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Monica Evans
26 Aug 2010
Cambridge, England
Second year, Duellist, Prefect of Slytherin
26,6 cm rowan wood and troll tail hair
Hello! Welcome to My page! The person behind Monica is an avid storyteller, So that is what I am here to do! Tell stories!
I am in no ways a writer, but I am here to learn, and grow in that skill, as well as meet new people, and just have a fun time with RolePlaying!
RP Info
Monica is a down to earth, while also being lost in her own world kinda soul. She is loyal to a fault, and will do anything for those that have earned her trust. Growing up in the muggle world, Monica was quite the social butterfly, being surrounding by many friends, on every sports team at school, and even dabbled in musical theatre. However making the change to Hogwarts, learning about the wizarding world, and all things magical, has really pulled Monica out of her comfort zone. Moving away from all her friends, not having her family with her, and adding to that that she is the only member of her family with magical abilities, she has gone through a great deal of isolation. Sure at Hogwarts there are plenty of other magical children, and new friendships to be made, the whole transition really shook Monica to her core. Who was she? Like her, without her family, or friend statues, who was Monica Evans?

That is the journey she finds herself on now, rediscovering who she truly is. It has been hard, and at times, rather lonely. But little by little, she has started to build blocks of friendship with some, and has discovered the joy it is to use magic. Who wouldn't be thrilled at the idea that this small stick you are given, combined with words can create fire! Or bubbles! Or launch things in the air! Monica is getting her footing at Hogwarts, but still has moments of doubt, but better to charge ahead with some doubt, then allow it to consume and keep you dormant.
General Information
Discord| Al_Gal#9851
Gender| Female
Where I Call Home| Quebec, Canada
Time Zone| EDT