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3 Sep 2021, 11:16
Halford Booth | Professor of Divination
The Basics
NAME | Halford Booth
NICKNAME(S) | Hal (Pref)
BIRTH DATE | Dec. 7, 1987
BIRTH PLACE | Staithes, EN
AGE | 34 yrs

Pure-blood | BLOOD STATUS
Graduate | SCHOOL YEAR
Prof. of Divination | POSITION
Ravenclaw | SCHOOL HOUSE
Human Seer | SPECIES
30,2 cm Cherry Wood and Unicorn Hair
Snow Leopard
Ocean Breeze, Wood Smoke, Apple Pie
=Giant Shark=
Despite his neat appearance, the inner workings of Hal's mind are far from stable. Dominated by eccentricity and guided by intuition, he demonstrates wisdom beyond his years in ways that leave his peers baffled, and quite often disturbed.
Never one to enjoy trivial things like 'rules,' he is fascinated by the line between right and wrong - or more accurately, skirting said line with glee.
Times inevitably come when others question the morality of his actions, but rarely do they venture to challenge his cutting gaze, which seems to dare them to do exactly that.

Inside the classroom and out, Hal can rarely be bothered to offer his attention to anyone who hasn't earned it. Preferring to do things the way he sees fit, no amount of persuasion can make him follow a course of action that doesn't align with the illustrious plan in his mind's eye. After all, in his experience, his plans normally go well.
That said, a stupid plan is not exempt from this guideline in the makeup of his personality.

Following that strand of his nature, the man tends to speak with an acerbic tongue, wasting no time on pleasantries and false ideals. He will share his honest opinions, and he will do so loudly.

Akin to a raccoon, Hal is rather obsessed with 'shiny things,' which essentially translates to 'anything he finds cool.'
Despite his natural ability - as a Seer - to view bits of the future, his grasp on the past is somewhat lacking, which results in lost belongings. Generally, those belongings belong to someone else.
The Ocean
Apple Pie
The Mirror
Pirate Lore
=Heavy Metal=
Coin Collecting
Stamp Collecting
Harassing Quidditch Players
Heavy Wind
Jean Shorts
Classical Music
Hal models a well-maintained display of chestnut hair, derived from a long line on his mother's side. Never deigning to touch a comb, he instead opts to use his hands and a healthy does of pomade, trusting his fingers much more than a cheap piece of plastic.

Though his face isn't one to grace any magazine covers, the man is convinced it was sculpted with extra care by the god who created him.
Keeping that in mind, his facial hair remains trimmed with an equal amount of precision.

In congruence with the color of his hair, penetrating brown eyes shine with the light of perception, and burn with an intensity that encourages most to avert their gaze. Deep and observant, they seem to bore straight into their target's soul, as if uncovering every guarded secret, one latent layer at a time.

Standing at six feet and three inches tall, his build befits his height. Well-muscled and lean, it compliments his - as he puts it when speaking to a mirror - 'divinely appointed' face. After all, nothing is perfect without a good base.

3 Sep 2021, 11:28
Halford Booth | Professor of Divination
Born in a seaside village within the border of North Yorkshire county, England, Halford Booth was raised to love water, boats, and magic. His parents, both proud of their magical and seafaring heritage, wanted only to instill the same pride in their son. And for the first six years of his life, they succeeded.
Following in the footsteps of his ancestors, Hal's father worked as a fisherman on the sea, directing a crew upon the ship inherited from his own grandfather. The job wasn't glamorous, by any means, but it was what he loved, and would ultimately die doing.

On the second day of May, 1994, Jamison Booth was to embark on a long trip out to sea. Shortly before the time came, however, his six year old son came rushing from his bedroom with tears in his young eyes, begging the man to stay.
Discounting the boy's pleas as a desire for his father not to be gone for several months, Jamison gave Hal a strong hug, peeled those small arms from around his neck, and left the boy in his mother's care.
The trip carried on, and Hal remained inconsolable for its duration, claiming he 'didn't want his daddy to die.'
The townsfolk knew of this, yet disregarded it as childish hysterics, just as his father had done.
Months later, however, the ship returned to harbor, the families of the crew lining the docks to welcome them home. But the moment they began to disembark, it was clear that something was terribly wrong.

A terrible storm had ravaged the sea, and though the ship was built to handle such an affair, Jamison Booth had disappeared from its decks. Assumed to have been thrown overboard, none of the crew had actually seen it happen, only realizing their captain was gone once the storm settled down.
From then on, the town became convinced that Halford was cursed, or clairvoyant. But his mother, having learned of magic and its like, knew better. She knew that she had given birth to a Seer.

Whether they believed his abilities to be a curse or a blessing, the townsfolk learned never to doubt the boy's premonitions, the lesson driven deeper by similar - if less significant - occurrences through the ensuing years. Some were even willing to pay for him to read their fortunes - all offers that his mother rejected, much to his disappointment.

Following his eleventh birthday, Hal received an invitation letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, with special detail offered on their extensive Divination program.
His mother, who worked for the Ministry of Magic as an Auror, saw the invitation as an opportunity to give her son a stable home, as well as help him develop his abilities better than she could ever hope to.
So there he was sent, and there he learned to channel the rare gift with which he'd been bestowed.

Regarded with awe and treated with respect for his unique talents, the impressionable young boy developed an ego larger than his father's fishing boat. Becoming absorbed in his own dealings, he dedicated the majority of his time to honing his Divination skills, and therefore excelled beyond a natural aptitude.

Toward the end of his time at Hogwarts, he became obsessed with uncovering the truth behind his father's death, convinced that something was fishy (pun intended). So, during the summer before his final year at school, he questioned any members of his father's former crew who had been on the ship that stormy night.
Through practiced intuition and unyielding intensity, the teen learned of a man who had joined the crew shortly before the fateful voyage, and left shortly after.
Hal knew then that his father's death was no mere accident.

After finishing his final year at Hogwarts, the young man used his mother's connections and his own reputation as a Seer to gain a job with the Ministry of Magic. But he wasn't interested in becoming an Auror. Instead, his interests carried him to the profession of a hit-wizard, tasked with tracking down Europe's most dangerous magical criminals.
There, armed with nothing more than a name, he used government resources to track his father's killer in his free time.

Many stories were wrought by his profession, but none that he cared for as much as finding one elusive man, who slunk his way onto a fishing boat and threw Jamison Booth to a watery grave, before disappearing into the hazy horizon beyond Staithes, England.

In his early thirties, Hal forsook his government career in order to focus all of his time and energy on that, his most desired goal.
It took two years before he came to understand that no career meant no money, and no money meant no resources to continue the hunt.
Shortly after having that revelation, he heard that Hogwarts was searching for a qualified candidate to teach Divination - a subject with which he was well acquainted.

3 Sep 2021, 13:47
Halford Booth | Professor of Divination
Stamina | 10
Evasion | 2
Strength | 11
Wisdom | 13
Arc. Power | 17
Accuracy | 12
Items Acquired
He has a wand and remembral. Filthy rich, he is.
None Confirmed Yet.

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