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Fang Hui-Ying
25 Apr 2011
London, England
First year, Gryffindor, Broom Racing Co-Captain
22,5 cm mayhaw wood and dragon heartstring
Klaus Havertz - Ency!

Physical Description: Fang Hui-Ying has long, straight, dark black hair with some warm brown highlights. She has pale ivory skin, an oval shaped face with bright almond-shaped brown eyes. She is 4’8'' tall and has slim features.

Mental Description: She is smart, ambitious and trustworthy. She is loyal, kind and fiercely loves her family and closest friends. She can be stubborn sometimes and tend to have a more rebellious personality. She doesn't disregard her duties and studies, but she doesn't live her life stuck on books and parchments she likes to enjoy her life to the fullest and would live through as many adventures as she can. She is curious, she's always looking for something new to learn and new experiences to live. She is resilient and determined, she had learn from a very young age that life adversities can make you stronger if you never lose hope and fight for your dreams.

History Background: Fang Hui-Ying is Fang Hui-Ming's younger sister. Both her parents are muggles and have Chinese-English roots. Both her mother and father have successful careers in their respective fields, Mr. Fang is a financial consultant and Mrs. Fang is a senior lecturer at a college.

Fang Hui-Ying is one year younger then her brother. She has born with a medical condition that made her feel sick and unable to live a normal childhood until she was eight year old. She had lived her life going from doctor to doctor in hopes that someone could finally find the reason for her health condition. For most of her life time she had lived in China with her father, receiving several diagnoses and treatments from different doctors and therapists. Nothing seemed to work beyond the momentarily relief on her health condition. Because of this she had grown closer to her father and had less contact with her mother and brother. Even so, with a busy life and a successful career Mr Ming had no much time to spend with her daughter and taking care of her special needs. Ying had always been taking care of and educated by her tutors and caretakers.

However, despite her illness, there was never any negligence or disregard in her upbringing and lectures. She had been always expected, like her brother, to attend to their parents demanding and rigorous expectations. She had the best tutors to help her through her difficulties and to teach her in the most important matters and subjects.

Her books and her piano were her best friends for as long as she could remember. They kept her company and brought joy and happiness to her young life. That's how she had passed her free time out of doctor's appointments and homeschooling. But everything has changed after that Christmas break...

First Instance of Magic: When Hui-Ying was 8, she and her father traveled back to London, as usual, for Christmas break and spend time with family. She wished that she could stay more time with her mother and brother.

At that time, no one could identify the source or a plausible explanation for what happened, but during that night Hui-Ying's medical condition miraculously cured itself. When she woke up that morning, she was a different child. She had never felt more lively and energetic, like a mantle of sourness had left her body and mind.
When Her brother received his letter to attend to a magical school they thought that that would had been the explanation behind Hui-Ying suddenly recovery. But one year later, she had also received her so much wanted letter. She would finally feel free of her daily strict obligations and starting a new magical adventure in her life.