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Lily Brown
28 Sep 2010
London, England
First year, Duellist, Gryffindor
35,2 cm cherry wood and dragon heartstring
I have ginger hair and lots of freckles. I have green eyes. I have large front teeth. I will need braces one day.

I am self-concsious about my looks. I care what people think. I am very kind and caring. I believe that everyone should be treated equal.

My parents are very kind and have taught me to be who I am today.My mom died when I was two in a car accident.Ever since then, I lived with my father. I am an only child so my father is alone when she goes off to Hogwarts.But he is proud that I am a witch!He wants me to make him very proud of me. I have a lot of friends but my bff is Amelia. I go to Muggle school and my two favorite subjects are english and music. My least favorite subject is math. I had a boyfriend named Michael. I am eleven years old and was born September 11 , 2008. Once i was at recess and I was running and I found myself on top of the dumpsters. I was 8 when this happened. I picked up a dead flower and it came alive.I have a cousin named Colin and he is a werewolf and one of my best friends.
I will be starting my first year at Hogwarts in September.I can't wait to meet some friends and maybe even a true love to be with forever!