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Foster Jordan
12 Jan 2010
Kilbirnie, Scotland
Second year, Broom Racing Co-Captain, Ravenclaw
23,9 cm chestnut wood and unicorn hair
Physical Description: He has short brown hair. His eyes are a beautiful brown color. Previously known as Harper Jordan, Foster decided to cut his hair really short and change his pronouns to fit with what he has been feeling for a long time. He has bangs as well. He uses his bangs to hide his unusually long forehead. He wears a pair of brown circular glasses that match his hair.

Mental Description: He is a strict and stern with himself. He wants to please his teachers and his family more than anything else. He is sort of a goody-two-shoes and a rule follower. However, he has found Broom Racing and grown to love that more than his grades even. If there were ever someone he found that wasn't following the rules he would likely report them. However, despite this, he is rather friendly and a good friend. He cares deeply for his loved ones, and takes pride in the small group of friends he has. He is a bit shy, and fairly unlikely to want to start up a conversation with another person. He would much rather just be alone, but if someone were to start a conversation with him, he wouldn't be upset.

Foster was born and raised in Scotland. His parents and family were that of a typical magic-going family. When he was a born, his father was a wizard and her mother was a Muggle. Foster was told that from the moment he was born his mother and father were anxious and worried about how long it was going to take to show signs of their magic. Then, it happened when he was around the age of 10. He had gotten his first "F" and he was furious. Foster caused the books on his teachers desk to fall over and papers were flying everywhere. He received pretty good education prior to Hogwarts. She wanted to be the best student possible and what she didn't learn in school, or rather what she couldn't learn, her parents taught her. So, as an example, they taught him things like how to mind his "Ps and Qs" and what a young kid should act like. Especially after his little incident in school, and after he was accepted into Hogwarts they gave him little insights on how to act and how to make friends. Foster's parents were always by his side the moment he was born. They always want what's best for him and they love to see a smile on his face.

When he had become old enough to be accepted into Hogwarts, in nearly a blink of an eye he had received an owl from Hogwarts. It was his acceptance letter! When it had come, Foster raced into the kitchen where his mother and father were making dinner and he was jumped up and down shaking the letter in his hand. He couldn't be more overjoyed to tell them that he had finally been accepted into Hogwarts!