers or something on the daily.
wardrobe [examples]
outfits here!

faceclaim(s) rosie caldwell [older years] • samantha cormier [younger]
rosie caldwell: Image
Samantha cormier: Image
personality kindness and gentleness are the basic building blocks of frost's personality, without them she simply wouldn't be herself. with a soothing voice and big heart, she is humble and tends to put other's needs above her own, sometimes to an extent where she ends up being taken advantage of. it seems as though she always strives to be an exceptionally good friend and helpful to everyone, it kills her inside to let someone down. frost is very much a simple creature, excitable and intrigued by everything, almost like a child. despite her childish nature, she is ridiculously patient with people and always responsible. being understanding and fiercely loyal is something that has always been in her blood, always making an effort to be open-minded and accepting to everyone she may meet.
mbti personality enfp
alignment neutral good

fears confined spaces • dissapointing someone
hobbies gardening • 'space'gazing • baking • writing • knitting/sewing • piano (yeah she's basically a granny i know)
known languages english • italian • [still learning] french
likes plants • bugs • animals • sleeping • spooky things • hugs • fashion • the outdoors
dislikes secondhand smoke • alcohol • sad pet commercials • tangled hair
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17 Jul 2018, 00:16
frost cira ✿ fifth year ❀ hufflepuff
11.06.18 - Updated** m, wand into e

The Schooling
--The basic school information--
Affiliation: Hogwarts, school of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: House Hufflepuff
House Cup Wins: 3 - August, September, October
School Year: Second Year • 2017 - 2024


Grade Average: E - Exceeds Expectations
Best Class: Herbology
Worst Class: History of Magic


Activities: Writer/Reporter for the Hufflepuff Newspaper - HufflePost
lubs: Wonder Women - Founder • R.O.A.M - Club Member
The Magic
--The basic information pertaining to magic--
Patronus Form: N/A
Some Ideas: Hummingbird • Greyhound • Jellyfish


Boggart Form: N/A
Some Ideas: Letting People Down • Herself becoming a bad person


Amortentia: Strawberries • The warm kind of rain • Lily Flowers
Polyjuice Potion: 6/10 Tolerability • Pastel Yellow Color • Lemonade, Honey, Grass & little flowers


Mirror of Erised: Herself helping everyone in need
Thestral Vision: Nope :]


Wand: 25.8 cm • Cherry Wood • Unicorn Hair Core

Distributer: Olivanders
"Whippy, very powerful, but hard to use. Very selective of the wizard it chooses."
Cherry Wood -

    "Cherry is very rare wand wood that makes for a wand of strange power, most highly prized by the wizarding students of the school of Mahoutokoro in Japan, where those who own cherry wands have special prestige.

The Western wand-purchaser should dispel from their minds any notion that the pink blossom of the living tree makes for a frivolous or merely ornamental wand, for cherry wood often makes a wand that possesses truly lethal power, whatever the core — though if paired with dragon heartstring, the wand ought never to be teamed with a wizard without exceptional self-control and strength of mind."

Unicorn Tail Hair -

    "Unicorn hair can be used in wandmaking; they produce the most consistent magic, least subject to fluctuations and blockages, most difficult to turn to the Dark Arts and the most faithful of wands. However, they do not make the most powerful of wands (unless the wandwood compensates) and are prone to melancholy if mishandled. Garrick Ollivander made wands with unicorn hairs."

Sources - Cherry Wood, Unicorn Tail Hair
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17 Jul 2018, 12:44
frost cira ✿ fifth year ❀ hufflepuff
♡ frosty's trunk ♡
spells known

ascension spell alarte ascendare
avifors spell avifors
bandaging charm ferula
blindfolding spell obscuro
bluebell flames caeruleus inflamarae
boggart-banishing spell riddikulus
bravery charm animosus
bubble-producing charm bullarum immortalem
cheering charm serenate
cleaning charm scourgify
clothing color-changing charm multicorfors
color-changing charm colorvaria
cracker jinx nec divinos crepitus
curse of the bogies mucus ad nauseam
dancing-feet spell tarantallegra
descension spell descendo
disarming charm expelliarmus
extinguishing charm extinguo
eyeglass repair charm oculus reparo
fire-making spell incendio duo
fire-making spell incendio
flower-conjuring spell orchideous
four-point spell point me
freezing charm immobulus
freezing spell glacius
full body-bind curse petrificus totalus
general counter-spell finite incantatem
green sparks charm verdimillious
gripping charm inhaeresco
hair color-changing charm crinus muto
healing charm reparifors
hot-air charm aer calidus
illegibility charm illegibilus
knockback jinx flipendo
levitation charm wingardium leviosa
locking charm colloportus
matchstick to needle conmutocus
mending charm reparo
packing charm pack
radiant wand-lighting charm lumos maxima
red spark charm periculum
revealing charm revelio
revulsion jinx relashio
sealant charm consigno
severing charm diffindo
slowing charm arresto momentum
slug-vomiting charm slugulus eructo
smokescreen spell fumos
snake summons spell serpensortia
snake-vanishing spell vipera evanesca
sneezing hex steleus
snowflake-creating spell nix facitur
softening charm spongify
spider conjuration spell arachnos
tickling charm rictusempra
tongue-tying spell mimblewimble
umbrella spell pluvia velo
unlocking charm alohomora
untransfiguration reparifarge
wand-extinguishing charm nox
wand-lighting charm duo lumos duo
wand-lighting charm lumos
water-heating spell aqua fervens
wind jinx ventus
Amplifying Charm • Sonorus - Charms 1
Quieting Charm • Quietus - Charms 1
Minor Healing Charm • Episkey - Charms 2
Blockage Clearing Spell • Anapneo - Charms 2
(Minor) Explosion Charm • Bombarda - Charms 3
Fog-Conjuring Charm • Nebulus - Charms 4
Smokescreen Spell Duo • Fumos Duo - Charms 4
Muffliato Charm • Muffliato - Charms 5
Animal Goblet Transformation • Vera Verto - Transfiguration 1
Mice Transformation Spell • Snufflifors - Transfiguration 2
Ducklifors Jinx • Ducklifors - Transfiguration 2
Rabbit Transformation Spell • Lapifors - Transfiguration 3
Rabbit Slippers • Lepus Calceus - Transfiguration 3
Bubblehead Charm • Aspira - DADA 1
Leg-Locker Curse • Locomotor Mortis - DADA 2
Spider Repelling Spell • Arania Exumai - DADA 3
Impediment Hex • Impedimenta - DADA 3
Shield Charm • Protego - DADA 4
Herbivicus Charm • Herivicus - Herbology 1
Blackboard-writing Spell • Scripto - Divination 1
Teeth-straightening Spell • Recto dente - Divination 2
Siphoning Spell • Tergeo - Divination 3
Structure Building Charm • Erecto - Divination 4
Switching Spell • Viceversus - Divination 5
Ink Revealing Charm • Aparecium - Runes 2
Broom Jinx • Indomitus - Flying 2
Mobiliarbus Charm • Mobiliarbus - Flying 3
Pressurized Water Charm • Aqua Eructo - Astronomy 2
harry potter wiki list of spells spells masterlist

stamina 10
evasion 11
strength 1
wisdom 9
arcpower 10
accuracy 10

healing sage +25% healing done with potions and spells
calming presence an aura of calm, allies gain a 10% chance to auto-hit their chosen target
spell spread
sorry its kind of ugly but i had to get spells at least in before the 20th !! (stats and abilities arent updated to fifth year yet, just spells <3)

This is the "Game Master" account. Please do not owl this account, unless specified. This account is not moderated actively and therefore, you may not receive a response.

Contact a Head of House or the Headmaster if you need anything.

19 Aug 2018, 23:28
frost cira ✿ fifth year ❀ hufflepuff
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20 Aug 2018, 22:49
frost cira ✿ fifth year ❀ hufflepuff
Post for Family and Family history here **f r
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22 Aug 2018, 00:11
frost cira ✿ fifth year ❀ hufflepuff
ignore! in the middle of processing :]

First Year

Digits and Locks - Abandoned - Isabella Hills, Khris Bailey, Luna Aurelius, Lucy O'Sullivan
A Friendly Match - Finished - The Quidditch Crew
How am I Supposed to-? - Abandoned - Rosie Parker, Amadea Campbell, Arceus Powers
New Friends? - Abandoned - Olympia Allman, Arceus Powers, Verla Harness
Pillowy Projectiles - Abandoned -Ami Procoppio, Quinn Healy, Amadea Campbell, Even More Huffles
The Lock-In - Abandoned -Reid Kovacs, Serena Towers, Cynthia Evans, Aurelia Bezuidenhout, The GryffinPuffs
Nostalgia - Abandoned -Ami Procoppio, Hengist Warbeck, Cecily Quinn, Khris Bailey, Isabella Hills
Ending Ceremony - Finished -The Hogwarts Students

First Year Summer

Alpheus Arrives - Finished -Alpheus Wordsworth III, Anatole Evans, Aurelia Bezuidenhout, Lucy O'Sullivan, Khris Bailey, Keagen Deathmote, Serena Towers
Frost In The Summer - Ongoing -Alan Vanes
The Cabin of The Kelpie - Abandoned -Bellamy Landon, Arceus Powers, Blaze Flyte, Rowan Blair, Marco Jackson, Thurston Barclay
Lycanthropy - Abandoned -Werewolf Group
A Breezy Encounter - Ongoing -Quinn Healy
History Excursions - Abandoned -
The History Crew
Snowballs in Summer? - Ongoing -Isabella Hills
Outlines - Ongoing -Bellamy Landon
Silly Little Creatures - Abandoned -Luna Aurelius
Books & Buddies - Abandoned -Amadea Campbell, Maisy Dane
Last Minute Shopping - Finished -Amanda Sparrow, Clarke Laredo, Kaegen Deathmote

Second Year

Off The Rails - Ongoing -Isabella Hills, Paracelsus Adger Myth
Tea and Tales - Abandoned -Ami Procoppio, Khris Bailey, Anatole Evans, Cecily Quinn
Ben is not the Culprit. - Ongoing -Rosie Parker, Ben Eckenrode, Isabella Hills, Alexx Helm, The Protecc Squad
New Year… Fresh Psychological Traumas - Finished -Quinn Healy, Ami Procoppio, Amadea Campbell
A Forgery of a Destiny - Ongoing -Team Ginger (Quinn Healy, Ami Procoppio, Amadea Campbell), The Iceland Crew
Forbidden Sleepover - Ongoing -Alexx Helm
Pumpkin Carving Competition - Ongoing/Finished -Delilah Stewart, Pumpkin Carvers

Club RP's

The Ginger Alliance - Abandoned -The Gingers of Hogwarts
To New Friendship! - Abandoned -Order of Helios (Gabriel Mattix, Asteria Hana, Ami Procoppio, Eri Windstone, Charles Moore)
The Wonder Women! - Ongoing - Girls of The WW Club

Spell RP's

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27 Oct 2018, 21:15
frost cira ✿ fifth year ❀ hufflepuff
Post for OOC and stuff here **h e
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15 Mar 2020, 01:36
frost cira ✿ fifth year ❀ hufflepuff
04.05.20 - Updated **o

frosty's playlist
here's a playlist i've been working on for a little while ←
link: [x]

currently 46 songs

✿ frosty cira ❀
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