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Halford Booth
07 Dec 1987
Staithes, England
Professor of Divination, Hogwarts
30,2 cm cherry wood and unicorn hair
The name he goes by, as he abhors the name Halford.

How He Sounds:
Speaks in a deep voice, made coarse by his thick Yorkshire accent.

How He Looks:
-Check Ency for Full Detailed Description-

Chestnut hair matches penetrating brown eyes, while his well-trimmed facial hair adheres to the same color theme.

Standing at six feet and three inches tall, his build befits his height. Well-muscled and lean, it compliments his - as he puts it when speaking to a mirror - 'divinely appointed' face.

How He Acts:
Despite his neat appearance, the inner workings of Hal's mind are far from stable. Dominated by eccentricity and guided by intuition, he demonstrates wisdom beyond his years in ways that leave his peers baffled, and quite often disturbed.
Never one to enjoy trivial things like 'rules,' he is fascinated by the line between right and wrong - or more accurately, skirting said line with glee.
Times inevitably come that others question the morality of his actions, but rarely do they venture to challenge his cutting gaze, which seems to dare them to do exactly that.

Inside the classroom and out, Hal can rarely be bothered to offer his attention to anyone who hasn't earned it. Preferring to do things the way he sees fit, no amount of persuasion can make him follow a course of action that doesn't align with the illustrious plan in his mind's eye. After all, in his experience, his plans normally go well.
That said, a stupid plan is not exempt from this guideline in the makeup of his personality.

Following that strand of his nature, the man tends to speak with an acerbic tongue, wasting no time on pleasantries and false ideals. He will share his honest opinions, and he will do so loudly.

Akin to a raccoon, Hal is rather obsessed with 'shiny things,' which essentially translates to 'anything he finds cool.'
Despite his natural ability - as a Seer - to view bits of the future, his grasp on the past is somewhat lacking, which results in lost belongings. Generally, those belongings belong to someone else.

How He Got Here:
Ency History Page
As his written history is much too detailed to enter here, and I refuse to spend time on a watered-down version, I've simply chosen to embed a link directly to the 'history' post in my ency because I can.