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Magdalena Wickham-Deakin
15 Jun 1976
Bournemouth, England
Head of Slytherin, I
Great white pelican
21,5 cm chestnut wood and phoenix feather
Physical Description: Magdalena is a relatively tall woman, standing at approximately 5'9" and is possessed of a rather slender build , albeit boney as opposed to soft. Her hair is a vibrant shade of red, a colouration that carries across much of her features, rosy undertones punctuate her skin and pale blue eyes serve to contrast the reds. All in all, she is almost always well put-together, dressed professionally, albeit in a rather masculine fashion, with few hairs out of place.

Mental Description: Magdalena is equal parts severe and forgiving. She has little time for those who fail to help themselves, and is struck by naught but contempt for those who would seek to blame their problems on others. Of course, such an outlook fails to extend to children, who she has the utmost care for. Accordingly, her approach varies considerably based upon whom she is conversing with. For Magdalena, work and productivity, the thrill of discovery and learning form the crux of her ambitions and she holds that others should possess the same desire. She has little time for those who rest upon their laurels, nor does she have time to ever organise anything. She is a profoundly messy woman.

Biography: Magdalena was born to an upper middle class muggle family in Bournemouth, Dorset. Neither of her parents had grown up wealthy, her father's family having lived in the county since time immemorial and her mother the child of Polish immigrants, but they had been comfortable enough. Yet, as their fortunes rose, they saw fit to ensure that their daughters would receive nothing but the best. Even before the gift of magic first materialised, the shattering of a window during a particularly frightful argument with her sister, her childhood was particularly loving and doting.

Of course, once that gift was made plain, she found herself at Hogwarts, where she excelled academically. Hard work and natural aptitude soon found her particularly gifted in the study of potions. A study that would lead her to a very brief stint in the Ministry of Magic following her graduation. Although she soon found herself tired of the bureaucracy and paperwork and instead opted to enter the realm of academia and study.

Her work took her abroad for much of her adult life, with a bulk of her time spent working in and around the southern Pacific, particularly in Malaysia and later Polynesia. Magdalena found herself experimenting with exotic plants, learning from wizards both local and fellow foreigners, and learning greatly about the craft of potion-making.

Two children, a divorce, and many years later, she found herself returning home to England, where she would spend much of her time publishing recipes and furthering her studies. Before a chance opportunity to ply her craft and impart her passion upon the youth at Hogwarts took her fancy.