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Mateo Sáez
Wizard born
29 Feb 2000
Stornoway, Scotland
21,8 cm walnut wood and unicorn hair
You can contact me through owl or on Discord AceOfSpades#0772
Physical Description: Mateo follows the stereotype of a typical jock, standing at 6ft 2. His tanned skin is a result of much time outdoors and later travelling. He is relatively muscular and holds himself with a good posture from habit. His dark blonde hair is often unstyled and his eyes are a shade of darker hazel. He follows no strict fashion style, being seen in warm, neutral-coloured jumpers in the colder months and a light-coloured shirts with the sleeves rolled up in warmer months. All of those are paired with a smart pair of trousers and appropriate shoes at work, however.

Mental Description: Mateo makes sure to be as kind and patient as he can be to everyone who passes through the Library doors. He will give everyone the benefit of the doubt, but break any of the Library's rules and expect to see a very different side to him. Mostly, he exudes an aura of calmness and warmth, but to those who do not show him or anyone/thing he cares for respect, his demeanour can quickly turn cold. He is very intelligent, academically but also emotionally, and is able to read how people feel quite well.

Biography: Amelia Jackson, his American mother (muggle-born Ilvermorny graduate), was a foreign ambassador for MACUSA and Alonzo Sáez, his Bolivian father (pure-blood Castelobruxo alumni), was a healer doing missionary work, resulting in their meeting in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, January 1999. One year after their time there, a lot had changed. They had married that June, and on February 29th 2000, Mateo Sáez was born. However, as much as they loved to serve their community in the favelas, they both decided that it was not the best place to raise a child. So, when Mateo was 18 months, Amelia handed in her resignation from MACUSA and moved with her family to the outskirts of La Paz, Bolivia, to the small village where the rest of Alonzo’s family resided.
Mateo loved growing up in the small village with his family. Not having any siblings of his own, he embraced the rest of his family closely and they held (and still do) a special place in his heart. When a blue macaw swooped in with his admission letter to Castelobruxo, as much as he didn’t want to leave his family, they all encouraged him to go.
An outspoken kid, Mateo quickly made his mark on his fellow students at Castelobruxo. Fun-loving and hard-working, he wouldn’t shy away from the laborious work in the grounds. He excelled in more verbal subjects like Philosophy and Language, loving to talk. He didn’t much enjoy written subjects, finding them tedious and tiring. He found he wasn’t challenged much in classes, causing him to get into trouble from time to time for not paying attention. However, he actually had a growing thirst for knowledge and a curiosity that would be hard to tame. He also began to get further involved in broom racing at the school and it didn’t take long for him to join the official school team due to his natural athleticism. The sport was an instant hit for Mateo. The fast pace and differing obstacles matched perfectly to satisfy his growing adventurous spirit. He was also one of the best while he was at the school-until his accident.
During an important race that could’ve qualified him for the national team in his 6th year, Mateo took a harsh fall from his broom, landing painfully on his spine. Thanks to magic, he was able to make a good recovery from the accident, however he was never quite the same. His times were never as fast, and he would never admit it but his accident had left him fearful of the fast pace flying that he once loved in broom racing. There was also a shift in demeanour in the boy-he grew more surly, reserved and quiet as rumours swirled around in his year as to why he never achieved a national level. Seeing what he’d worked his entire life to achieve had been thrown away, Mateo was understandably angry about the whole situation. His grades began to drop as he continuously lost his focus in class, thinking there was no point anymore. That was until one of Castelobruxo’s tenured staff approached him with a book.
The book itself was nothing special, a simple copy of Don Quixote, but Mateo was hooked. So obsessed with sports and action, he hadn’t realised that all he could want was contained within simple pages. Everyone saw the boy who had gone from outspoken to withdrawn return to how he once was, and this time with a smile. He had a newfound enthusiasm for his classes, and he would begin to find himself improving in his studies. And, to keep him motivated, he had his growing volume of books.
Upon his graduation, he would go to travel the world and visit all the places he had only read about before. Like his parents, he would spend his time helping the underprivileged in various countries, volunteering his time to teach the kids (magical and non-magical) to read and write, believing strongly that everyone should have the chance to be able to run away from reality in a book if they needed to. However, after three years away from his family and his loved hometown, he discovered his mother’s health was in rapid decline and made the ultimate choice to return to Bolivia.
She passed away six months after Mateo’s return to Bolivia and the family he had much missed and loved. After a period of mourning, Mateo’s family once again encouraged him to leave. They knew he had a great future ahead of him and that he couldn’t remain cooped up in the small village. So Mateo forced himself to go back out there. He knew he couldn’t live off his family’s money for his whole life-or at least, he didn’t want to-so began the long tedious process of looking for a position somewhere. When the Librarian position at Hogwarts opened, he applied, figuring it would be one of the best chances he got to do something similar to what he found he was best at.

First Instance of Magic: Mateo grew up surrounded by his family and cousins and he couldn’t have been happier. Running around the rainforest, chasing and being chased by his cousins, had been his absolute favourite pastime. It was on one occasion, nearing Mateo's 6th birthday, when he was being chased by some of his older cousins through the rainforest that a large branch above his head had begun to fall and threatened to crush him. However, as young kids were, they were yelling and screaming with fun and failed to hear the worrying weight of the branch about to fall. The branch snapped and fell, yet just as Mateo should've been hurt, the branch hovered over his head. This allowed everyone to get back through and alert the adults, who celebrated Mateo's first display of magic.