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Emerald Nikolabaij
London, England
First year, Ravenclaw
34,5 cm cherry wood and unicorn hair
This is Emerald Nikolabaij.

She has dark green hair and dark green eyes. She’s 11 years old, although she’s very short for her age. Her zodiac sign is Leo. She’s mostly a night owl and an early waker.
Her mother and father died when she was 5, she only has her older brother left. Her brothers name is Nathaniel, but he isn’t much older than her though, hes only 14. Emerald has a dream that hopefully she can get a good education and have enough money to support her and her brother.
Emerald is a warm-hearted girl and is very serious about her grades in school. Of course, she still can be fun to hang out with, but don't interrupt her while she's studying. She's a very sensitive girl and is not afraid to show her emotions.
If you get into a fight with her, she won't forgive you easily. I guess you can say she's hot-headed. One second she can be like mad and hitting you and then the next she's playing video games with you and laughing.
Emerald is a very strange girl.

Here are a few things she loves and hates:

Loves: roses, reading, video games, shopping, arts and crafts, magic, math, just peanut butter sandwiches, her friends and family, her dog(Toby), sweets and desserts.

Hates: the dark, insects and bugs and spiders, frozen peas, messy hair, clothes that dont match each other, frozen peas, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, frozen peas, and history.

Yeah, she really dislikes frozen peas...

Anyway, Emerald is a very sweet girl and she hopes to make friends and get good grades and just have a great time. Emerald is so excited to be part of Hogwarts and can't wait to get there.