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Solomon Lear
Kidsgrove, England
Headmaster of Hogwarts, II
22,3 cm aspen wood and phoenix feather

Age: 45
Weight: 263 pounds
Height: 6 foot 2 inches
Physical Description:
His hair thick but prematurely grey and a full, glorious beard that any man would be jealous of. His face adorned with old scars from battles long past, difficult creatures he would claim. His skin weather-worn for years of travel yet he liked nice things. His tunic often of silk and he often donned a breast plate and full armor when in class. Magical creatures such as those he trained were quite dangerous, reckless and unpredictable indeed he would oft explain.

I was born on  cold and dreary day on the twentieth of November in Kidsgrove, England in 1973 to a one Richard and Elisa Lear. My youth was privileged most would say, I too graduated from Hogwarts, class of 1991. The sorting hat had placed me in Ravenclaw or was if Hufflepuff... oh it hardly matters, I made lifelong friends and experienced adventures most would only dream of. I would recommend Hogwarts as the place of study for any true wizard hopeful.

After I graduated Hogwarts with honors I traveled the world and learned as much as I could about the magical creatures of this world. There were so many left untamed and it was my dignity and honor to tame them all. I would find fame in 1999 when I tamed a Doxy, a pest creature of course but previous to this time not considered a potential pet. I would hone my skill and tame larger and more dangerous creatures, eventually a Chimaera in 2015, the year after I took up residence in Hogwarts as a Professor of Magical Creatures.

Acclaim has not blinded me to my true purpose of course, passing on my knowledge to you, my dear students. Help my achieve my purpose and learn everything you can. Touch the heavens on the back of a dragon or be the proud owner of a wampus cat, anything is possible under my study. If you are truly exceptional, perhaps you can even assist me

Additional information:
Solomon is estranged from his wife Morgantha