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Priyansha Krishna
27 Apr 2010
Grimmauld Place, England
First year, Gryffindor
26,9 cm alder wood and veela hair
Hello I am Priyansha but you can call me Pri or Priya!

Physical Description:
I am from an Indian heritage but I have been raised in England with my mother and older brother. I am medium height, I have short straight (sometime puffy) black hair and my eyes are a dark brown. The picture of myself was of me a few weeks ago when I had long hair. I am also a pure-blood.

Mental Description:
I am kind and ambitious but to those who do me wrong I will forever hate you. I care for my family for any one who does me wrong I will do anything in my will power to somewhat hurt you. I am sometimes a big mouth and will have a go at you but only if you have done something to get me mad. I want to prove myself to my family and show that I am worthy of my bloodline. I do not have any hate towards muggle-born and half-bloods and think of them as equals. I can be shy before I meet you but that's just how I am.

Before getting excepted to Hogwarts I was/am shy and keep to myself other then my close family. I am always in the library reading or in the kitchen cooking. I don't have many or any friends (due to the fact that I may have punched or yelled at them), I live with my mother and brother - my father is re-married when I was about 8 but brother and I visit. My family believes that any one other then purebloods should not be in this world which I disagree for. I love nature and animals and I love to be who I am with out judgment of anyone else.

Fist instance of Magic:
I have always grown up around magic (due to my bloodline), according to stories of when I was an infant I use to move objects around then house when upset or mad. Growing up I loved to go to the yard and look up at the sky some times when there would be flowers around I would try wandless magic just like my mother does. Nothing ever happened until right before my 11th birthday where a flower bloomed in my hands. Since then nothing ever happened until one day I bumped into old 'friends' they were utterly the rudest people ever. I got so mad about what they were saying and out of no where a snow appeared on top of my head.