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Madi McQuade
18 Jan 2011
London, England
Second year, Ravenclaw
34,8 cm willow wood and unicorn hair
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She has dark brown hair and brown eyes that can look dark or light. A little bit over average height, at 5'4, and it is one of her insecurities. She has light skin, a mix between pale and tan. She's a very fast runner and is very athletic, although regularly clumsy. She is also quite pretty, and whenever she walks into a room it lights up, she is normally very happy and often has a smile on her face. She's almost always wearing eyeliner and almost always has a bag on her.

Madi does not show her real personality to most people in fear of how they will take it. She is very closed-off and there are very few people who really know her, but she's gotten a lot more outgoing. She loves reading, and kids in her Muggle neighborhood used to say the only friends she had were books. Although she can appear shy at first, she is really a bundle of energy. She is very intelligent and quick witted. She is creative, ambitious, and determined. She can be pretty sarcastic or a"know-it-all"
History: I was born in London on January 18 to Helena and Caison McQuade. my parents owned a small business in London. They worked every day of the week and most nights. I was often left alone in our flat to entertain myself, and used that time to read all of the books we owned. (Which was not very many.) But when my sister Analia was born, my mum spent less time down in the shop and more time in the flat. When I got my Hogwarts letter, my sister was three. My parents were absolutely shocked, because they were both Muggles.

Owl me if you're interested in a thread! I'm up to doing almost everything.
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