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Beatrice Langstreth
16 Sep 2009
Ellon, Scotland
Third year, Ravenclaw
27,1 cm pear wood and phoenix feather
Physical Description: Beatrice is a small child. Having been born premature to her mother, she was a constant worry to her parents. Always small for her age, her stature doesn't bother her, anymore...

Curly hair runs in the family, especially her mothers side and her dark auburn blonde ringlets something she gained wholeheartedly. Golden brown eyes compliment her hair, sitting behind long dark lashes.

Mental Description: A bright and happy child, Beatrice is quite shy until she knows you. Having grown up with a younger, more louder and bossier sister, she found comfort with the animals on her family's farm, or if raining, the books in her grandmothers library.

Biography: A happy child, she has grown up in a loving and caring home. Her parents always made sure she grew up knowing she was loved.

The family, her parents and younger sister, grew up on the family farm with their Nan (her mothers mother). Both her parents are aware of wizarding folk, although her father is a muggle (due to her mother) and her mother a pure-blood. Magic has always been in her life, even if she herself was not allowed to practice it.

Beatrice, having grown up on a farm, was responsible for the animals, mainly the chooks and dogs. She loved collecting the eggs and feeding the dogs every morning. Her Nan, before Beatrice received her Hogwarts letter, was teaching her to train the farm dogs, something Beatrice was very much excited for. Animals are one of Beatrice great passions.

First Instance of Magic:
It was raining. For the third time this week. Nan had decided that she was going to take the dogs out into the muddy and wet fields today, gathering the pesky goats from their grassy hills. She had offered to take Bea, but from the gray clouds skimming the sky, Bea could tell the weather wouldn't let up.

"No thanks Nan. I'll go read inside today," the pint-sized girl said, shaking her ringlets free from the wintery drops. She should have worn a hat like Ma said. All well. She would just sit in front of the library fire longer!

Nan nodded. "Just remember to feed the chooks and collect the eggs before I get back. I want to make a cake for your Ma when I do." Beatrice nodded in response, already counting the steps inside to the library.

Having gotten inside, Beatrice was glad to see that the library was unoccupied. No meddling little sister or Da doing paperwork. She could read for hours! Tugging her coat off, she left in on a chair by the fire, taking her favourite book from its resting place...

Echoing footsteps down the hall dragged Beatrice from the rolling green fields of Switzerland and the goat herd on its mountain top. It was Nan! And there were no eggs in sight! Or time! Bea glanced at the window, plotting if she could make it outside and to the chicken coop in time. The library door opened, Nan sticking her head inside. She smiled, glancing at Bea on the floor, books and cushions surrounding her.

"Ahh, there you are! I thought for a second you had forgotten the eggs."

Beatrice glanced to the floor, a wooden basket next to the plum cushion catching her eye. "No they are. I just wanted to read..." She trailed off, handing her Nan the full basket of chicken eggs, that she swore had not been there a minute ago.