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Sabine Blumenthal
21 Oct 1989
Hogsmeade, Scotland
Professor of Care of Magical Creatures, Hogwarts
28,9 cm chestnut wood and phoenix feather
Sabine has dark skin and darker hair, often worn naturally rather than in protective styles. Her hair is healthy and well-cared for, as she does have a lengthy skin and hair care regimen to keep it that way. She has full lips; dark, almond eyes; and a bit of a longer face. She enjoys expressing herself through hair, though, and is particularly skilled at the Colovaria charm. Sabine has a tattoo on her left shoulder of a manticore, a leg tattoo of growing ivy up her right calf, and one of a bowtruckle on her left forearm. She values her appearance greatly. Currently, Sabine's hair is worn short and natural.
I shine only with the light you gave me.
Sabine is a little on the wild side. She is a performer at heart and loves to show off in any capacity, but she also has a healthy dose of weirdness just strong enough to make her off-putting. She is very well-versed in her subject, but often struggles to find interest in things that she does not devote her time to. Sabine is somewhat strict in her teaching methods and can come off as quite mean and grumpy at times. Though she is extroverted, Sabine is not bubbly. She’s hard-working and often forgets to take breaks.
I shine only with the light you gave me.
Sabine was born Sabine Odamtten in Ghana, Africa. Her parents, Shauntae and Kwame, were poor purebloods, often unable to spend much time with their daughter as a result of near constant working. When Sabine was four, her father passed, sending her mother into a deep state of depression. Unable to care for her any longer, Shauntae gave her only child to her own sister, Efua. Efua was married to a man named Rami Blumenthal, and the two adopted the young girl, resolving to always give her what she wanted.

The Blumenthals were wealthy. Sabine grew up surrounded by everything she could ever ask for; toys, makeup, clothes, cello lessons, opera lessons. She is now a skilled cellist and operatic singer.

Sabine was accepted at Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at age eleven, and was quickly sorted into Wampus with hardly any deliberation. Once settled into school, Sabine wasted no time in becoming somewhat popular around her year. She had a posse of friends, none of whom she was particularly close with, but she enjoyed the attention she got from other students. She was average at school, except when it came to one subject in particular: creature care. In her time at Ilvermorny, Sabine excelled at the subject, enamored by the study of other life and how to upkeep it.

After graduation, she resolved to study creatures all while rediscovering her culture, the one she was adopted out of. Sabine worked at MACUSA as a magizoologist, particularly interested in large, potentially dangerous creatures. As she worked to index these creatures, Sabine was made aware that Hogwarts was looking for a Professor of Care of Magical Creatures, and she immediately applied. Sabine got the position on January 8, 2023.