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Frost Wolf
12 Jan 2009
London, England
First year, Slytherin
30,8 cm cherry wood and dragon heartstring
I am a female wizard is known as a witch who has been raised by muggles as a result of my father's death as far as I have been told my father died in a wizarding world fight that's all I've been told. My father was a wizard my mom a muggle I never knew why but after my father's death my mom hated me might be because I'm a spitting image of him if he was a girl. I have brown hair and brown eyes I tend to die my hair sometimes so sometimes my hair will be red or black. My residence is London.
My character is kind and carrying I tend to look after others and I like helping people I tend to follow the rules.
My life before Hogwarts was very complicated at the age of 3 my father left my mom for another girl my mom and her family have taken care of me ever since. I have not been treated fairly everyone I get close to has some bad experience while being my friend leaving me scared to make friends. At the age of 5, things went south my mom met a new guy who was a muggle and had no idea about the wizarding world as my mom did. Every day the child of my new step-dad would break things or mess things up and I would get the blame. At the age of 6, I ran off to one of my muggles friend's houses where I was welcomed with open arms I stayed for over a year and went back to my real home shortly before my 8th birthday I was not welcomed but they took me in any way. At the age of 8, I was taken away from my family for the summer to go to some boarding school for girls and sometimes I wish I never went back to my family. After the summer I was sent back to my mom who had another child with a muggle I became the bad child and everything I did was wrong my grades were never good I never knew I was a wizard until I got my Hogwarts acceptance letter. After the letter arrived my mother had to admit that my dad was a wizard but my being a wizard/witch did not stop her from thinking I was the bad child.

My first instance of magic was when I was ten I was on a trip to the zoo and my mom was yelling at me out of nowhere one of the water fountains started spraying water after my anger died out the fountains shut off. Shortly after I ran away to a muggle's house and went back a few months later.