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Mellani Miller
12 Oct 2010
Heywood, England
Second year, Quidditch player, Writer, Slytherin
34,9 cm mayhaw wood and phoenix feather
Physical Description: Mellani is a slender, beautiful girl who is very insecure about her looks. She has brown, long wavy hair and hazel gold eyes. She's your classic black hoodie and black leggings girl. She rarely ever applies make up and when she does, she applies very little. At first glance Mellani might look very shy but when you come to know her you realize that she's actually quite fun to be around.

Mental Description: Mellani is insecure around strangers but also very kind and fun around friends and people she knows. She is very intelligent although she might not believe it. Mellani always believes in the being kind over doing the right thing. She is very calm in situations that others would panic in.

Biography: Mellani lives in a muggle house with kind parents. She had been going to muggle school all her life before she got the letter. Her friends are mostly like her - smart, fun and of course introverted. Sometimes she got bullied in school but she tried her best to stand up for herself. She helps everyone out which is the reason most people liked her. She has many acquaintances but not many of them can be called 'friends'.

First Instance of Magic: Once at the age of 10, Mellani was roaming the corridors in her school when she came across two seniors bullying a junior. She yelled at them to stop but the ran to the terrace of the house. When she got there, as soon as they noticed her, they started fighting her. She tried her best to stop them but failed as they accidently pushed her off the terrace. Scared for her life, she yelled but the moment when she reached the ground, she got up and realized that she was actually unhurt. At this point, she felt a great sense of confusion along with joy to knowing that she had actually survived. She looked around self-consciously to make sure no one had seen this. She knew the bullies had but surprisingly, she never came across them again.