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Bubba McGarry
15 Aug 2010
Kilmallock, Ireland
Second year, Broom Racer, Ravenclaw
31,6 cm cherry wood and phoenix feather
Physical Description: Bubba McGarry is 145 cm tall and is slightly thin for his age, but not underweight. Bubba has always prided himself on looking his best and to that end is always extremely well-groomed, his black hair always parted from left to right with the hair on the back of his head never extending over his collar. He has a fair complexion, but not pale, his fair skin is in contrast to his dark brown eyes which accentuates his other facial features.

Mental Description: Bubba is very outgoing and from his first days in preschool he always tried to make friends and talked to his classmates and teachers alike. He is fairly intelligent and applied himself in his muggle schooling to get good marks. For his outgoing nature and application in his schooling, Bubba is also very anxious. He is very outgoing and applies himself because he doesn't want to seem weird or dull. While this makes him outwardly healthy he always has self-doubt nagging at him and at some point that could boil over and cause him problems.

Biography: Bubba is a half-blood originally from Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. His father, Ben, was a local businessman and politician who met his mother, Ruth, while she was tending bar at a campaign event. Ben was drawn to her when she magicked up a spill when she thought no one was looking. Ben took an interest in her and rather than be afraid of her odd talents, he got to know her and eventually she became comfortable enough around him to admit that she was a witch. They married a short time later and she gave birth to Bubba. Ben embraced his wife's being a witch and agreed that Bubba should go to a wizarding school, on the condition that he attend a muggle school until then so that he had an appreciation for his muggle heritage and could function in muggle society. When Bubba was 6, the family had to relocate to Ireland to take care of Ruth's aging father, as he has too ill to move abroad and she was an only child. Bubba continued his schooling in Ireland and continued to earn good marks, he became best friends with James O'Reilly, his next-door neighbor and classmate. The two are inseparable during the summer holidays and have a shared interest in muggle football.

First Instance of Magic: Bubba's first display of magic came when he was 7 years old. Bubba was in the back passenger seat of James' father's car, who was driving him and James to football practice. It was mid-December and the car hit a patch of black ice. The car spun down the hill towards a stoplight where another car had just turned onto the road and was driving up the hill. They span across the front of the other car and it hit the back passenger area where Bubba was sitting. The corner of car was severely smashed in but the damage inexplicably bent around him and he escaped without a scratch. The police and insurance agents couldn't explain it but as soon as she heard and saw Ruth understood that her son was indeed a wizard.