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Amalia Rolfö
05 Sep 1984
Manchester, England
Professor of Study of Ancient Runes, Hogwarts, I
Eurasian Magpie
26,5 cm chestnut wood and snallygaster heartstring
Age: 38

Physical Description: Standing at a stout 5'11", Lia certainly stands out amongst the sea of children. Chin length, naturally brunette hair is partially dyed blonde. Pale skin frames dark brown eyes, and though she may come off as mildly intimidating upon first glance, there's always a bright smile on hand for any willing to approach.

Mental Description: Academics are something that Lia has always held in high regard, so anything to do with such is given her full enthusiasm. During lectures and classes she exudes a rather stern demeanor. Outside of lessons however, smiles and kind words abound. She's always eager to help out any who approach. If given the opportunity she will absolutely go on long tangents about any number of subjects covering ancient history.

Biography: The only child of Alrik Rolfö and his now estranged wife Vera Rolfö, formally Hurtig. Amalia's family owns a small estate on the outskirts of Karlstad in Sweden, which is where she was born and raised. Outside of official events, Lia didn't socialize much as a child with peers her own age until she was of age to attend Durmstrang. The majority of her time was spent with her personal tutor, Ville.

His own fascination with history was passed along to her from a young age. Stories of the days past kept her mind occupied for many a nights. Upon taking up studies at Durmstrang the young girl threw herself into her studies with a vigor. Through both her own desire to excel and the pressures laid out by her parents, Lia made it through her schooling with fantastic grades, but little else to show for it.

Upon graduating, Amalia took up a long time desire to travel around the various lands that she'd grown up reading about to conduct her own research. During her travels, Lia took notes and various accounts from local wizarding communities about their own stories of days past. Over the years, she was able to compile these various stories and notes into a book of her own. The contents ranged from the ancient Nordic culture to the the various bygone nations of the South Americas.

First Instance of Magic: At age 7, Lia had been left to her own devices while her parents conducted business. Slipping into the kitchen afforded her the sight of a coveted box of her favorite cookies. Sitting just out of reach. The effort was made, at least, as she stood on her tip-toes to try and reach them atop the tall counter. But ubfortunately to no avail. Turning to sulk back out of the room, thoroughly upset by the failed attempt, she didn't register the sound of the box in motion until it hit the floor behind her. Her parents got the delighted story of what had happened through a mouth full of cookie.