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Felix Lin
09 Oct 1959
Puddlemere, England
Professor of Flying, Hogwarts, II
24,5 cm aspen wood and phoenix feather
Physical Description: Although on the shorter side, Felix carries himself with grace and confidence that lead many to believe he is far taller than 5'5", especially from photographs. Their well-toned physique from their years of playing professional Quidditch has ebbed with age, but they still retain their quick reflexes and reactions, making them a bit jumpier than your average grandpa. Felix prefers to keep his hair neatly groomed and out of his face, with his sides streaked with gray. Minimalistic, neat, and methodical, their wardrobe reflects their past life as an athlete and their current life as an aging person: simple, neutral and earthy colors in a range of sensible pants, shirts, and jackets that allow movement when necessary. His wand generally remains tucked away in a pocket or holstered.

Mental Description: Generally soft-spoken, Felix's calm temperament and steady demeanor define his presence and quiet confidence. They are compassionate, considerate, and steadfast in nearly every situation. The only exception is when the adrenaline is pumping through his veins as he is astride a broom, racing for the Quaffle and weaving through the air as nimbly as a bird. Then, and only then, is Felix loud, raucous, and even occasionally downright abrasive. But the moment their feet touch the ground, they are the picture of a perfect sportsman. He truly loves kids and sharing his knowledge and experience with the next generation, and avoids conflict when possible.

Biography: The oldest of three siblings and born to Chinese immigrants in Dorset, England, Felix Lin grew up immersed in Quidditch from the get-go. Their parents both worked for the Ministry of Magic: their mother was in the Department of Magical Education, and their father worked in the Department of Magical Games and Sports. Growing up in the hometown of Puddlemere United, Felix idolized the team from a young age, which carried on through his time at Hogwarts. After being sorted into Hufflepuff, they studied hard but played harder; after making the Quidditch team as a Chaser in their second year, they (metaphorically) took off on their broom and never looked back. During his time at Hogwarts, he began to struggle with his masculinity and appearance, resulting in a brief falling-out with his father in his fourth year. However, after many tense discussions, they reconciled in Felix's sixth year, and their whole family remains close to this day. After graduating from Hogwarts, Felix was immediately signed to his hometown team, Puddlemere United. He played for sixteen years (fourteen as Chaser and two as Keeper) before retiring at 34. Post-retirement, they grew antsy after a year at home and coached for the Pride of Portree until their second retirement at age 54. Finally, he began to settle into the retired life, living in a humble cottage near his hometown where he trained owls and taught the wizarding children to fly safely. Nine years later, the job opening of Flying professor at Hogwarts piqued their interest, and brought them (once again) out of retirement. His younger sister, Elizabeth, currently coaches for the Hollyhead Harpies, and his younger brother (and baby of the family), Ezra, works for MACUSA.

First Instance of Magic: Flight has been ingrained in Felix since the moment he could walk. During their fourth birthday, delighted by their new toy broomstick from their parents, their sheer glee caused all the plates and utensils at the dinner table to float about six inches in the air, before it all came crashing back down as Felix reached for their cake that was seemingly floating away.