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Eliseo Céspedes
02 Jun 1994
Hogsmeade, Scotland
Groundskeeper, Hogwarts, II
20,6 cm cherry wood and phoenix feather
Name| Eliseo Céspedes
Blood Status| Half-Blood
Date of Birth | 2nd of June, 1994
Place of Birth | Ciudad Juárez, México
Species | Human
Ethnicity | Mexican-Welsh
Hair Color | Brown
Eye Color | Blue
Height | 6'1"

Eliseo can initially, unintentionally, come off as cold and calculating. But in reality, the man generally just becomes lost in his own mind and curious ponderings. He tends to take seemingly irrelevant things quite seriously while being very laid back about more serious matters. With deep passions for the wilderness, Eliseo has been known to disappear for extended periods of time by getting himself hopelessly lost. The man enjoys helping others but cannot resist a chance to perplex others for his own amusement. Despite his high intellect, it may seem that the man has lost his mind when the more absurd ponderings leave his head but at the very least it leaves the man as a rather unpredictable person.


Eliseo was born in Juárez, México to a Welsh mother and Mexican father. While his mother was a witch, educated at Hogwarts, his father was a humanitarian in northern México and throughout Central and South America. His parents met initially while in the Peruvian Amazon before settling primarily back in México.

Young Eliseo was almost immediately a handful of a child and chaotic destruction was never far behind him. By the time he could walk he had developed a love of whacking things with a stick as if he were a knight. While Eliseo loved his little battles against the furniture and lamps of his home, his parents seemed less keen. At the age of 5, Eliseo had a younger sister that slowly sucked up the majority of the attention which allowed the boy to sneak about without the ever-present watch of his parents.

In that early time, the family still travelled often for his parents' passion for humanitarianism and Eliseo frequently found himself in foreign rainforests that brewed a deep love of exploration. Even if he had no idea where he was going. These early forays into the wilderness also spawned his tendency to become lost in his own curious musings and in forests.

In the Yucatan, Eliseo had his first instance of magical ability while beside a river with his mother. Startled by the sudden call of a nearby howler monkey, the papaya in Eliseo's hand erupted into a gooey mess. While perhaps more terrified by the exploding papaya, Eliseo was more sad that now his snack was covering the entirety of his body. But the instance told his mother, much to her excitement, that he shared her propensity for magic.