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Avery Leveret
01 May 2011
Bath, England
Second year, Duellist, Slytherin
28,4 cm chestnut wood and unicorn hair
Physical Description: The Leveret children are all pale and dark haired, some professors may even remember his older brothers who have long since left Hogwarts, and liken him to them. His steely eyes and button nose sit well on the foundations of a strong jaw and lightly flecked, freckled, cheeks. He is averagely built and appears defter than most, though he couldn’t lift anything to save his life; but that’s the point of house elves and magic, right?

Mental Description: Wily, Curious, Ambitious.

Avery is typically a low-energy kind of student, but when he discovers topics that interest him it is as though he is renewed and he very quickly finds a way to sink all his time. Avery has a keen mind for consuming information, having lived in the shadow of elder brothers he has an unwieldy desire to succeed them; to be the best of them and this often impresses upon his peers whether he intends it or not. Whilst he is slow to trust, once that has been earned it shall seldom be lost for a boy that can't make friends very well should certainly know how to keep the ones that he does bring on side.

Avery has been described as particularly wily, which gives him a decent sense of most social or other kinds of situations, but there is a flash of cunning in his eyes when he’s committed to an aim.

Biography: The Leveret family are a family of Pureblood witches and wizards that live in a secluded manor in southern England, who have notoriously been placed into Slytherin house. It is plagued with a black reputation for the Leveret patriarch and Avery's father Willard; was sentenced to a number of years in Azkaban for his service to a dark wizard. Following a lengthy trial, and the discovery of witnesses helmed by the efforts of Avery's mother Cadence, Willard was not handed a life sentence which meant that once free.

The trial was kept under lock and key, but it is possible that information pertaining to it has spread through gossip and rumour, especially given that the Leveret’s had just had their third child; Avery; before Willard seemingly disappeared from the picture, leaving Cadence to become the Mistress of their lavish manor. At the same time as raising the three children. Her two eldest sons, Arthur and Barrow, who were 12 by the time Avery was born, were conscious enough to know what was going on; But Avery was just a newborn.

It is said that evidence went back and forth regarding witness statements on Mr Leveret's claims of being under the effects of the Imperio curse; but what really tipped it was the revelation that the last cast from his wand was the forbidden blasting curse 'Confringo' following a Prior Incantato examination. This conflicted with a witness statement that prosecution claimed he had used to cast an Unforgivable Curse moments before his capture and swung it in the Leveret family's favour and Willard was instead handed a commuted sentence. When Willards sentence was up, he refrained from any public endeavours and receded from view; allowing Cadence to continue in managing their day to day affairs.

Cadence had done as best a job as she could, given everything that was on her shoulders. Even their house elf Kipney couldn’t quite keep on top of things; which didn’t bode well for him. She had two teen boys who, as they grew older, seemed more and more curious. It was like fighting a giant tidal wave, keeping them from the same path their father had taken, the same friends he had made. This took a heavy toll on them all and their schooling.

Avery grew up rather ignorant to his family history, but his brothers would routinely cause a stir up with their mother. Avery’s childhood was not one that was particularly exciting, as he felt that he was being cushioned from everything and it didn’t help that they lived far from other wizarding world children; so he wasn’t best placed socially for his time in Hogwarts.

The best memories he has are those that relate to his much older brothers, as he always found them inspiring and so always wished to impress them. He often dreamed of duelling and beating them both, as they both tended to do within the manor boundaries. Once, he saw them slinging spells and hexes at each other from broom-back, and it has since been his ultimate desire. As he grew up, the relationship with them soured as Cadence distanced them, telling Avery that it was imperative that he did not become as infatuated with duelling power as they had been or else he would end up like his father, a now callous and distant man; broken by the untold stories of Azkaban.

Arthur and Barrow seemed to be just fine, the former was an assistant of some kind for the ministry and the latter was a saleswizard that toured across the world for different Quidditch events.

Avery was confident that he could make it too, but the Damocles’ sword was held high above, waiting to sweep down and fell him. He often struggled with the question; would he fall down the same path his father took?

First Instance of Magic:When Avery was seven, his brothers had both left school and had left the family home. This wasn't to do, for Avery always had to be doing something; even if it meant getting into trouble, and now he didn't even have the two people that he would have so often gotten into trouble with!

After they had moved out, Avery went looking through their rooms; for he had nothing better to do. He found that Arthur had left his broom in the house, having given up his previous passion of flying in lieu of his job as an assistant to a wizard in the ministry. His brother kept it high, as he was told to by his mother, on a plaque above the stairs alongside his other Quidditch ribbons and trophies, but that only presented itself as a challenge to be conquered by Avery. He began to climb the stair bannister, reaching for it with his short arms, until he slipped. His tumble was sure to break bones or worse, for the manor staircase was grand and tall, but it wasn't until he managed the courage to open his eyes that Avery discovered that his fall had been magically cushioned and he had floated just above the ground at the feet of his glowering mother. She lost her anger as fast as she had gained it, simply hugging the boy and exclaiming that whilst he was foolish, he was indeed a Wizard.