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Emma Jones
Wizard born
Bristol, England
First year, Ravenclaw
29,5 cm aspen wood and phoenix feather
Emma has always been strange. While kids her age were playing games at recess, she would be investigating Bowtruckles that lived in the trees.  When classmates were hanging out and having sleepovers, she would be studying the different wand cores and what made them unique. Emma is plenty outgoing when she's meeting with people new or even old friends, but she likes to be by herself in her spare time. Although they can be a bit annoying, Emma loves her small family of four; her Mom, Dad, and 2-year-old brother Noah. She's especially close to her father, who brings home pictures and other awesome stuff from his travels as a Magizoologist. Emma hopes to follow in her father's footsteps when she graduates Hogwarts. In her free time, she can be found reading, writing, upside down in trees, thinking, or eating copious amounts of dark chocolate. Emma is in advanced classes at her school, but is still bored and prefers to read or draw Hippogriffs during lessons. Don't let her scare you off - she has a bad habit of talking a million miles an hour and not thinking about what she says. She's most interested in the classes Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures, although Charms seems interesting too. She has nothing against Muggles and she has an aunt who's a squib, so she doesn't care all that much about Muggle-born or Pureblood or whatever. Can't we all just get along?