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Gregor Aarden
18 Jun 1987
Newcastle, England
23,9 cm cherry wood and phoenix feather
Age: 35
Weight: Varies
Height: 6' 2''
Physical Description: Despite his young age, Gregor has always displayed a couple or even a lot of gray hair strands upon his chin and head. It's potentially due to poor genetics or the amount of stress he has endured over the coming years of his life. Even so, he doesn't pluck them out or even attempt to change the color as many people presume he is older than he may seem. His skin also displays a few more wrinkles around the knuckles and cheeks, and as such he is treated with more respect than those around the same age. His build is rather tough and similar to an old boxer who has taken a couple of beatings within his lifetime. Prefers to wear suits and ties on almost any occasion, but will wear varied colored buttoned shirts on the weekends and varying cultural appropriate clothing when traveling.

Mental Description: A gentleman who enjoys travel and embracing varying cultures. Overal he focuses greatly upon his own writings and theories, attempting to mix muggle theories with magical ones. He's made many friends over the years across the world, but the one who has always stayed by him and that he holds great love for is his goldfish, Phillip. A small but very pleasant animal that Gregor deeply cares for.

When it comes to the classroom, he finds each student to be unique and special. Despite his professional and serious looks and tone, he is always scheming some sort of new and fun lesson that can allow students to broaden their thinking. As such, he finds creativity and imagination to be the best source of understanding the complicated.


Mother: Alyssa Aarden (Muggle), Teacher
Father: Andrew Aarden (Pure-blood), Historian

Gregor was an only child to both his parents, Alyssa and Andrew Aarden. The two raised him in the rather bustling city of Newcastle for the first couple years of his life. The two had a small dispute, but overal raised Gregor in the confides of their small building walls before he could venture out to the brimming halls of Hogwarts. Through out his years he excelled strongly in transfiguartion as a young Slythryn prodigy, and spent hours on end imaging the different ways to view the mysterious behined magical theories. Even though he learned magic, its history, and culture while at hogwarts, he still studied during the summers focused on muggle subjects.
Upon reaching 18, Gregor began to travel across the world due to his excellent skills in the arts of both muggle and wizard knowledge. He took part in multiple varying cultures, doing comparisons of everythign he encountered. Due to his travels, he's picked up enjoyment for traveling (both magical or unmagical), and a strong interest for hiking.

First Instance of Magic: Changed the color of many glass vases, paintings, and clay sculptures.