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Yuki Northcott
London, England
First year, Ravenclaw
25,1 cm cherry wood and dragon heartstring
Yuki is a fun-sized 11 year old girl. She has straight long, ghostly blue hair, and fairly pale skin. She has light blue eyes. Yuki is honest, shy and caring, she dislikes bananas. She prefers any color of blue, but her favorite is light blue. 

Yuki is a pure-blood, but she only knows very few spells. Her parents have encouraged her to study magic, but she gets distracted, very easily. Her parents are both pure-blooded wizards and witches. Yuki comes from a long line of pure-bloods. Her parents have taught her to stand up for her opinion. She lost her brother in a car accident when she was young, she was lucky to survive. 

Yuki likes: plants, animals, cats, sweets, ice cream, candy, and minerals.

Yuki dislikes: frozen peas, black raspberries, blueberries, history, and dark magic. 

Yuki can be very clumsy and trips over herself sometimes. She has a fondness for animals, bunnies being her favorite. She loves music, she really loves singing although she doesn't think she's good. Yuki is fascinated with phoenixes. Yuki only lets lose when her friends are around with her. She can lose her temper when people make her eat peas. Yeah, she really hates peas. Yuki can be the weirdest person you could know, but she covers that up with a smile and a big warm heart.

Yuki is grateful to be at Hogwarts.