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Anastasia Beckett
21 Dec 2006
London, England
Fourth year, Quidditch player, Duelling Co-Capt, Gryffindor
25,0 cm chestnut wood and dragon heartstring
Quick Note Regarding what's common knowledge for IC Rumors about Ana, since I've made it a bit complicated.
Summer - December of 2020: Mr. and Mrs. Beckett are both missing, nobody knows what's going on and there are all sorts of rumors about what may have happened to them. Ana isn't saying much of anything but has been acting completely different.
December 2020-Spring 2021: Ana's aunt begins to float whispers about Mrs. Beckett passing away from dragon pox, and Mr. Beckett being so heartbroken by this that he has fled his life altogether. However, there are more interesting rumors involving Ana stealing and possibly crashing a car. Ana is refusing to say much on either subject.
NAME: Anastasia Blair Marie Katherine Alexandra Sophia Isabella Ann Beckett IV
DOB: 21 December 2006
Face Pale, perfect skin, not very surprising, considering she puts quite a bit of time into it
Eyes - Dark brown, piercing
Nose - Straight and regal
Mouth - Frowning or lips pressed together, her rare smile brightens up your whole day
Hair - Long, dark, typically in high ponytails and warrior braids(Pre Winter Break 2020)
Long, blonde, generally down or in messy buns (Post winter break 2020
Frame - Tall, ballerina build
Height - 5'5"
Weight - 113 lbs
Other - Unless specifically said not to, Ana is wearing her friendship bracelet from Willow Anderson and her mother's necklace at all times. She also frequently wears a gold bracelet with a bee, given to her by Abella Marie Procoppio. After Winter Break 2020, she also is generally wearing the Beckett signet ring.

Personality: In general, stubborn, confident, witty, perfectionist, princess-y, hot-headed, impulsive, fiercely loyal
As of Fall 2020 - explosively angry at times, generally withdrawn, irritable, discouraged, overwhelmed, sad
As of Jan 2021 - slightly more level headed, less explosive, more like her normal self

Important plot points and people: Her mother's death and father's disappearance, shouldering the Beckett legacy, being a better friend (specifically to Rafael, Ruby, and Eyre), dating Flash Holmwood, befriending and trusting Willow Anderson, befriending Abella Marie, befriending Astrea Neptune, Quidditch, ballet

Activity: More detail in my ency, but basically, I'm around! Might take longer than normal for replies, but will get to you eventually! <3
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