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2 Apr 2018, 05:27
Β RevampΒ  Quinn Healy// Hufflepuff// Third Year
"All that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combated, suppressed β€” only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle."
β€” Nikola Tesla


πŸ™œ Name πŸ™ž
ImageQuinn Ignatius Healy

πŸ™œ Nickname πŸ™ž
ImageGiant Badger, Tall Boi, Queenie, Q, Captain

πŸ™œ Age πŸ™ž
πŸ™œ Species πŸ™ž
πŸ™œ Date of Birth πŸ™ž
ImageOctober 31, 2006
πŸ™œ Zodiac Sign πŸ™ž

πŸ™œ House πŸ™ž

πŸ™œ Home πŸ™ž
ImageDublin, Ireland

πŸ™œ Schooling Year πŸ™ž
ImageFourth Year

πŸ™œ Blood Status πŸ™ž

πŸ™œ Patronus πŸ™ž
ImageNot applicable till 6th year

πŸ™œ Wand πŸ™ž
Image24.8 centimeters, Chesnut Wood, and Phoenix Feather core



Quinn currently standsat roughly 8 foot 5 inches, weighing a staggering 665 pounds. His hair has grown out to near shoulder length retaining its curly and thick properties taking on a darker tint than the previous years. His face and most of his body, his arms especially, are still plastered with a sea of freckles that seem to multiply every year. His face has filled out a bit more carrying a much sharper, and angular jawline. A small scar on the right side of his jaw that is almost imperceptible reaches up a short ways to just below the corner of his lip. Though the lower half of his face is now covered by a fairly thin layer of facial hair that is growing at a near alarming rate it seems.

His elongated and angular facial features have become even more defined lending a certain handsomeness to his now darker complexion. Only added to the beard that is growing on his face thanks to his Jotun blood flowing thick in his veins. Despite spending a majority of his time in the sun his skin has surprisingly seemed to grow slightly paler though paradoxically more freckles continue to spawn. His calloused hands are no longer smooth, but rough and dotted with a few scars of their own. His body is slowly beginning to fill out, with his lanky figure becoming more lean as he gets heavier and more muscle gets packed on. Quinn is slowly beginning to go from lean to a little more burly as time goes in and more muscle gets tightly compacted. Whether this is due to his genetics or Quinn actually working out is unknown.

About Me

πŸ™œ Mood πŸ™ž
ImageMysterious and Idyllic

πŸ™œ Attitude πŸ™ž
ImageLaid-back, but quick to anger

πŸ™œ Stability πŸ™ž
ImageNico Shymane

πŸ™œ Expressiveness πŸ™ž

πŸ™œ When Happy πŸ™ž
ImageVery energetic, happy-go-lucky, talkative, sociable, and content.

πŸ™œ When Depressed πŸ™ž
ImageVery melancholic and tends to brood quite a bit. Often entering intense states of self-loathing and grows increasingly unstable.

πŸ™œ when Angry πŸ™ž
ImageExtremely volatile, explodes with anger on a dime, and occasionally enters a blind rage more prone to black out and have a personality take over.

πŸ™œ Religion πŸ™ž

πŸ™œ Morals πŸ™ž
ImageSomewhere between Moral Subjectivism and Utilitarian.

πŸ™œ Motivation πŸ™ž
ImagePersonal Growth and the limitless pursuit of knowledge.

πŸ™œ Priorities πŸ™ž
ImageDepartment of Mysteries
ImageFamily & Friends
ImageReading and obtaining new knowledge
ImagePersonal Health

πŸ™œ Philosophy πŸ™ž
ImageNever let the fear of the unknown hinder the progress of the known. Never let others or society decide who you should be and how you should act. Never break your word, because your word is sacred. Never allow the judgement of others stop you from pursuing your dreams. Never believe you can’t.

πŸ™œ Influences πŸ™ž
ImageHafthor Bjornsson
ImageBruce Banner/Doc Green
ImagePierce Bronson
ImageArnold Schwarzenegger
ImagePeter Parker
ImageStan Lee

πŸ™œ Traditions πŸ™ž
ImageBrigid’s Cross
ImageHealy Family Reunion
ImageSt. Patrick’s Day
ImageIrish Dancing
ImageIrish Music
ImagePub Culture

πŸ™œ Superstitions πŸ™ž
ImageHaving a bird poo on you is good luck
ImageIf you break a looking glass, Imageyou’ll have seven years of bad luck
ImageIf you find a half-penny, you’ll have good luck
ImageSeeing a single magpie brings sorrow to the passerby
ImageGiving something sharp to a friend can β€˜cut’ your friendship
ImageStep on a crack break your mama’s back
ImageIf a candle doesn’t burn in the window throughout Christmas, bad luck will come to the house the following year


Early History

On one fateful Hollow Eve’s night a new light entered the world. The result of what many would consider an abominable union, a love that should never have been. On October 31st, 2oo6 one Quinn Ignatius Healy was born to a Shannon and Aidan Healy his parents. However, Aidan was not Quinn’s biological father a fact he would only find out some 8 years later. The specifics of the altercation as his family puts it is unknown to Quinn even in the current day. Quinn was a special child in the sense that he was not fully human, that much was apparent based off the unusual size he was as a newborn. His unusually large size made his birth extremely taxing for his mother, but with the help of both his grandmother’s Quinn was delivered successfully. Born kicking and screaming to an unknown world that would either hate him or love him, but never in-between.

Growing up Quinn was not what a person might call intelligent. At least not by conventional standards. He was clever and studious something that came naturally to him. But he was often slow to understand certain topics or comprehend certain concepts. This led to the young, spunky redhead throwing consistent and terrible temper tantrums. Because he was always taller and a bit bigger, despite being admittedly lanky, then anyone his age. Combined with his terrible temper tantrums and stubborn streak he got from his mother, Quinn had become a bit of an outcast. In both the wizarding world and the muggle world. Naturally as a result of the stares he received from not just wizards, but fellow muggles and even family. Quinn devoted his childish but developing brain to constant exploration. The redhead abhorred the strange looks everyone gave him, especially the looks of his father Aidan.

For whatever reason despite how his father acted he never quite showed Quinn the same level of affection he would later show his twin baby sisters. His grandparents were even more guilty of this act, or distant from his mother. His mother was and to a greater extent now a constant in his life. It is for his mother that he constantly explored, constantly studied, constantly improved himself. If he couldn’t make actual friends, then he would develop imaginary ones. Two in fact, they were called Harlin and Aeron. They were his best friends and for many years even after he met Brannigan were another constant in his life. He did absolutely everything he could to show others that he was there. He was not going anywhere, and they could not tear him down. Quinn did everything he could to make his mother smile, to be her pride and joy. To show her that he was worth having.

Unbeknownst to Quinn the real reason everyone looked at him strangely was not solely based off his size, and strange demeanors. But it stemmed from the fact that he would talk to himself a lot. He never seemed to realize when he was doing it but sometimes when he was caught. He sounded completely different, and sometimes he sounded like a girl. If it wasn’t coming from his mouth one would never guess. Whenever he talked in the strange voices it was like he was completely different person. Sometimes it seemed like his voice would switch. If not for the voices it seemed like he was a normal 4 year old talking with his own imaginary friends. People begged the Healy’s to get him checked out, but they always argued about his age or the fact that it could be detrimental to stop such young child from expressing themselves. Really whatever excuse they could justifiably come up with to excuse his behavior and just not deal with it properly. They were Healy’s afterall.

At age 5, while on the ferry from Dublin to Liverpool. The ferry was hit by a terrible storm that suddenly rolled in from the seas. Being the overly-curious 5-year-old he was and not wanting to listen to his parents as payback for an earlier event. Not so little Quinn stumbled to the side door that let outside as quickly as he could. When he opened it, he was greeted with a blast of seawater, rain and strong winds. The stubborn redhead pushed on getting to the railing where he was met with the wrath of the seas. A terrifyingly beautiful sight as his parents tried to reach him screaming for him to come back. He continued to ignore them entranced by the raging storm….and then he went overboard. A strong wave crashing into the side of the ferry toppled him over. Panic immediately hit him. Quinn couldn’t swim and he was flailing about in raging waters that kept pulling him under, like hundreds of hands pulling at his body. Crying and begging for his short life Quinn wondered if this would all be the end as he was pulled under. Quinn blacked out, only to wakeup at the hospital in Liverpool. Thanks to a sailor who had seen Quinn go overboard. They jumped in after him saving Quinn’s life. This sailor was known as Dermott Brannigan, or just Bran to Quinn.

Many things happened in the two years after that day. Quinn ever the curious sort, continued to visit Brannigan. Listening to his epic stories and adventures. It Brannigan that ultimately helped Quinn partially work through his trauma and get him back to his old self. Brannigan for whatever reason beyond what Quinn could comprehend went above and beyond for the redhead. Over the short time the two grew very close, Brannigan becoming a father figure to Quinn. Someone Quinn considered more of a father then his own, despite the love his own father still showed him. When Quinn was 7 his baby sisters, twins, were born Fiona and Casey Healy. After those two were born something in Quinn changed, at first, he was jealous. He got very good at watching how people reacted, and the types of faces they make. He may not have fully comprehended it, but he understood enough to know. His entire family even his mother showered those two with more love then even Quinn received. But it didn’t take long for those two precious newborns to win over the difficult to control Half-Giant.

Over the years he developed real friendships, learned to better control his anger and deal with adversity. He discovered two more things he wanted to protect above everything else in the world. He still had his imaginary friends of course but every time someone caught Quinn with them. They had the most disturbed looks something that only started after the ferry incident. On rare occasions, well rare to everyone else. Quinn would exhibit extremely troubling behavior and in the later years his family would have theories as to that fact. So, after a particularly terrible incident when Quinn was 10 years of age the spunky redhead was finally sent to the psychiatrist. As his parents and those that cared about him truly worried for his health as Quinn had once again reverted to an even worse version of their old self. Right after the death of Brannigan when they were 10. It was discovered that among other troubling issues. Quinn had been diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, or Multiple Personality Disorder.

It was discovered that Quinn had at least two separate identities, one chaotic and playful most likely representing the inner turmoil Quinn felt at never truly being accepted by either worlds he was a part of. It seemed to be the more rebellious of the two personalities. While the second one seemed to represent Quinn’s inner wrath. The second personality having up to that point only surfaced once. The first personality which he decided to give the name Harlin after his imaginary friend. Seemed to pop up more often then not. At least several times in the past. It explained the disturbed looks he would get when talking to his imaginary friends, the bouts of amnesia he would occasionally receive, and most importantly the further behavior of his family who refused before that point. To think anything terribly bad was wrong with him. Since then Quinn has been become a bit more of an outcast once more, with the exception being that his family more openly backed him up oddities and all. Shortly after his diagnosis Quinn awakened if extremely late and a few weeks later received his letter to Hogwarts. When Quinn awakened it was when he was particularly aggravated with solving a riddle which led to his growing anger. Lashing out he caused the book itself to combust spontaneously. As freaked out as that fact had him, it also excited the young lad to no end. Because that now meant he could start his journey to achieving a lifelong dream of his.
Hogwarts First Year

Quinn's first year was fairly uninspiring and pretty tame in regards to things to come. The most notable thing about his first year was his very first crush and the first year he had to live without his mentor and father figure Brannigan. He had barely been a year since his passing and it deeply affected Quinn, but the then scrawny and tallish boy put himself out there and began making friends. It was also in that year that he joined the then Hufflepuff newspaper and was the person who chiefly interviewed his fellow housemates in the aftermath of the great badger campfire. Ironically this incident also started the rumors and legends behind house Hufflepuff being flame proof.

Quinn delved into his studies and spent a majority of his time in the library or practicing in secret to hone his magical skills. Everything was going well and it appeared going into his second year things would turn out even better.
Hogwarts Second Year

Things started to change at the beginning of second year it was things drastically changed for the young boy. He suddenly became more inactive and reclusive he was seen around much less and most notably Quinn started to grow at a staggering rate. This all happened in the short period he had stepped down from his prefect role. Unknown to everyone at the time was between the Christmas break of first and second year. Quinn was the target of increased bullying that was compounded by the fact his mental illness was getting progressively worse. At the start of his Christmas break for second year there was a terrible incident in which Quinn nearly drowned for the second time in his life further cementing his previous trauma and fear of water.

This subsequently caused a mental break in which one of Quinn's personalities, Aeron, forcibly took control. Quinn doesn't remember anything of what happened between flailing about in the water and waking up restrained in a psych ward completely. It was later on revealed to Quinn through pieced together eye-witness accounts that Quinn pulled himself out of the water and walked over to a petrified Donnigan (his bully) and proceeded to mercilessly wail on the poor boy throwing him around like a rag doll. The incident was so terrible the police needed to be called. As Quinn didn't just stop at Donnigan but the boys who were also present and helped in his bullying. He acted like a completely different person and went on a total rampage before he had to be foricbly restrained and sedated after the police arrived.

This is when Quinn's parents stepped in using their various connections to help brush this massive incident under the rug and get Quinn the help he desperately needed. It was during this lengthy time that the necessary individuals both at home and at Hogwarts were informed of why Quinn would be absent. Though if you were to ask Quinn about his stay there he would tell you something very different. He never talks about his experiences there and while it did get him the help it is also an extremely sore spot for him and whenever it gets brought up by his parents he gets visibly angry. When he returned to school he tried to get back into the rhythm of things but he seemingly came back slightly more unstable then before.

Harlin was getting progressively stronger and louder in his head. Aeron kept quiet as always but Harlin was the worst. It was around this time Quinn was highly self-deprecating and critical of himself resorting to trying and using makeup to hide certain parts of himself. He slowly but surely began to put back up the facade of the lovable and silly tall boy. This all continued into his third year when he really began to grow in size and had to deal with the new challenges that brought.
Hogwarts Third Year

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To fear the unknown is to fear progress, don't shy away from it. Embrace it and discover something new.

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Β RevampΒ  Quinn Healy// Hufflepuff// Third Year
β€œThere is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance”
β€” Socrates

Family Members

ImageGrandfather (Paternal)
DeaglΓ‘n C. Healy, retired untouchable from the Department of Mysteries

ImageGrandmother (Paternal)
Deidra V. Healy, retired Herbologist well known for her studies of the more dangerous and lesser known plants both magical and muggle.

Lorcan K. Healy, a retired magizoologist and avid sailor who has a few well known published works.

Myrna S. Healy, an Animagus and retired Auror.

Aidan Healy, works for Ministry of Magic research committee.

Shannon Healy, works for Ministry of Magic research committee.

ImageYounger Twin Sisters
Fiona and Casey Healy, His annoying baby sisters who he cherishes above anything else in the world, even his own curiosity. He is fiercely protective of them and a bit of a doting older brother.


ImageAmi Procoppio - He met her one day in the Hufflepuff common room while she was setting up the room for a large scale pillow fight. Over the course of his first year he met her a few more times, and after one very specific day, Quinn is happy to say that he considers her a close friend now.
ImageFrost Cira - A fellow fourth year he met not very long ago. Like Quinn he found she has a love for the stars and is someone he gets along with quite well.


ImageMichelle Lynch - Met outside on Hogwarts grounds after he tripped over her things.
ImageMelina Descoteaux - He met her one day in the Hufflepuff common room while he was helping setting up the room for a large scale pillow fight.
ImageAmadea Campbell - A fellow prefect that he has seen often, mainly with his friend Ami. Hasn't actually attempted to talk to her until the Hufflepuff house reward on the train.
ImageEbony Cullen - (Insert explanation here.)
ImageAislyn Lewis - A fellow student he met in diagon alley while trying to get his school robes tailored to his growing body.
ImageAaron Wolfe - A fellow student he met in diagon alley while trying to get his school robes tailored to his growing body.
ImageLucy O'Sullivan - A fellow student he met in diagon alley while trying to get his school robes tailored to his growing body.
ImageMichael Evans - A unique Slytherin boy that has most piqued Quinn's interest, sadly he hasn't seen him since.

Lost contact with (former friends)

ImageSkyla Hodson - Met at the Hufflepuff table in the great hall
ImageSarafina Rivers - Met at the Hufflepuff table in the great hall
ImageVincent Eastender - Met at the Hufflepuff table in the great hall
ImageEri Windstone - He met her while trying to sneak into the Ravenclaw common room.
ImageZella Camp - A girl he met while skipping class and roaming the grounds.



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To fear the unknown is to fear progress, don't shy away from it. Embrace it and discover something new.

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Β RevampΒ  Quinn Healy// Hufflepuff// Third Year
β€œIt always seems impossible until it's done.”
β€” Nelson Mandela


Ongoing Threads



Finished Threads

The Sorting Ceremony- Quinn finds out what house he was sorted into.

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The Hufflepuff Table- Quinn meets some new possible friends.

An Unexpectedly Pleasant Day- Quinns exploration of the grounds take a pleasant turn.

Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year -

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Abandoned Threads

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Fresh Air- Quinn has a bit of an accident while exploring Hogwarts grounds.

Distracted Thoughts - Quinn's new acquaintance continues to be full of surprises as they read in the library.

Boredom -

Reading by the fire -

Pillowy Projectiles- Pillowy madness ensues for Quinn and his fellow Hufflepuffs.

A Beautiful Day to Skip- A day in which Quinn decides to take exploring the great shore and finds something interesting as a result.

Pool Party -

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impugnari potest Magicè -

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To fear the unknown is to fear progress, don't shy away from it. Embrace it and discover something new.

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Β RevampΒ  Quinn Healy// Hufflepuff// Third Year
The Trunk


Character Statistics
Stat Changes | +5 points allocated to accuracy from Quidditch Wins (Slytherin vs. Hufflepuff, Hufflepuff vs. Gryffindor, Hufflepuff V Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff vs. Durmstrang, Ravenclaw v Hufflepuff 12345)

Stamina: 14
Evasion: 8
Strength: 15
Wisdom: 8
Arcane Power: 2
Accuracy: 8
First Year
Dancing Feet Spell
Mending Spell
Levitation Charm
Wand-Lighting Charm
Counter-Charm for Wand-Extinguishing Charm
Umbrella Charm
Bubble-Producing Charm
The Sneezing Hex
Matchstick to Needle | Conmutocus
Untransfiguration | Reparifarge
Green Sparks Charm | Verdimillious
Red Spark Charm | Periculum
Curse of the Bogies | Mucus ad Nauseam
Knockback Jinx | Flipendo
Smokescreen Spell | Fumos
Cleaning Charm | Scourgify
Extinguishing Charm | Extinguo

Second Year Year
Severing Charm | Diffindo
Softening Charm | Spongify
Packing Charm | Pack
Tickling Charm | Rictusempra
Avifors Spell | Avifors
Color-Changing Charm | Colorvaria
Clothing Color-Changing Charm | Multicorfors
Hair Color-Changing Charm | Crinus Muto
Blindfolding Spell | Obscuro
Tongue-Tying Spell | Mimblewimble
Disarming Charm | Expelliarmus
Bluebell Flames | Caeruleus Inflamarae
Hot-Air Charm | Aer Calidus
Fire-Making Spell | Incendio Duo
Slug-Vomiting Charm | Slugulus Eructo
Flower-Conjuring Spell | Orchideous
Ascension Spell | Alarte Ascendare
Descension Spell | Descendo

Third Year
Bandaging Charm β€’ Ferula
Wind Jinx β€’ Ventus
Wand-Lighting Charm Duo β€’ Lumos Duo
Radiant Wand-Lighting Charm β€’ Lumos Maxima
Healing Charm β€’ Reparifors
Boggart-Banishing Spell β€’ Riddikulus
Revulsion Jinx β€’ Relashio
Snake Summons Spell β€’ Serpensortia
Snake-Vanishing Spell β€’ Vipera Evanesca
Full Body-Bind Curse β€’ Petrificus Totalus
Freezing Spell β€’ Glacius
Spider Conjuration Spell β€’ Arachnos
Water-Heating Spell β€’ Aqua Fervens
Cracker Jinx β€’ Nec Divinos Crepitus
Cheering Charm β€’ Serenate
Bravery Charm β€’ Animosus
Sealant Charm β€’ Consigno
Gripping Charm β€’ Inhaeresco
Ascension Spell | Alarte Ascendare (Makes the target fly up high into the air.)
Descension Spell | Descendo (Causes the target to move downwards.)

Fourth Year
Amplifying Charm β€’ Sonorus - Charms 1
Quieting Charm β€’ Quietus - Charms 1
Minor Healing Charm β€’ Episkey - Charms 2
Blockage Clearing Spell β€’ Anapneo - Charms 2
(Minor) Explosion Charm β€’ Bombarda - Charms 3
Fog-Conjuring Charm β€’ Nebulus - Charms 4
Smokescreen Spell Duo β€’ Fumos Duo - Charms 4
Muffliato Charm β€’ Muffliato - Charms 5
Animal Goblet Transformation β€’ Vera Verto - Transfiguration 1
Mice Transformation Spell β€’ Snufflifors - Transfiguration 2
Ducklifors Jinx β€’ Ducklifors - Transfiguration 2
Rabbit Transformation Spell β€’ Lapifors - Transfiguration 3
Rabbit Slippers β€’ Lepus Calceus - Transfiguration 3
Bubblehead Charm β€’ Aspira - DADA 1
Leg-Locker Curse β€’ Locomotor Mortis - DADA 2
Spider Repelling Spell β€’ Arania Exumai - DADA 3
Impediment Hex β€’ Impedimenta - DADA 3
Shield Charm β€’ Protego - DADA 4
Herbivicus Charm β€’ Herivicus - Herbology 1
Blackboard-writing Spell β€’ Scripto - Divination 1
Teeth-straightening Spell β€’ Recto dente - Divination 2
Siphoning Spell β€’ Tergeo - Divination 3
Structure Building Charm β€’ Erecto - Divination 4
Switching Spell β€’ Viceversus - Divination 5
Ink Revealing Charm β€’ Aparecium - Runes 2
Broom Jinx β€’ Indomitus - Flying 2
Mobiliarbus Charm β€’ Mobiliarbus - Flying 3
Pressurized Water Charm β€’ Aqua Eructo - Astronomy 2

First Year
Cure for Boils (First Lesson)
Herbicide Potion (First Lesson)
Forgetfulness Potion (First Lesson)
Antidote to Common Poisons (Second Lesson)
Antidote to Uncommon Poisons (Second Lesson)
Bruise Removal Paste (Third Lesson)
Burn Healing Paste (Third Lesson)
Babbling Beverage (Fourth Lesson)
Confusing Concoction (Fourth Lesson)
Dizziness Draught (Fourth Lesson)
Muffling Draught (Fifth Lesson)
Dogbreath Potion (Fifth Lesson)
Pompion Potion (Herbology Second Lesson)

Second Year
Drowsiness Draught (First Lesson)
Sleeping Draught (First Lesson)
Valerian Sprigs (First Lesson)
Murtlap Essence (Second Lesson)
Pepperup Potion (Second Lesson)

Third Year
Grand Pepperup Potion (First Lesson)

Fourth Year
Fatiguing Infusion (First Lesson)
Weakness Potion (First Lesson)
Skelegro (Second Lesson)
Wound Cleaning Potion (Second Lesson)
Blood Replenishing Potion (Third Lesson)
Essence of Dittany (Third Lesson)

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Contact a Head of House or the Headmaster if you need anything.

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Β RevampΒ  Quinn Healy// Hufflepuff// Third Year
Quinn Ignatius Healy

"The Giant Badger"
"Tall Boy"
"Flying puff"
"Irish Drunk"
"Big Boi"
Let the future tell the truth,
and evaluate each one
according to his work
and accomplishments.
The present is theirs;
the future, for which
I have really worked, is mine.

- Nikola Tesla
<====) Table of Contents (====>





To fear the unknown is to fear progress, don't shy away from it. Embrace it and discover something new.