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Brian Barlow
07 Jan 1986
Newcastle, England
Professor of Potions, Hogwarts
23,3 cm walnut wood and thunderbird tail feather
Age: 34 years
Gender: Male
Birthday: 7th January 1986
Sign: Capricorn
Nationality: German
Status: Halfblood (mother’s side)

- Dyed black hair (naturally brown)
- Brown eyes
- Pale (from staying indoors 24/7)
- Skin irritates and reddens quickly (stress, heat, humidity)
- Constantly appears tired (constantly is tired)
- Walks with a limp (bad left knee), uses a cane for support
- Always wears black
- Usually accompanied by the smell of coffe, cold ashes and cigarette smoke

- Easily stressed
- Loner
- Very particular about organization and cleaning
- Severely lacking motivation otherwise
- Moody
- Tired (very)
- Weak-willed (and prone to collect vices like others do trading-cards)
- Incredible knowledgeable about useless facts
- Mummy’s boy
- Can only stand kids when they are still cute and don’t ask stupid questions too early in the morning, no you can’t just try your hand brewin Felix Felicis
- More likely to stab someone with a wand than to curse someone with it
- Practical
- Adores quiet reading (can become hyper-focused on a book and miss a war going on around him)
- Due to his limp, he tends to spend a lot of time either in his classroom or in his private quarters

First instance of magic:
Accidentally setting the Christmas Tree on fire. Which was unusual because the tree was an artificial one. The ceiling above the tree was scorched as a result and had to be repaired but the presents underneath the tree were untouched.