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Bloom Silverton
London, England
Sixth year, Broom Racer, Ravenclaw
31,7 cm cherry wood and unicorn hair
Bloom Silverton, born October 7th, is a petite eleven-year-old girl with brown eyes and hair who was born in London, England. Her parents, Adam and Ashley, are native-born and raised English magical folk who have two other children: Claire who is the eldest and Bella who is the baby of the family.

As the middle child of the family, Bloom was often forced to be a bit more independent as her parents were often arguing with Claire as she strived for the attention, and Bella was given quite a bit of attention for being the baby of the family. Victim of middle child syndrome is what made Bloom focus more on her imagination rather than on reality-- which makes the ins and outs of reality hard to grasp.

Bloom is known to have an overactive imagination where she always looks for ways to go on and adventure whether that be exploring or just having fun. Her constant day dreaming keeps her mind active with thoughts that are both unique and fun. While some friends enjoy her ideas, there are some that seem off-guard to her endless thoughts. Bloom, having friends who have been annoyed with her before, doesn't seem to mind too much if anyone gets annoyed with her.

One thing Bloom enjoys is writing down whatever she is thinking about in a journal. As a young girl who is trying to understand reality and her place in the world, the use of venting and sharing her emotions constantly helps her learn more and more about herself.

Now accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry, Bloom can perhaps slowly figure out her reality as well as strengthen her imaginative mind into the magical world and learning.