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26 Apr 2018, 03:57
Lucien Avery Escanora-Slytherin first year
Full Name: Lucien Avery Escanora (Loo-see-ehn) (Ai-Vuh-Ree) (Es-ca-NOR-ah)
Alias: Lu, LuLu, Avey
Age: 12
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Species: Human
Accent: British Accent
Sex: Male ♠ Homosexual
Species: Human
Ethnicity: English ♠ Russian ♠ Dutch
Fluent Languages: French ♠ English ♠ Russian ♠ Dutch ♠ Spanish ♠ German ♠ Italian ♠ Norwegian
Learning Languages: Korean ♠ Finnish ♠ Swedish ♠ Belarusian ♠ Icelandic.
Blood Status: Pure-Blood
Financial Status: Upper Class
Style: Outside of school he is usually seen wearing mostly black, or suits.
Handwriting: 𝐿𝓊𝒸𝒾𝑒𝓃 𝒜𝓋𝑒𝓇𝓎 𝑜𝒻 𝐻𝑜𝓊𝓈𝑒 𝐸𝓈𝒸𝒶𝓃𝑜𝓇𝒶-𝐻𝒶𝓋𝑒𝓃
Character Alignment: Chaotic Evil
House: Slytherin
Age: 11
Wand: 25,7 centimeters. Walnut wood and dragon heartstring. Said to be quite rigid, gifted with defensive powers and likes wizards who go on dangerous quests.
School Year: First Year.
Patronus: (Not applicable until 6th years)
A day after Lucien was born his mother died giving birth to his younger twin Aravis. He was in a pure-blood primary school when he was young. He used to be an extremely chatty kid. When Lucien was in Summerset Academy, the pure-blood primary school, he was often bullied because of his eyes and his families history. If you didn't already know, Lucien has two different eye colors. His left eye is icy blue, while his right eye is a lively green color. He wears glasses, due to his Myopia or near sightedness. He swears he will make a cure for it. One day he made a close friend named Amai. She was kind to him until one day she joined in on bullying him. She later became the worst of his bullies. Heartbroken at the loss of his close friend, he stopped talking. Lucien would often lock himself up alone and read to clear his mind. He does not read for fun. He mostly reads for knowledge and clearing his mind. When he turned need 10, his father took him out of Summerset and later homeschooled him. During this time Lucien suffered from terrible nightmares. He was often taken to the hospital to study and test on. The only reason he actually came to Hogwarts was because he wanted away from the hospital. He still suffers from nightmares, sometimes he will stay awake through the whole night, or take a dreamless sleep potion to avoid nightmares as much as he can.

+ Calm
+ Rational
+ Polite
+ Honest
+ Loyal
+ Responsible

| Neutral |
Skilled Liar
Neat freak

- Easily irritated
- Secretive
- Silent
- Gets distracted easily
- Arrogant
- Sarcastic
- Impulsive
- Can be manipulative to certain people
- Obsessive
- Gets jealous easily
- Stubborn
- Distant


Notice: This is not currently official. I am sending in an application for this. I may not be online when I get a response so instead of editing this please wait for me to check my owls to see if I got accepted or denied. If denied this will be deleted.

Lucien can see the future in his dreams. This ability was passed down to him. Although, it skipped at least 10 generations. He got this ability from the Lady Morgana Pendragon who was also known as Morgana Le Faye. Due to being a seer, he often stays awake due to being afraid of his dreams.
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My eyes aren't both blue. One is green. One is blue.
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26 Apr 2018, 04:10
Lucien Avery Escanora-Slytherin first year

Before Hogwarts

Farrah Haven: This is Lucien's aunt. She is very strict about what Lucien is allowed to do and not to do due to him being the eldest of the Haven-Escanora house aside from his adopted cousin. She treats him well for the most part.

Arthur Haven: Lucien's uncle. He does his best to raise Lucien to be an heir to the house. Arthur treats Lucien like a king. He gives Lucien everything anyone could ever want. Lucien is not fond of him die to how his uncle treats his sister.

Aravis Escanora: Lucien's little sister. Lucien wants to cure her of her schizophrenia. He isn't extremely close to her due to his sister isolating herself from him most of the time. He is able to calm her down during outbursts.

Maven Escanora: Lucien's little brother. They are very close to each other. Lucien hopes that he will have a normal childhood for the most part. He wants to distance him from his sister due to how dark her mind is. Sadly, Maven is already following in her foot steps.

Odette Lockwood-Haven: Lucien's older cousin. He doesn't talk to her much but if she ever offered to study with him he wouldn't object. The both love to read. They used to be close in Summerset until Lucien went silent.

Percival Escanora: Lucien's father. He isn't very close to his father but they love each other dearly. He often reminds Lucien how much he is like his mother.

Elvira Haven-Escanora: Lucien's mother. He never really knew her. She died a day after he was born when she gave birth to his sister Aravis. Unlike his sister he does not strive to be like her. Somehow he is always told how much he acts like her despite not trying to be her.

Amai Smith- A pure-blood at Summerset Academy Lucien became friends with at age 9. However, his friend started hanging out with Lucien's bullies and even joined in on tormenting him because of his family's past and his eyes. She even joined in on physical bullying. After her betrayl he stopped talking at all to anyone including his family. When Lucien came home with a black eye one day his father decided to home-school Lucien after he finished that year. When Lucien got his letter to Hogwarts he decided to go in hopes of starting over.

At Hogwarts

Literally all of his friends are inactive.
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My eyes aren't both blue. One is green. One is blue.
My theory. Music can fix anything. Anything.

26 Apr 2018, 04:14
Lucien Avery Escanora-Slytherin first year

Second Year
Finished - Like You Never Did
Abandoned - A Shared Love for History
Abandoned - Je suis désolé
Abandoned - New Hair is A Nightmare
Abandoned - Drama Mama
Abandoned - The Escanora Manor
First Year
Abandoned - Anger Management Needed
Finished - Watch the Skies
Finished - Unlucky Day
Abandoned - DADA for First Years
Abandoned - Music and Meetings
Abandoned - Summerset Academy
Abandoned - Hogwarts Orchestra
Abandoned - Forest Exploration
Abandoned - Compartment #27
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My eyes aren't both blue. One is green. One is blue.
My theory. Music can fix anything. Anything.