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1 Apr 2018, 23:07
Celynne Gray, Third Year, Ravenclaw  REVAMP 
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Celynne Gray, Third Year, Ravenclaw  REVAMP 
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Celynne Gray, Third Year, Ravenclaw  REVAMP 
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2 Apr 2018, 21:20
Celynne Gray, Third Year, Ravenclaw  REVAMP 
note that cel does have green and brown eyes but i'm too lazy to photoshop her pfps and pay attention to which is which so excuse me



long lashes

double lid

button nose

but like asian

asian button nose

idk anymore okay

rosebud lips

dry, chapped


peeling skin
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27 Jun 2018, 14:37
Celynne Gray, Third Year, Ravenclaw  REVAMP 





Bandaging Charm • Ferula
Healing Charm • Reparifors
Dancing-Feet Spell • Tarantallegra
Mending Charm • Reparo
Levitation Charm • Wingardium Leviosa
Wand-Lighting Charm • Lumos
Wand-Extinguishing Charm • Nox
Locking Charm • Colloportus
Unlocking Charm • Alohomora
Umbrella Spell • Pluvia Velo
Green Sparks Charm • Verdimillious
Red Spark Charm • Periculum
Smokescreen Spell • Fumos
Cleaning Charm • Scourgify
Snowflake-Creating Spell • Nix Facitur
Extinguishing Charm • Extinguo
Four-Point Spell • Point Me
General Counter-Spell • Finite Incantatem
Freezing Charm • Immobulus
Revealing Charm • Revelio
Illegibility Charm • Illegibilus
Slowing Charm • Arresto Momentum
Disarming Charm • Expelliarmus
Bluebell Flames • Caeruleus Inflamarae
Hot-Air Charm • Aer Calidus
Flower-Conjuring Spell • Orchideous
Freezing Spell • Glacius
Wand-Lighting Charm Duo • Lumos Duo
Radiant Wand-Lighting Charm • Lumos Maxima
Boggart-Banishing Spell • Riddikulus
Water-Heating Spell • Aqua Fervens
Cheering Charm • Serenate
Bravery Charm • Animosus
Sealant Charm • Consigno
Gripping Charm • Inhaeresco
Severing Charm • Diffindo
Softening Charm • Spongify
Packing Charm • Pack
Tickling Charm • Rictusempra
Ascension Spell • Alarte Ascendare
Descension Spell • Descendo
Bubble-Producing Charm • Bullarum Immortalem
Eyeglass Repair Charm • Oculus Reparo
Knockback Jinx • Flipendo
Tongue-Tying Spell • Mimblewimble
Wind Jinx • Ventus
Revulsion Jinx • Relashio
Cracker Jinx • Nec Divinos Crepitus
Sneezing Hex • Steleus
Curse of the Bogies • Mucus ad Nauseam
Slug-Vomiting Charm • Slugulus Eructo
Full Body-Bind Curse • Petrificus Totalus
Fire-Making Spell • Incendio
Matchstick to Needle • Conmutocus
Untransfiguration • Reparifarge
Avifors Spell • Avifors
Fire-Making Spell • Incendio Duo
Color-Changing Charm • Colorvaria
Clothing Color-Changing Charm • Multicorfors
Hair Color-Changing Charm • Crinus Muto
Blindfolding Spell • Obscuro
Snake Summons Spell • Serpensortia
Snake-Vanishing Spell • Vipera Evanesca
Spider Conjuration Spell • Arachnos
Cure for Boils
Antidote to Common Poisons
Antidote to Uncommon Poisons
Bruise Removal Paste
Burn Healing Paste
Dogbreath Potion
Pompion Potion
Valerian Sprigs
Murtlap Essence
Pepperup Potion
Grand Pepperup Potion
Forgetfulness Potion
Babbling Beverage
Confusing Concoction
Dizziness Draught
Muffling Draught
Drowsiness Draught
Sleeping Draught

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6 Jul 2018, 12:24
Celynne Gray, Third Year, Ravenclaw  REVAMP 
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the faces that can be recognized, but perhaps not identified
MAX AVERY - saw him from a distance in the Blossomfest dance lesson and has heard about him from Eris. Other than that, nothing much.

SCOTT ALEXANDER - pretty interesting guy that she met on the potions adventure with Professor Valtome, would like to get to know him as a friend but hasn't really seen him since.

EDRIC BANES - Slytherin prefect at some point, met him in summer camp.

ANGELA SILVERBERRY - met in the summer camp.

KHRIS BAILEY - met during a giant misunderstanding in the corridors, professional book-thrower.

AHKAR HAIK - another Gryffindor in the same misunderstanding, a bit headstrong to tell the truth.

KYDEN GOODLOW - okay guy, met him during a potions adventure with Professor Valtome.

ASTERIA HANA - met in summer camp, doesn't know anything.

ELORA ROOK - met in summer camp.

KIENT FEDERER - currently pretending that he never existed because we RPed for like two posts before he went inactive.

ROSIE PARKER - kind of a nice Hufflepuff that she met in summer camp and part of Eris's friendgroup

LYONEL FLEUR - kinda cute boy that she met in summer camp.
those she would not mind saying a word to
ADAM HARRINGTOM - nice guy that she met in the trophy room along with Anatole and also was partners with during an adventure. She doesn't know him very well but he seems pretty okay.

AURELIA BEZUIDENHOUT - was going through some trouble, Cel was happy to help.

EMMA HILL - nice girl who's a bit of a rival to Aurelia above, met her in the Library Lockdown but doesn't know much about her.

ANATOLE EVANS - well-mannered boy with a penchant for fairy tales, relatively nice

ALEXX SEVÉRIN - another nice person! She was invited to a sleepover over the summer as a friend of Eris, and Alexx seems like an interesting girl that she'd like to get to know better too.

RHEA BISHOP - a friend who first helped her reach a book and later linked through Pureblood families.

SYRAH STEELE - met her in a Hospital Wing, pretty nice girl.
avoid discreetly, when given the chance
ERI WINDSTONE - doesn't actually know her that well but she hurt a lot of her friends so no.

WES HART - an idiot trying to pass notes in class. Either read a textbook or if you can't learn like that pay attention.

MAE WINTERS - a nice person that she helped with studying, but wouldn't really ask for her company. Acted civil enough, just didn't seem like an intellectual challenge.

AMAYA BOURNE - a first year who cooperated with Amanda on a prank gone wrong.
near and dear to her heart
KAEGEN DEATHMOTE - a fellow Ravenclaw, the eccentric emo dhampir with knives and his own agenda. Cel thinks he's strange, but doesn't think that's a bad thing, just curious as to how he will or won't change throughout the year.

MARIAH MENSTIL - great friend who she met in a Trophy Room and was in a couple of her classes, only one with any fashion sense.

ERIS FAWLEY - little firecracker and fellow short person, exhibited a dramatic history as well. Good to turn to for advice when others tell her to ignore something.

MIKO LIMOF - another wonderful friendly human being. She will go down with the ship.
the closest ones of all
ELIJAH HUANG - bonded through Chinese heritage on the CNY eve, like a little brother.

ELENA JONES - a sad soul with just as much family drama. Maybe activated some of her broken-wings complex, but a true friend nonetheless, considered someone to confide in.

ROWAN BANE - a Gryffindor with a beautiful voice and a great personality. She sympathizes with his relationship with his family.

LUNA AURELIUS - one of her dormmates, a shy bean just like her, great friend to chill with without expending a ton of energy from her introverted self.
the ones for which she must turn and walk the other way
AMANDA SPARROW - originally a friend, but views were changed once a prank gone wrong destroyed Cel's book.
slam the door on them, or on their necks if possible
AMI PROCOPPIO - formerly one of her best friends, but became an enemy when she gave Cel a long tirade in the library after she found out that Dorian was her brother. When someone gets mad at Cel for no reason, you'll bet she can get mad back.
her favorite squad
members are re-listed here
DELILAH STEWART - a nice Scottish girl with an awesome chocolate frog card collection.

LUNA AURELIUS - one of her dormmates, a shy bean just like her, great friend to chill with without expending a ton of energy from her introverted self.

PHAEDRA STAVROU - wonderfully cultured girl with an even more wonderful cat.

AMANDA SPARROW - originally a friend, but views were changed once a prank gone wrong destroyed Cel's book.

CECILY QUINN - fell down the stairs once. Enough said.

 - nice Irish girl a bit less afraid of the sun than Cel.
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19 Apr 2019, 01:04
Celynne Gray, Third Year, Ravenclaw  REVAMP 
please know that a strikethrough means an abandoned RPG. contact me if you want to continue!
that which is in progress, from anytime and anywhere
THE MANNEQUIN BOY - with Leonard Oaksworth - in which a Slytherin kid interrupts Cel's afternoon, and Cel's writer has a lot of pent up sarcasm from their unofficial hiatus.

LITTLE GREEN APPLES - with Ami Procoppio - in which Ami and Cel make up. Grudgingly, on Cel's side.

JUST PAST CURFEW - with Marla Quinlan  and Cecily Quinn - in which Cecily on a prefect patrol finds Cel falling down the stairs and the two seek help from a Gryffindor.

SO NOT CRASH - with Quinn Healy - in which a half-giant falls on a tiny ball of fury.

IT'S BEEN A LONG DAY - with Dale Kurt - in which two old friends are reunited in a very much awkward situation.

THE DORMITORY OF ROWENA RAVENCLAW - Dormitory - in which Cel arrives in her luxurious dorm.

EAGLE'S VIGIL - with The Raven Squad - in which the Ravens camp out with Cel in the Common Room, IM STILL WAITING ON YALL GUYS.

恭喜發財 - with Elijah Huang - in which the two homesick children on CNY find solace in the Room of Requirement.

SOLACE - with Scott Alexander - in which Cel is moping and Scott is a wonderful human being.
memories from before Hogwarts, or interactions right before the arrival at the castle
DECALCOMANIE - Solo - in which Cel finds her mother's old locket.

COMPARTMENT #42 - Solo - in which Cel enjoys a train ride to Hogwarts alone.

CHESTNUT AND HEARTSTRINGS - Solo - in which Cel receives her wand (flashback inaccurate, to be fixed).

SKETCH ME A SINGER - with Mariah Menstil - in which she meets a new friend in the Three Broomsticks.
the true beginning, for experimentation and exploration
THE SORTING CEREMONY 2018 - General Event - in which Cel is sorted.

BONDING OVER BOOKS - with Eris Fawley - in which a first friend is made.

OUT OF REACH - with Rhea Bishop - in which she meets Rhea Bishop.

CELERY STICKS - LATE NIGHT STORIES, STILL GOT THE ROCK - with Kaegen Deathmote - in which she jumps out of the window of the Ravenclaw Tower.

TABLE MANNERS, ANYONE? - with Kaegen Deathmote - in which the two duel on the Ravenclaw Table.

PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE - General Event - in which children prepare for a game of Capture the Flag.

JUST CALL ME GURU - with Mariah Menstil - in which Mariah helps her in some trouble with fashion.

HAUTE COUTURE - with Mariah Menstil - in which Mariah helps her in some trouble with fashion, part two.

EXORDIUM FAX - with Kaegen Deathmote and Mariah Menstil - in which she joins Kae's... cult.

GETTING BACK IN THE GAME - with Kaegen Deathmote, Anatole Evans, Adam Harringtom,  and Mariah Menstil - in which there is a short exchange in the Trophy Room.

FLOWER CROWN MAKING - Blossomfest Event - in which Cel makes a flower crown.

THE LEARNING OF AN ART - Blossomfest Event - in which she is taught to almost dance.

BLOSSOMBALL 2018 - Blossomfest Event - in which the ballroom goes up in flames.

BONFIRE - Blossomfest Event - in which Cel is a lonely bean that nobody notices with a flashback at the bonfire.

BLOSSOMBALL: STUDENT EDITION - Blossomfest Event - in which she tries a rematch at social events.

FOREST EXPLORATION - Adventure - in which Cel participates in a field trip into the Forbidden Forest.

HERBOLOGY AFTERHOURS - with Sorrel Wright - in which Cel pets Rhys.

LIBRARY LOCK-IN - House Event - in which Cel gets to attend a dream.

A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS - BIRDS OF A FEATHER, MISUNDERSTOOD - with Luna Aurelius, Ahkar Haik, Khris Bailey, Kaegen Deathmote and Eris Fawley - in which Cel borrows a book in the Hospital Wing, then gets caught up in a chaos-filled misunderstanding.

BREAD, JAM & COMPANY: HOUSE CUP PARTY - House Event - in which Ravenclaws celebrate their cup.

CAT & BIRD - with Eris Fawley - in which she meets Eris again.

UNSTEADY - with Aurelia Bezuidenhout, Kient Federer and Andy Graham - in which Cel is caught singing for the first time.

STUDYING THINGS & MEETING NEW PEOPLE - with Mae Winters - in which she offers help to someone in need.

SNEEZING HEX - Spells - in which she learns the Sneezing Hex.

EYEGLASS REPAIR CHARM - Spells - in which she learns the Eyeglass Repair Charm.

BUBBLE-PRODUCING CHARM - Spells - in which she learns the Bubble-Producing Charm.

VIRTUOSO - with Ami Procoppio - in which Cel meets Ami, one of her future best friends and worst rivals, through a lot of improvisation and music.

POTIONS ADVENTURE - Adventure - in which a small group runs around the Dungeons in Valtome's labyrinth.

JINXED - open - in which Cel practices a bit of DADA.

LECTURE? TRY TEXTBOOK - with Wes Hart - in which Cel finds a note-passer, hmph.

YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED WAS... - with Rosie Parker - in which Cel finds herself stuck in the Hospital Wing again.

A NEW FLU - with Syrah Steele - in which Cel meets Syrah in the Hospital Wing.

YOURS, CELYNNE - Journal - in which Cel owls her guardian (names inaccurate, to be edited).

ENDING CEREMONY 2018 - General Event - in which Cel graduates and food is delicious.
the return home from a long year of magic
CABIN OF THE LETHIFOLD - Camp - in which an epic unfolds in Cel's summer camp cabin.

PLAYGROUND - Camp - in which she relaxes on a play structure.

HERBOLOGY WORKSHOP - Camp - in which she participates in a workshop by her two favorite professors.

PRAESENS SAGA - PRAETERITUS AD PRAETERITUM, PRAETERITUM AD PRAESENS - with Dorian Gray - in which she meets her brother and comes across a revelation.

FROM DUSK TO DAWN - with Aurelia Bezuidenhout, Eris Fawley, Emma Hill and Alexx Séverin - in which Cel is dragged along to a sleepover at the Helm Manor.

A GRAY PARTY - with Rhea Bishop - in which Svana and Cel must explain their story to a less-than-amiable Pureblood family.
a new adventure, this time a little more experienced
THE RIVALRY - PRODITIONERIVAL TO DYE FOR - with Ami Procoppio - in which Cel makes her first enemy after Ami storms in and confronts her about her brother, then has her hair dyed a deep green, inspiring her rage

TROUBLE GONE WRONG - with Amanda Sparrow, Amaya Bourne - in which one friend is lost and a stranger alienated by a prank gone too far.

UGLY TRUTHS - with Aurelia Bezuidenhout and Emma Hill - in which two rivals awkwardly pull Cel into giving advice to one with a lost family member.

BUTTERBEER TASTING - Oktoberfest Event - in which Cel fails miserably at trying to mix her own Butterbeer and curse you, Discord dice.

TRICK OR TREATING - Oktoberfest Event - in which she goes trick-or-treating.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT - with Luna Aurelius and Aoi Risa - in which Cel is given a project to lead to discovery.

新年轉 -新年快樂, 恭喜發財 - with Elijah Huang - in which Cel meets another lonely soul on the eve of Chinese New Year.

ONLY A RAVENCLAW WOULD BE REWARDED WITH... - Errand - in which Cel helps clean up the library, finding a few almost-dead bodies along the way.

LIKE CLOCKWORK - with Isaiah Lewis - in which Cel meets another mechanic.

NIGHTINGALE - with Rowan Bane - in which Cel is interrupted in the Rehearsal Room for the umpteenth time, but this time by another beautiful voice.

BLOSSOMBALL 2019 - DANCEFLOOR, THE LAKE - Blossomfest Event - in which Cel lingers on the dance floor as compulsory before leaving for the Lake and lots of shipping opportunities.

NOVERCA - Solo - in which Cel gets chewed out by Svana over the Easter Holidays for sneaking off to the Lake during the Blossomfest.

SATISFACTION BROUGHT IT BACK - Solo - in which an Egyptian Mau kitten is adopted.
another heat wave away from the castle
BREAKING APART - with Elena Jones - in which Cel meets Elena in a full inn in a lonely town.
my personal favorites to read if you want some good material!
CABIN OF THE LETHIFOLD - it got abandoned, but this thing has some seriously awesome posts in it—i've been told one of mine in particular give people chills. also check out fain's amazing writing in this one.

PRAETERITUS AD PRAETERITUM, PRAETERITUM AD PRAESENS - mostly just putting this here because it's a part of Cel's main story, read for some serious drama lol.

新年快樂 - not a very long one, but filled with a lot of Chinese which doesn't come up a lot on this site.
hi! i'm cel and you're a wonderful person whom i'd love to meet! (btw current Discord is nerdling#4042
prompts are ideas for future threads. some can be very specific and others vague. most will require the partner's character to fit a certain criteria. shoot me an owl if you're interested in one!
THE GOLDEN STATE - must have been in California at some point - Cel used to live in California and lived homeless for a couple of weeks. Someone saw her there a long time ago and offered her food, money or something of their own, and then recognized her when they both went to Hogwarts.

DEAR OLD FRIEND - must have lived in California or visited for a long time at some point - Cel had few friends before arriving in Oxford, but someone in California befriended her even if for a short amount of time. Later they reunite in Hogwarts, only for the person to find that she doesn't remember anything.
thread status - open, i forever need more threads, please owl or dm
BLACK MARKET - Need information on something? Look no further than Celynne Gray. If she's not sick or holed up in her dorm, you've probably heard from a friend of a friend that she's the one to go to. If you need to know something, and you bring enough chocolate in offering, she'll get it done.
thread status - open, i forever need more threads, please owl or dm
please keep in mind that i will try to rp with more experienced rpers who write more because i tend to write a lot. i do seek out rpers by owl or dm by myself sometimes, don't be afraid to refuse me!
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19 Apr 2019, 01:05
Celynne Gray, Third Year, Ravenclaw  REVAMP 


On the outside, Celynne is an unremarkable girl, save for her extreme introversion. She does her best to be unnoticed and alone, though she is generally polite and civil to those she does not know very well— and pray you never have the pleasure of disturbing her while she is reading for a trivial reason. Cautious, suspicious, does her best to blend in: if she isn’t in the library, class, common room, or study room, she’ll be in the hospital room with a migraine from a flashback, each documented in her journal.

Once one takes the Herculean effort and time to gain her trust and friendship, Celynne is a very, very different person. One might think from her first appearance that she might be suited to Hufflepuff as well as Ravenclaw; her true colors show mostly blue... and perhaps some red. A smart-aleck to the heart, her mind is a whirlwind of activity, and those she trusts can see it as she expresses her thoughts in words. Still she is no extrovert, not in the slightest, but her smart tongue often gets the best of her, and she can be stubborn to her modus operandi, quick to annoy and quick to calm. She sees the best and the worst in everyone she meets, but none of her will ever see only one or the other— flaws, after all, can be advantages as well as disadvantages.

Her obsession with Latin is always tinged at the edge of her thoughts, and she will at times slip into her favorite language. In class, she is the studious angel, adapting and matching to each environment to succeed above others. Competitiveness is not shown in her nature, rather expressed in her behavior.

‘Eccentric’ is a word she uses to describe her mind— it is so very difficult to express in words.

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11 Aug 2021, 06:18
Celynne Gray, Third Year, Ravenclaw  REVAMP 
I need everyone to know that half of this encyclopedia is an outdated lie that I wrote 4 years ago and if you have questions please ask me (I will update at... some point) but here is a short list of summarized revisions:

- No Cel's not pretty she's a gremlin who doesn't know what sleep is and eats grapes for lunch you're lucky if you don't mistake her for a ghoul
- Currently 4'9" (will be 4'11" by graduation)
- Do you see that list of languages. It disappeared, she speaks latin, spanish, mandarin, english. That's it. The rest are like she knows 2 words. That's it.
- Right handed
- She currently dresses like a CS student go figure