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Emery Featherstone
Wizard born
03 Sep 1997
Settle, England
Nurse, Hogwarts
24,0 cm acacia wood and phoenix feather
Physical Description: It is not unusual that some locks of her light blond hair fall in front of her sky-blue eyes, blocking her view. Their curly hair is just a tad too short to reach their shoulders, exactly what she prefers. When spending too much time in the sun, her light skin quickly shows the effects in the form of red blushes on her cheeks. In the rare case of a genuine smile, her soft pink lips would curl into a wide grin showing the little gap between their front teeth. Being 1.78 (5'10"), she is a bit taller than most of her family.

Mental Description: Growing up in a big family with many older siblings, Emery has never had the need to make a lot of friends. They preferred spending time with their siblings as that didn't require too many social skills. If her siblings weren't around, she would usually spend her time alone to avoid meeting new people. As they got older, their social skills improved but are still significantly less than most people have. When in big crowds, she gets easily overwhelmed and uncomfortable.
Standing up for herself is not something Emery is used to doing and usually just follows other people's lead. Despite being an introvert, she cares a lot for others. From a young age, she was interested in healing and helping others, especially her siblings. It was one of their few passions and learning more about it took up most of their free time. Another hobby is baking, which she does a lot when she is stressed. Three cakes in the kitchen probably mean that Emery has had a hard day and needed to relax a bit. Another way they love to relax is by spending time outside, a habit they developed when living in a house with 8 other people.

Biography: Emery has never been the type to just go up to somebody to chat with them, leading to her never really having friends. However, the young girl had been fine with it as they had their siblings. Being the third youngest out of 7 kids, she always had somebody to talk to.
Besides always being loud and busy in their family home, magic was a common thing as well. Both of Emery's parents had gone to Hogwarts, her mom as a Slytherin and her dad a Ravenclaw. Even though they went to the same school for 5 years, her parents only really started talking when they worked together in the ministry. The two married at the age of 24 and 26, after which they soon welcomed their first child. Three kids later, their mother was expecting twins who were born on a starry night, September 3rd, 1997. Emery's twin, Maria, has always been the complete opposite of her, supper chatty and making new friends wherever she went. Even now, Maria is married with 3 kids while her twin has never even been in a relationship before. It had been extremely hard for Emery to see their twin sister Maria move in with her fiancé shortly after their 20th birthday. All the other children had already left the house and gone on to have their own lives which her parents couldn't stop talking about. Only Emery was left in the quiet house with their parents when they turned 26.
So far, Emery has had multiple jobs, mostly as a nurse or assistant in st. Mongo's Hospital. Not having many friends meant that she could focus on her job, leading to her always being an outstanding employee. They had never been the most intelligent person in her family, but their hard work always paid off. When the nurse position at Hogwarts, her old school, opened she was hesitant to apply at first but soon realized it would be the perfect thing for her. She would be able to move out and finally have her own place. Besides, her time at Hogwarts had been quite fun. Being sorted in Hufflepuff just like one of her older sisters, she always had somebody she trusted around. When her older sister left, her younger brother had already joined her house.

First Instance of Magic: It had been a special day, two of their older siblings had just come back from Hogwarts and they would have dinner with the whole family after a long time. The children who were old enough were helping with cooking and setting the table, while the younger ones were playing with some toys. The youngest, Emery's four-year-old brother, had made his way into the kitchen with his toy car. Nobody except Emery noticed the little boy coming in and accidentally dropping his toy. Their mother, who was carrying a pot with soup, slipped over the little car and Emery's heart dropped when she realized the pot would slip from her mom's hand. If the pot would fall, it would hit her brother's head and hurt him. Sadly, Emery was standing too far away to catch the pot and she could only hope for it to disappear somehow. To her great surprise, the iron pot actually vanished. Her dad had walked into the kitchen just in time to see what had happened and after helping his wife, he gave Emery a big hug. His little nine-year-old girl was a witch just like all her older siblings.