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Samantha Salwis
21 Jul 2009
London, England
Fourth year, Duellist, Ravenclaw
30,2 cm Rowan Wood and Thunderbird Tail Feather
Born on the 21st of July 2009 at 23:17 in Amsterdam to Samuel and Joanne Salwis as their second daughter, Samantha grew up in a village in the Netherlands with her parents and older sister Anne far away from anything magical. After living in Norfolk, UK, for the first 13 years of her life, Samantha's mother and grandparents moved to the Netherlands where she met Samantha's dad at a common friend's birthday party. Samuel, Samantha's father, had lived in the Netherlands for his whole life, and 5 years after meeting Joanne they married. While Joanne's parents moved back to the UK, Samantha's mother stayed in the Netherlands with her husband and got her first child in 2005. Samantha's sister, Anne, was born four years before her younger sibling and loved to dress Samantha when she was younger. The two sisters are pretty close even though there was a big age gap between the two, but there was also a little jealousy between them. Being beautiful since the day she was born, Anne got a lot of attention, which made Samantha jealous and sometimes insecure.

Growing up Samantha always had been an easy child, she performed well in school and had lots of friends including two close friends, Amber and Lexi. Sam always loved the weekly bike rides she had with her dad, with whom she has a great bond. The brunette isn't as close with her mom as with her father, because she has the feeling her mom wants her to be more like her sister. Despite that, she loves her mom a lot and wouldn't want to live without her.

Due to financial problems, Samantha's family had they sometimes struggled to get by, so when her father got offered a better-paid job in England the family moved there, much to the annoyance of their youngest daughter. Samantha hadn't wanted to move, she already had a life in the Netherlands and didn't want to leave it behind. At first, Samantha didn't want to make any friends, hoping they would move back to the Netherlands, but after 3 months she stopped holding onto her old life to make friends at her new school. Samantha was very likable and had tons of new friends, but Samantha never made such good friends at her new school as she had been with Amber and Lexi. Samantha, Amber, and Lexi called almost every day and kept in touch using the internet.