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Galahad Browne
15 Mar 1983
London, England
Head of Gryffindor
27,1 cm aspen wood and dragon heartstring
High five, big shout to the Gryffindor posse.

Galahad Browne was born on March 15, 1983. He is the first child of Cecil and Moira Browne, and is a cousin of History of Magic Professor Caradoc Browne. Growing up in Ireland, Caradoc and Galahad were very close, bonding over their shared love of music. From the age of 4, Galahad was trained as a classical pianist, he would occasionally sit in and jam with Caradoc's band but never fully joined due to their different musical styles. To this day, Galahad still plays the piano regularly. It’s his favorite way to relax and another way for him to express his emotions. If the odd student were to walk by or into his office they might even catch him playing it.

Galahad’s home life was idyllic in his youth. He lived with his family in Dublin in his early years. Cecil was a multi-instrumentalist in a local folk band, which is where he initially learned to love music. By day, Cecil worked at the Guinness Brewery (Galahad loves butterbeer but he still has a special place in his heart for Guinness) while Moira worked as a seamstress, eventually designing some of her own dresses. Galahad has two younger siblings: Amelia, who’s now 38 and continued her mother’s work as a seamstress, and Billy, who’s now 36, who just started his own whiskey distillery. Neither of his siblings are magical, but they still share a close bond with Galahad and he sees them frequently.

Much like Caradoc, Galahad focused on his studies the older he got. He graduated from Hogwarts with O's in his N.E.W.T.s in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Potions, and Transfigurations, while achieving E's in Herbology, Ancient Runes, and Arithmancy. Off the back of his stellar academic performance, Galahad joined the Ministry of Magic as an Auror in Training. He completed the Auror in Training by the time he was 18 and joined as a full fledged Auror. He’d known from his first year at Hogwarts that he wanted to be an Auror. To that end, Galahad joined the dueling club to prepare himself for his profession, training relentlessly. Galahad had always empathized with the little guy and always felt very protective of people, so to him the natural career path for him was one where he could protect anyone. He was so studious because he knew to survive in a life like that you simply had to be the best you could be at everything.

Galahad would spend the next 20 years working as an Auror. Most recently he was assigned the case of tracking down and either incarcerating or eliminating the members of S.C.A.R. that had started to become a scourge on the Wizarding World. Sadly, in 2022, tragedy struck. Galahad's partner, Martin Watkins, had been undercover with S.C.A.R. for six months when he failed to check in with Galahad. Martin's body was found in a recently abandoned S.C.A.R. outpost but no proof was found to definitively link his death to them. Galahad had been partnered with Martin for 15 years and decided 20 years on the job was enough, opting for early retirement in October of 2022.

He's come back to Hogwarts ready to open a new chapter and put the past behind him. Although he’s retired, he still wears his Auror badge proudly so that he never forgets where he came from.