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Avery McCall
13 Oct 2010
Carlow, Ireland
First year, Quidditch & Racing Co-Captain, Hufflepuff
25,0 cm yew wood and snallygaster heartstring
Physical Description: Though somewhat tall and gangly for her age, Avery carries herself with a quiet confidence. Dirty reddish brown hair is cropped short, barely contained wisps on jutting out at any given time. Bright blue eyes peer out at the world with barely contained amusement. Her face is home to a smattering of freckles that dust pale skin from ear to ear.

Mental Description: Avery more often than not tends to exude a quiet air of calmness. Though settled and assured of her own abilities, of both the magical and physical manner, she's not the most confident when it comes to social interactions. Despite her anxieties about approaching other people, she tends to be quick to warm up to them after a few interactions. Avery does her best to find her own amusement in the world, and tends to try and bring that enjoyment to her friends.

Biography: The youngest of three, Avery was born to parents Elliot and Cara McCall in the town of Carlow. Her oldest sibling is her brother Tristan, six years her senior, followed by her sister Hannah, only three years her senior. Her family currently owns a small farm near the outskirts of the town, so much of her childhood has involved helping with various chores and physical labor around the property. The only one of the family to have exhibited any magical ability, her relationship with her father has become somewhat more strained since the discovery.

First Instance of Magic: The first instance of magical abilities having been demonstrated was during a morning much like any other. Upon going out in the early morning with her siblings to go about her typical chores, Avery was tasked with pushing more feed down from the hayloft. Overbalancing upon moving one of the bags of feed towards the edge, she lost her balance and slipped from the edge.

Though not a terribly long fall, she'd prepared herself for at least some form of painful impact. After a few seconds with her eyes closed in anticipation, she finally braved cracking a single eye open. She was greeted by the sight of the ceiling framing the sight of both of her siblings shocked expressions. Confused, she finally took the time to take a brief glance around. To her shock, she found herself floating roughly six inches above the wood floor. No sooner than did she register this fact that she unceremoniously dropped the last few inches with a dull thud. With no explanation of the event herself, and aching far less than she had mentally prepared for, she sits up to return the bewildered expressions mirrored by her siblings.