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Cain Corvus
09 Dec 2009
Salisbury, England
Second year, Prefect of Slytherin
32,1 cm elm wood and thunderbird tail feather
Physical Description: Cain is on the short side standing at 4'9" with jade green eyes and messy, dark brown hair that often falls over his eyes. He wears glasses, though he can see well enough without them that he won't bump into things but has some trouble reading if he isn't wearing them. He'll be seen wearing various kinds of sweaters, jackets or long sleeved clothes even in summer as he finds he can get cold easily and prefers to tuck his hands into his overlarge sleeves if he's too nervous, also to stop himself from biting his nails. Due to his short stature, the hem of his pants will drag with his boots along the ground. His skin is pale most likely since he prefers to stay indoors and avoids most outdoor activities, he despises the sun. One would have to bribe him to get him outside in the day. You can find Cain inside with a book or sketchbook on his knees, filthy boots up on a cozy chair and a pen or bookmark in his hand.

Mental Description: Cain is quiet and self reflective, he enjoys reading and has an interest in learning everything he can. Especially if someone tells him he can't. He enjoys puzzles and board games and has no interest in sports like Quidditch but he will watch the occasional game to better fit in with his peers. Though Cain is a pure-blood, he has a passionate interest in learning about muggles and their inventions and has a secret stash of fiction and comic books by them hidden away in his room at home.
In addition to reading and drawing he also enjoys a few hobbies like handicraft projects such as sewing, some origami and crochet. These are things he will keep secret for the most part to avoid being teased.

Biography: Due to Cain's quiet nature and his parents moving around often, he didn't keep many friends. He is closest with his mother who is a stay at home mother, an Irish-born witch; his father- an English wizard, is distant with him and is usually working and when he isn't he's hidden away in his study at home. Cain's mother made sure to teach him all she knew, along with some pure-blood bias that Cain isn't very attached to. He picked up his hobbies from his mother like sewing and crochet. They have a cat at home whom he loves and will miss dearly when he goes to school.
Only recently he's learned that his father had a family before the one he he knew as well as a son just a little older than he was and hopes to find him at school.

First Instance of Magic: His mother waited eagerly for Cain's first showing of magic, she just knew he would be a wizard and hopefully a great one one day. Of course she couldn't predict it would be when she took her eyes off of him to finish baking a cake for his eighth birthday on a cold winter morning. Cain was sat by the fireplace reading from a stack of books he'd received as a gift from his father when he'd accidentally kicked them over, one of them went straight into the fireplace and in his panic he reached for it only to see the book fly from the fireplace, past his hand and onto the curtains. It quickly spread from there and his mother came in a rush after smelling smoke to find her boy amid a burning room. They escaped unscathed, but it meant they would have to move yet again. The magical instance almost went unnoticed until he had to explain what had happened.
Cain is now just a little obsessive about the care of his books and will lose his temper if someone even so much as tries to dog-ear a page. He doesn't much like traveling with floo powder either.