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Julia Jenkins
27 Jun 2011
Hollesley, England
First year, Gryffindor
31,5 cm cherry wood and phoenix feather
Physical Description:
Julia Jenkins has brown hair, and brown eyes. She has tan skin from always being in the sun and rosy red cheeks. Julia stands at 152cm, and she has perfect posture from horse riding. Her nose is crooked, something she’ll be determined to fix when she’s older. Julia has just recently gotten her second ear piercing (Christmas holidays, 22/23) and she loves to experiment with different combinations of earrings. As a muggleborn horse rider, Julia has a few scars, her most noticeable one running up the side length of the left leg from when she fell off her horse and into a tree branch.

Mental Description:
Julia is quite mature for age, which comes from growing up on the farm and being responsible for many of the jobs. She is a very friendly, extroverted girl. Her biggest weakness is her patience, she is very impatient and a complete procrastinator. Julia is a little intelligent, her average grade being an E, however she's earning 'A's and 'O's in a few. She's interested in astronomy, horses, broom racing and

Julia Jenkins was born on the 27th of June, 2012 to muggles Oscar and Alice Jenkins. She has a younger sister (9), Naomi Jenkins. The family of four grew up on a large property, both her parents being farmers. They live at 4 Woodbridge Walk, England. Julia has two horses; Spirit and her daughter Cisco, although while at Hogwarts her parents are caring for them. Julia and Naomi have been home schooled for their entire life, with Alice having been a teacher before moving to the farm. Before finding out she was a witch, Julia wanted to become a professional horse rider, retire early and start her own farm. During her time however, she branches out, with Astronomy becoming a frequent hobby and very interested in magical history.

First Instance of Magic:
Julia’s First Instance of Magic happened when she was eight years old. She was riding her horse, Spirit, when Spirit saw a snake. She reared up and Julia fell off her beloved horse. She landed in a perfectly placed muddy puddle, devastated over the fact that her new riding pants had been destroyed. When she stood up, to her surprise, the cream coloured pants were completely normal. There was no mud and no stains!

Aspires to be a: Magical Historian, Magical History Writer, Muggle Relations Officer or a place in the Muggle Department in the MoM.